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Development and application of blockchain in food industry

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1. Food production 、 The retailer is super 、 Cold chain logistics

The solution provides enterprises with food safety traceability services based on chain only blockchain technology . Through digital penetration at different levels , Including but not limited to origin 、 raw material 、 production 、 Key links such as logistics and transportation “ Upper chain ” Store , Enterprises and brands can realize data value-added at different levels . Through the real traceability of goods , Enterprises can truly realize source quality control , Save enterprise cost , Meet administrative requirements , Greatly enhance product trust , Continue to add value to the brand . 

2. Business pain point demand

1. Information is not transparent  

Information asymmetry between enterprises and consumers , Commodity data is easy to be tampered with in the centralized management environment , There is a high cost of trust between consumers and businesses . And the degree of food safety is not high .


2. Food safety cannot be effectively guaranteed

Lack of effective monitoring of food circulation in the supply chain , Security cannot be effectively protected .  Many links need to be monitored , And the delivery information of each process , And exchange places and so on . As one can imagine , Just in this area of the food industry , There are many things and plates to achieve . Therefore, the development of food in the supply chain can be imagined .

3. Low degree of digitization


Enterprise production and management methods rely more on manual and paper documents , Inefficient and costly . Digitalization is the key to improve the management efficiency of enterprises 、 An effective way to reduce costs . Let every sector of the enterprise , Can save a lot of money and management time . Strive to be an efficient enterprise .

3. Program Overview

1. Food safety uses blockchain + The Internet of things 、 Combined with the enterprise's own business system , Collect the whole life cycle information of goods , Realize the management and control of quality and safety information in the whole life cycle of goods

2. The scheme can help enterprises improve their informatization level , Combined with real consumer feedback records , Efficiently use data to optimize and upgrade enterprise goods and services , Form an organic combination of supervision and market .

3. The confidence index model relies on the third-party authoritative certification authority DNV Industry commodity standards provided , Combined with the experience score of consumers, we can get , The model covers the source of production 、 Production process 、 logistics 、 Consumer feedback and other information .

4. advantage

1. Building trust

Blockchain technology can reduce the possibility of human intervention or data tampering in all links of the supply chain , Establish open 、 transparent 、 A reliable commodity traceability system

2. Ensure food safety

In the supply chain , Help the management to manage the commodity circulation channels in a timely and efficient manner . For special temperatures 、 Humidity and other environmental requirements of food logistics , Collect and upload relevant data in time by using Internet of things devices , Based on the third-party authoritative certification authority DNV Safety audit of , Give multiple insurance to food safety .

3. Real consumer experience

Consumers' consumption records and use feelings are stored on the blockchain platform , And cannot be tampered with .

4. Professional scoring model

By a third-party authoritative certification body DNV Professional scoring model for food safety , Provide consumers with real information with reference value , Help them make accurate purchase decisions .

5. Ecological management

Through food safety , You can build a blockchain based technology 、 With “ Security trust ” As the core of the future business ecosystem

5. contrast

Contrast item Solution Traditional industries
Food safety

Based on Internet of things devices 、 Blockchain technology and third-party authorities

Certification of , Ensure food safety

Completely rely on the brand side's guarantee of food safety
The question of trust

Solve centralized supply chain management through blockchain and Internet of things equipment

Data in is easy to be tampered with , Manual error in entering information and other problems , hit

Break the trust barrier between producers and consumers

There is no guarantee of the authenticity of the information about the goods .

6. Success stories

Specific cases   You can come to consult .

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