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Metauniverse 3D [NFT] arrg mobile game of metauniverse blockchain [Curtis sword]

2022-02-03 12:33:15 Blockchain Lao Wang


In the global entertainment industry , Hollywood occupies a very important position , Its films created the world 70% At the box office . Hollywood is not just the birthplace of global fashion , It is also the center of the global music and film industry . It has the world's top entertainment industry and luxury brands , Represents the highest fashion level . Movie giants like DreamWorks ,

Disney 、20 Century Fox 、 Columbia Pictures 、 SONY 、 Universal Pictures 、WB、 Paramount and top record companies such as Rcajive Interscope Records All gathered in Hollywood .

Hollywood has not only developed the film and television entertainment industry , It also has a very advanced film talent training system . Hollywood Film Academy (Hollywood Film Academy) It is a comprehensive art institution integrating film and television art education and production . It is registered by the state of California . The college is located in what is known as “ World dream factory ” The beautiful sunshine of the world, the art capital of Los Angeles . Hollywood Film Academy is a non-profit organization affiliated to the World Federation of youth literature and art . It has 1000 Many young members from all over the world . The World Youth Literature Federation is in China 、 The United States 、 Canada 、 Japan 、 Australia 、 The British 、 The French 、 Italy 、 Argentina and the United Arab Emirates have branches , It has a strong international influence .

1.ELT Tokens,

  Element Black With ELT Issue digital assets in the form of . English teaching has duality . It can be a currency used for user settlement and expense deduction , It can also be an asset that can be exchanged and added value at the same value . The upper limit of quantity is constant , To avoid inflation . By using the private key as a digital signature , Allow individuals to pay directly to others , Without going through the bank 、 Clearing Center 、 Third party institutions such as securities , So as to avoid high costs 、 Cumbersome procedures and regulatory issues . Anyone who owns digital devices and actively connects to internet All users can use it .

2. The economic model

 ELT characteristic

ELT There are several properties :

  1. property right : Right to use , Determine asset ownership
  2. Investment properties : value-added 、 Quick return
  3. The nature of money : The main currency circulating in the ecosystem
  4. Nature of equity : value-added 、 Long term benefits 、 Substantial appreciation

2. The output of English Teaching

   In the real economy and game economy , Tokens and their output are handled by the central organization , Like the government 、NPC. And then , Users get money through work and tasks ( mining ), Circulation is achieved by purchasing the required goods ( transaction ). therefore , The essence of money is a contract for the exchange of rights between the owner and the market , Equivalent to an agreement between owners .

    Blockchain tokens all have this attribute . According to the robustness principle, we designed ELT. We have established a variety of ELT Price change model and multiple demand models , Measured by market value . then , We use these different parametric models to run Monte Carlo simulations , To estimate in various scenarios ELT The probability that the price touches the artificial floor .

To provide some details , Let's take the following steps to “ Estimated market demand ” Modeling :

● ELT Market value is modeled as geometric Brownian motion commonly used in stock option pricing theory (GBM). We use the historical returns of the following assets and indexes to determine the drift coefficient and

GBM Medium σ coefficient : The currency 、 The etheric fang 、 The standard & poor's 500、 The United States 10 One year bonds 、 The United States GDP etc. . We still use μ and σ Simulate market value , To determine whether these core parameters are robust .

● Packing mortgage Kager Market capital uses block bootstrap modeling , This is a method to extract relevant test statistics from non-stationary time series data . We sampled the historical returns of the same assets and indexes mentioned above .

About ELT The pricing of , Our methods include :

● Risk neutral pricing —— Another sign of option pricing theory . ad locum , We determine... By assuming a replicated portfolio GBM Under the model ELT Price .

● Time tested sharp ratio pricing method , Used to determine that does not depend on GBM Hypothetical ELT Price .

3 .ELT Circulation and recovery

    If the token cannot circulate , The most important attributes and values will be lost . therefore , No matter how complex the economic model and distribution model are , It is necessary to build production materials other than token output in the community , To promote the circulation of tokens and users' interest in transactions .

   Circulation mainly includes two ways :1. With authorities / Institutional transactions ;2.2. Market transactions .

In the token economy , The nature of transactions between official institutions is a cycle of tokens , The nature of market transactions is the circulation of tokens . therefore , We built a simple ELT Economic system model , As shown in the figure below :


4. Release plan

According to the above economic model ,ELT Determine that the total number of units to be issued is 10 Billion ( Additional units permitted by the community ), The distribution scheme is as follows :


1 The status of non-financial transactions

NFT, Also known as “ There is no substitute for tokens ”, It is a unique digital product , Different from bitcoin 、 Ethereum and others can exchange equivalent tokens . It is also understood as the carrier of digital certificate .2021 Beginning of the year ,NFT Concept project , Such as ENJ、NFTX、 Rehabilitation center 、 Mask 、,

Meme And other companies' symbolic prices have risen dozens or hundreds of times . Christie's auction house with 6934 The high-profile... Was sold for $million NFT Artwork 《 every single day : front 5000 God 》. In addition to setting a new record for virtual art auction , It also puts creator bepur among the three best-selling artists of all time , Second only to Jeff · Quince and David · Hockney . Many celebrities and investment institutions have also begun to lay NFT orbital . for example , Tesla CEO elon musk · musk (Elon Musk) stay 3 month 15 Announced Wednesday , He will sell a piece of music NFT, Sell in an hour 10 Thousands of dollars .

