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Curtis sword CSC coin star "Q coin mode" will be launched in January

2022-02-03 14:30:09 Soul chain hand

Curtis's sword (Curtis Sword) It is a decentralized metauniverse 3D、NFT、ARPG Mobile games , Founded in 2020 year , The goal is to explore the world of encryption and blockchain games Token、NFT The value of . Curtis's sword comes from a fictional named “ Noah ” The continent of , Gamers will have full autonomy to explore and enjoy fun blockchain games 、 Interactive social networking space and a wide range of products and services . Curtis's sword is a sword with 100 Innovative blockchain game with more than maps .

    Curtis sword gamers will be able to buy and own NFT Mainland identity represented by token , Collection exclusive NFT collection , stay Curtis Sword Develop and utilize its assets ( Virtual characters 、 Virtual equipment 、 Virtual world items 、 Tools etc. ), more importantly :Curtis Sword DAO The Union will pass GameFi The economic value of , Distribute the game revenue to every Union member . So in the sword of Curtis ,SG Union members can use CSC Token to join the Mainland , Our economic system will be completely dominated by CSC Token driven , Used from transactions to the purchase of goods and services , And provide a sustainable economic model for trade union members in a new meta universe .

Curtis's sword Curtis Sword Our economic model :

There are two digital currencies in the game , One is the main token on the chain CSC,CSC The maximum supply is 210.000.000; The other is the universal token of the game GOL,GOL The maximum supply is


60% Is to provide revenue for combat and net income for treasure mines APY Reward (126.000.000);

1% Server network hosting 、 Game client and server engine costs (2.100.000);

2% It's marketing 、 Increase and motivate game audiences (4.200.000);

3% It's a reward for special activities in the game (6.300.000);

3% It is the development team that pays the corresponding fees and all the expenses of the team (6.300.000);

8% It's a private token pre-sale round before the project starts (16.800.000);

8% It is the public token pre-sale round during the internal test and public test of the project (16.800.000);

6% It's ecosystem funding for additional business (12.600.000);

9% It is the project reserve fund and risk control reserve fund (18.900.000).

CSC In the game, it is mainly used in the following aspects :

Buying weapons 、 clothes 、 shoes 、 Helmet 、 The necklace 、 ring , Of the treasure mine LP pledge W Mine, etc ;

 Currency security

【 For more information, please contact Xiaobian 】V:NanLeo0731

GOL It's castable , Rewards for passing through the battle in the game 、 Rewards in the treasure mine are generated ; It can also be like  CEX and DEX Trade like any other digital currency on the .

GOL It can be burned in other ways , For example, the consumables or mount rations you buy in the game need to pass GOL To buy , Then it will burn GOL Tokens, .

Of course GOL The total amount of is also controlled by the back-end server system , If you need to cast a new GOL, The system will automatically , In this case , Players don't just need to have CSC, And have GOL This coin , You can't have one without the other .

GOL In the game, it is mainly used in the following aspects :

Premium map tickets , Upgrade and melt weapons 、 clothes 、 shoes 、 Helmet 、 The necklace 、 ring 、 Pets 、 mount ,LP Pledge mining , Skill upgrading, etc .

Curtis Sword Committed to becoming an innovative 3D online、 Blockchain NFT 、 The meta universe game of digital money economic system , Take advantage of cryptocurrency economy , Players can own their own goods , Enjoy while making money ARPG There has always been the fun of communication and transaction between users .

The author is now focusing on chain games , Those who want to do chain Games must combine their own risk-taking ability , Figure out how to play the game , Start again , Learn more and improve cognition , After all, people can only earn what they know money. Before choosing chain tour, it is recommended to understand before making plans , You can't enter blindly .


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