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It is said on the Internet that three arrows bought "Adidas and gear", which is actually a fraud

2022-02-03 13:21:15 Block rhythm

Yesterday, , Two token Start spreading... In the community , The codes are ADIDAS Of 「Adidas Into The Metaverse」, And the code is GEAR Of Gearbox,Adidas Just announced today NFT Coming soon , and Gearbox Protocol Airdrop distribution was completed last night , All belong to the key words with high heat . The community found that the address marked as Sanjian capital began to buy two kinds of token, This leads to FOMO.

Sanjian capital really bought these two token Do you ? We use ADIDAS For example .Etherscan Information display , The token front 5 Large position addresses include Binance、FTX、 Three arrows capital , Are well-known institutions , This position has also attracted investors to buy .


Send... To well-known institutions token、 In order to give token Recite , This fraud has long existed . Now it is difficult to deceive most investors only by position data . And we query ADIDAS The transaction into Sanjian capital found that , This is a stroke Swap transaction , Not at all token The issuer directly transfers funds into the Sanjian capital wallet .

Query records in the chain , It can be found that the positions held by large investors including Sanjian capital ADIDAS All pass Uniswap inflows , At first glance, it seems that Sanjian capital is Uniswap Initiated a purchase , But that's not the case .


( transaction Method by Swap)


(ADIDAS come from Uniswap、ETH It also flows into Uniswap)

But the deal is still normal Uniswap There are significant differences between purchase transactions .「From」 The field is the address where the transaction is initiated , In normal trading , The content here should be the address of the buyer .

In this transaction , We see the 「From」 Field , It is found that this is an example of 「0x392」 The contract address at the beginning , And reception ADIDAS Sanjian capital's address 「0x486」 Is not the same .


Query one by one 「Binance 14」、「FTX」 After the address of , It can be found that they are all this way .Binance、FTX、 Sanjian capital did not take the initiative to purchase the token.

Some developers speculated on the tricks of the scam :token The release controller invokes... By specific means Uniswap contract , Purchase from your own address 、 Pay for what you need to buy ETH, But specify another address to buy token The recipient of , In order to disguise as a well-known address to buy token The situation of .

GEAR Also the same , Some members of the community found that Sanjian capital had also bought the whole situation a few hours ago GEAR token. It is worth noting that , The GEAR token Contract address and Gearbox The official contract address is not the same , The token For counterfeit GEAR token, namely 「 Counterfeit money 」. After querying the data on the chain , We found that GEAR token The same approach was taken , Sanjian capital did not take the initiative to buy .

ADIDAS And counterfeiting GEAR Are all 「 Pan 」, That is, it is preset by the contract deployer as the one that investors cannot sell token. Because it can only be bought, not sold , So this kind of token The price of only goes up and doesn't go down , The increase data looks very attractive .

How to distinguish the disc ? By looking at token The contract can get the most accurate 、 Direct results . But limited by the code level , Ordinary investors cannot use this method to quickly distinguish .

Querying transaction records is a more universal method 「 Pan 」 The way . Use query DEX Trading tools , Such as DEXTools etc. , Inquire about token If the transaction records find this token All for buying 、 Not a single sale , Then token The probability can be inferred as 「 Pan 」.


(DEXTools Show ADIDAS Ten pages of trading records are all buy )

As of this publication ,ADIDAS stay Uniswap existing 250 Million dollar liquidity .24 Hourly trading volume 105 Thousands of dollars . Counterfeiting GEAR stay Uniswap existing 96 Million dollar liquidity ,24 Hourly trading volume 59 Thousands of dollars .

Rhythmic reminder , The world on the chain is at great risk , As investors grow, fraud is also changing with each passing day . Investment should be rational 、 do DYOR, Don't follow the wind blindly . 

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