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The demand for NFT, a clothing luxury brand, has soared, and metauniverse may provide opportunities for transformation

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In recent days , Topics related to the meta universe are very hot . Yuancosmos is known as the next generation Internet . Many technology companies have laid out meta universe related businesses because of the great potential of meta universe in the future . In fact, except for technology giants , Clothing brands also actively participate in the construction of meta universe , I hope I can get a piece of it .

Nike actively cooperates with the meta universe platform

Nike's entry into the meta universe can be traced back to 2019 year .2019 year 3 month , Nike and Roblox stay “Nike Air Max Day” China cooperation , Launched an exclusive virtual item package .2019 year 5 month , Investment between Nike and Tencent Epic The company's online games  Fortnite( Fort night ) cooperation , Promote... Through in-game items Jordan brand , The characters of Fortress night wear classic Air Jordan 1.

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Nike Air Max Day posters

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Nike's cooperation with fortress night

source :EsportInsider

2021 year 10 month 27 And 28 Japan , Nike and its Jordan The brand silently submitted a trademark application , Mainly about the sales of digital products and other services , And request in its entertainment services 、 Retail stores and “ Use in online and online virtual worlds ” Use Nike's logo of the same name in your virtual goods 、logo and “just do it ” Advertising language .10 month 23 Japan , Nike also released recruitment information for the creation of digital products . Behind the trademark application means that Nike in addition to physical products , The future will continue to enter the meta universe , Start selling digital products .

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Nike and its Jordan Trademark application for brand

source :CNBC Website

Nike CEO John Donahoe( He himself once worked as an American e-commerce company eBay CEO of ) Think , The accelerated transformation of consumers to digitization will continue , Digitization is driving us to create the future of retail . Chief financial officer of Nike CFO Matt Friend Said at the financial report meeting , Nike has the ability to 2025 In the fiscal year, the company achieved 40% Vision of digital business .

Nike also has the first share with the meta universe Roblox Flag Roblox Platform cooperative development Nikeland.Nikeland It's a virtual world , There are various Nike themed buildings 、 Runway and arena , For players to participate in various mini games , Its design is inspired by the real Nike headquarters in Oregon .

Users can bounce freely on the trampoline , Tag and play hide and seek with nearby players , You can also run cool on the luminous magma track , Even play exciting fun dodgeball .

The user is in Nikeland You can also dress up as a virtual avatar , There are all kinds of Nike sneakers 、 Clothing and accessories can be unlocked , Include AirForce 1、Nike Blazer、Air Max 2021、Mercurial Series football shoes and other styles . According to Nike's description , future Nikeland Virtual content is also continuously updated , Including, for example, new star athlete roles or brand goods , Even simulate international events , Such as the world cup or the super bowl .

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Nikeland page

source :Roblox

Roblox As the most attractive platform for young people today , And Roblox Cooperation helps to promote Nike's influence among young people and brand building . According to the comScore( A media company ) The statistics of ,13 Children under years old are used in every month Roblox Desktop time exceeded 50 Hours .

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The number of hours spent by teenagers and children on each platform every month

source :comScore

Nike CFO Matt Friend Once said : We can use predictive modeling tools 、 Member personalization and inventory staging to improve the operational efficiency of digital business .Nikeland It can not only promote Nike's digital business , More follow-up functions need to be developed . Building Nikeland For Nike, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages .

Adidas actively arranges meta universe related businesses

2021 year 12 month , Adidas, one of the world's leading clothing brands (Adidas) Announcement and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT  Creator Yuga Labs Cooperate to launch a new NFT, The NFT Name it Indigo Herz

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Adidas And Yuga Labs News of cooperation

source :NFTStreets

Adidas in addition to Yuga Labs In addition to our cooperation , And other things NFT Related project cooperation , For example, famous NFT collectors Gmoney And receive Crypto Punks Enlightening NFT Derivative projects PunkComics.

PunksComic yes NFT Comic series , By manwei and DC Comic artist Chris Wahl draw . Users can use Ethereum to purchase the cartoon . According to the introduction of the website , Each series will start the story with different protagonists . The main characters in the cartoon all wear Adidas clothes .

