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Adaoracle ecology and its decentralized Oracle network promote the development of blockchain

2022-02-03 14:40:48 Feather ~jerkky

ADAMoracle Ecology and its decentralized Oracle network promote the development of blockchain .
In this environment , The data on the chain is passively obtained ( Input in the form of a transaction ), And the blockchain can't get new data from external requests in the process of running the smart contract , New data can only be generated in a deterministic way based on existing data , Smart contracts or decentralized applications on the blockchain (DApp) There is a strong interaction demand for external data , This conflicts with the execution environment of smart contracts .
The oracle was born to solve this contradiction , And you can't take it back , Through Oracle middleware , Smart contracts can actively acquire external data .
The Oracle plays a vital role , Because it helps the blockchain solve the problem of external data connectivity , Help build a safe and reliable bridge between blockchain and external data , This is the meaning of the oracle .
Multi Chain decentralized Oracle ADAMoracle Through a scientific and rigorous process , It fundamentally ensures the decentralization of data acquisition , At the same time, on the premise that most nodes will work normally for their own interests , Ensure the integrity and authenticity of the data source .
By accessing the Multi Chain decentralized Oracle ADAMoracle, Blockchain system can realize the interaction with world data ; adopt ADAMoracle Multi Chain Operation ecology , and ADAMoracle Ecological certification ADAM, It can realize the flow of information data and tokens on and off the chain , It can improve the current situation of data islands in the blockchain field to a certain extent .
Blockchain Oracle is a secure middleware , Be responsible for connecting the network on the chain and the system off the chain . basically , Oracle is a system that allows blockchain networks to obtain information from the outside world , meanwhile , It also sends ecosystem information to real-world networks .
ADAMoracle Relying on the capital advantages of Globalization , More global data source service providers will join , adopt ADAMoracle It will truly realize the decentralization of data on and off the chain ; Promote lending 、 Asset synthesis 、 Predict the development of rich formats such as the market .
ADAMoracle Ecology and its decentralized Oracle network can be greatly improved DeFi Tamper proof of the protocol , In particular, improve its key ability to obtain real-time market data .DeFi The protocol only puts security first , To deal with new risks , Maintain user trust .

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