In the field of investment , Major investment institutions began to invest in many NFT project .2021 year , More investment institutions will enter the field of non-financial transactions . at present ,NFT The field has formed a huge ecosystem . According to different functions and roles ,NFT Ecology can be divided into several different tracks , Such as focusing on construction NFT The public chain of infrastructure , Provide NFT A liquid trading platform , And provide different application scenarios ( Such as entertainment 、 game 、 Fashion collection, etc ) The earth NFT platform .Element Black Also launched around the world NFT song , Bring the works of the world's largest artists and artists to a global audience .


2 Element black positioning

From the previous chapter , Most projects know little about the impact of blockchain changes on the trading system of human society , Blockchain is only regarded as a development tool or profit model . therefore , The factor allocation and value distribution of the industry have not been optimized , This is what most practitioners can see . But the core of the problem is , Providing a complete set of blockchain development and operation support for entity enterprises is a relatively large project , Infrastructure construction belonging to the whole market . This time-consuming and complex project is not suitable for most investors who want to attract investors “ Hot money ” Developers .

But there are always visionary and innovative people , That's why we started elemental black .Element Black By building block based Web3.0 Infrastructure to build a decentralized metauniverse , Start with entertainment , Finally around Element Create an ecosystem black

The main road sections in the early stage of the project include :

1、 Element Game Center

2、 Element technology

3、 Elements NFT market

4、 Element definition 、

Interested friends can contact the landlord v;wangtianhong00


3 service content

Element Black Provide a wide range of services , Include :

1 The game center

The game center is the element Black metaverse The core content . Users can surround Element Black Create pixel level games , Including painting 、 Music and video creation . Games built by users , Create characters for open world simulation games based on element chains 、 music 、 Scene and video content .

All works created by users can be distributed accordingly NFT( There is no substitute for tokens ), Quantification of realized value . Fans or investors can buy NFT To support content creators , Investors or fans can also transfer value-added within the platform NFT. The benefits and profits obtained from the value-added bonus will be shared between the two parties through the smart trade contract , Achieve entertainment + investment + Create a closed-loop ecological world .


2 Public chain technology

Element Black Will build a common chain , Support low cost creation NFT And cross chain transactions .Element Black Existing will also be transformed and upgraded DAO technology , Use... Creatively DAO Manage the agreement , And use DAO Drivers and AI Technology to manage rule sets , Highly inclusive , It can give full play to the efficient and transparent role of the decentralized system . In order to realize the reliable circulation of assets on different chains , As long as the blockchain project supports Element Black Agreement on cross chain asset management , Cross chain financing can be realized 、 Digital token exchange 、 Data sharing and other services . Both blockchain project parties and users can Element Black Fast and convenient on the platform NFT And digital asset circulation .

The core function of digital assets is circulation .Element Black Public chain technology enables a large number of digital assets to be widely circulated , This will make more and more market participants feel the convenience brought by blockchain Technology .

3 Cross chain operation

Element Black A blockchain cross chain transaction architecture is proposed —— The Internet chain , Including interconnection chain architecture 、 Interconnection chain consensus mechanism 、 Transmission protocol and Internet chain privacy protection mechanism , To realize the interconnection between independent blockchains and ensure

Effectiveness of cross chain transactions and security of user private data . The advantages of interconnection chains include :

(1) Support cross chain operations between homogeneous and heterogeneous blocks .

(2) Richer cross chain scenarios , It not only supports the cross chain transfer of various digital assets , It also supports cross chain operation between future smart contracts and distributed applications .

(3) Provide a good privacy protection mechanism .

1  Connection chain architecture

In the Internet , There are the following subjects :

(1) Parallel chain node : A blockchain that communicates directly with an interconnected chain called a parallel chain , And a node that runs a parallel chain program called a parallel chain node .

(2) Connect chain nodes : The node that runs the link chain program , It includes data receiving node and verification node .

(3) Data transceiver node : The data transceiver node belongs to both internal parallel chain node and interconnection chain node , Its main function is to collect the internal transaction data of the parallel chain and transmit it to the verification node .

(4) Verify nodes : Verify that the node is only within the interconnection chain , Mainly responsible for obtaining transaction data from parallel chain , Verify the validity of the transaction , Consensus transactions in synchronous interconnection chain networks .


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