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Punks Comic Website

Adidas said : Today we leap into the meta universe , Now it's time to enter a world without limits . In addition, the recent blockchain game platform The Sandbox Also announced : Adidas joins The Sandbox The meta universe .

TheSandbox It is a virtual meta universe based on Ethereum blockchain , Players can use the functional tokens of the platform in this world SAND To create 、 Build your own gaming experience , And earn income . Besides , Players can also buy in-game NFT assets ,NFT Assets include virtual land .

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The Sandbox partners

source :TheSandbox Official website

Except for The Sandbox cooperation , Adidas also funded The Sandbox On the platform “ Buy land ”.

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Adidas announced in TheSandbox Buy twitter

LV Introduction NFT game

Famous luxury brands LV( Louis Vuitton ) Recently, we are celebrating LV Founder Louis · Vuitton's 200 birthday , And pay tribute to its founder through some new measures , It includes a series of LV Suitcase , And adventurous NFT game .

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App Store Upper LV game

The" Louis the Game In mobile games , The player will play the leading role Vivienne Through six different worlds , And collect in the game 200 A candle to commemorate Louis Vuitton My birthday . Every time I collect candles , Will light up one at random LV Postcard , And there is a very small probability that you will encounter a gold Postcard . Players who win the gold Postcard will be eligible for the lucky draw , Automatically jump to a LV Website , And the prize is LV Limited 30 Share of NFT Digital art , By the artist Beeple(Mike Winkel-mann) Design . Every NFT It's all a collection , Can only be found by playing games , And cannot be sold .

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stay Louis the Game In the game , Players can run around and collect items . besides , Players can also use different LV The combination of letters, prints and colors define the character's characteristics , And you can learn about... By collecting postcards and other souvenirs LV The past history of .

LV Hope to attract young customers through games ( In especial Z Generations of consumers ). This is a LV Create a game for the first time and open to the public for free . This is a LV A way to build its brand , It is also a great opportunity for the brand to introduce itself to new consumers . This one NFT Once the game is online , Once been there IOS Ranked first in the free game list , Pressure 《 Glory of Kings 》、《 Game for Peace 》 Wait for the tour by hand , The popularity can be imagined , This game is really LV A wave of brand publicity .

In addition to the launch NFT game ,LV stay 2019 Cooperation with hero alliance , Create exclusive summer skin for heroes in the hero League, and make E-sports heroes wear luxury goods . The Kiana hero in the hero League became the first to have LV Skin hero . According to the calculation of netizens , Chiana's whole body dress up in reality, the total price is close to 100000 yuan , In the history of the League of heroes “ Most expensive ” Skin of . Hero league players only need dozens of yuan to get the skin in the game , This is far lower than the price of the corresponding product in real life .

Balenciaga and luxury brands announced their entry into the meta universe

2021 year 12 month 6 Japan , Balencia (Balenciaga) stay BoF Of VOICES The activity confirmed the development of the arranged resources in the related industries of the meta universe . Brand CEO of Balenciaga Cédric Charbit Point out at the event , Today's consumers are still on the passive side , Still launching new products in the brand , After receiving the message, the consumer makes subsequent shopping actions . And in the meta universe ,Cédric Charbit Think that consumers have the opportunity to become the active party , Interact more actively with the brand , Improve the viscosity between each other .

He also announced that he would set up an independent team , Dedicated to economic opportunities in the untapped digital universe .

Balenciaga is also actively cooperating ,2021 year 9 Month and 《 Fort night 》 cooperation , Specially made new clothes and game props for the four most popular characters in the game . Balenciaga also opened a virtual retail store in the game , These clothes are also sold as a new commodity entity of Balenciaga , Users can wear the same clothes as their virtual images in the game , It further integrates the virtual and real world .

Creative director of Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia Previously released through video games 2021/22 Qiu dong series , This innovation is very popular in the media and the public .

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Balenciaga releases through video games 2021/22 Qiu dong series

Except for the Balenciaga ,Gucci Also announced will be with Roblox Cooperate to hold virtual reality fashion show .Gucci Parent company OTB The group set up a new company to develop yuanuniverse project .2021 Beginning of the year Gucci Launch virtual sneakers , Price per pair 12.99 dollar (82 RMB ). Consumers can buy virtual shoes in Gucci APP and VR Social networking platform VRCHAT Use in , It can also be on the game platform Roblox Try it on in the platform .

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Gucci Virtual sneakers

Burberry stay 2021 At the Los Angeles electronic entertainment show , Announcement and Mythiacal Games Cooperation in blockchain games Blankos Block Party Limited edition in NFT works , Players can buy... In the game 、 Upgrade and sell the NFT works .Burberry It also announced that it would continue to strengthen cooperation with Mythiacal Games The cooperation of , Launch more NFT parts , Like a jet backpack 、 Items such as clothes and slippers . so Burberry Already in the layout of metauniverse related products .

Meta universe luxury market

Morgan Stanley, a well-known investment bank in the United States (Morgan Stanley) According to the research report , To 2030 Of luxury brands in NFT The market size may reach 560 Billion dollars . And thanks to the existence of the meta universe , Luxury brands NFT There may also be a sharp increase in demand . This can also explain why many luxury clothing brands have arranged meta universe and other related businesses .

Morgan Stanley analysts Edward Stanley Express , To 2030 year NFT The market size of may grow to 2400 Around $100 million , Among them, the digital assets of luxury brands will account for 8%.

since 2020 Since the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic in , Luxury brands have been hit by business . Take the mature European market as an example , according to FortuneBusiness Insights Our estimates show that the market will cost 7 It will take years to restore sales to before the epidemic 2019 Annual level . according to Brand Finance Estimation , Before the world 50 Luxury brands lost a total of... During the epidemic 76 Billion dollars .

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European luxury market

source :FortuneBusiness Insights

Bain consulting, a world-famous consulting company (Bain Capital) With the Italian Luxury Association Fondazione Altagamma Joint release 《 Research on Bain's luxury goods 》 Pointed out that , suffer 2020 COVID-19 influence , Global luxury sales ratio 2019 Years of decline 23% to 2170 Billions of euros .

The world's largest luxury group LVMH According to the financial report data of 2020 All of its core data fell in the fiscal year : Sales down year on year 17%; Operating profit fell year on year 28%; Net profit decreased year on year 34%; Free cash flow fell year-on-year 1%; Net debt fell year-on-year 32%.

When the business is impacted , Seeking transformation or business diversification has become a great challenge for every luxury brand and even clothing brand . Besides , Digitization also helps promote its brand .

Previously, the Internet was mainly in the form of plane presentation . The meta universe can be presented in three dimensions . This allows people to look and dress , All these provide great opportunities for luxury brands .

Brands can sell virtual goods in the virtual world , Further expand revenue sources other than physical stores . The development of yuancosmos will bring a new e-commerce Ecology , It also further improves the efficiency and revenue of the whole retail industry . Selling more than one virtual product is a zero cost thing for the brand , Help to improve the profit margin of the retail industry . High profit margin will attract more brands to settle in the virtual world , Form a positive cycle .

People's pursuit of brand in the real world will also be derived into the virtual world , If the brand sells virtual goods in the virtual world, it is limited , Just like the recent hot rare NFT Head portrait ( Such as CryptoPunks, Ape head BAYC etc. ) Or virtual land . The motivation behind people's pursuit of rare assets or goods in the virtual world is the same as that in the real world , That is, seek special .

Morgan Stanley pointed out in the research report ,《 Fort night 》 and Roblox The platform's digital market has shown us signs of emerging shopping in the meta universe . Revenue sharing transactions show an upward trend , It may increase the total potential market of the brand 100 Million to 200 $100 million worth .NFT And social games are expected in 8 Expand the potential market of luxury group during the year 10% above , And promote the growth of EBIT in the industry 25% about .

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