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The form of story telling tells you what is server, cloud deployment, virtualization, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and privacy computing

2022-02-03 06:05:51 Yongkang_ Chen

One 、 Equipment condition

1. Hardware device

X86 The server 、 minicomputer 、 The mainframe

X86 Application scenarios : It is mostly used as a cluster

Minicomputer application scenario : Mobile banking system

Mainframe application scenarios : The core 、 Host system

X86 The server :X86 The server and the notebook we usually contact 、 Desktops are similar .

For example, some coders develop a website or program by themselves ( Such as :wiki Garden opening framework ), When the website 、 The program is deployed on a personal computer ( Hereinafter collectively PC) On , Connect to the network to provide external services , For other users to access . such PC It's like a server , But with X86 Server comparison , The performance and stability are far inferior to X86, such as CPU、 Memory 、IO etc. , and X86 Almost 24 hours a day 、 Continuous 、 Stable external services , and PC They all work with people's habits , When PC As a server , If the external access pressure exceeds its own load, there will be a jam 、 Crash phenomenon , Of course X86 This can also happen , But more than a person PC Exercise tolerance .

Minicomputer server : Between X86 High performance computers between and mainframes , It is generally believed , Traditional minicomputers use special processors , Main support UNIX Closure of the operating system 、 A dedicated computer system , So it's also called UNIX The server , Its reliability 、 Specificity 、 Serviceability is much higher than X86, Of course, the price is self-evident .

for example , A minicomputer is like an airplane , Every part is carefully made by the designer , And the plane will be customized according to different countries and regions , So it's expensive , and X86 Like a car , They are all factory batch flow production , Cheaper , Every car is the same , The degree of standardization is relatively high . Although you can reach your destination by plane and car , But in terms of stability 、 Security 、 The timeliness is definitely not comparable to that of an airplane .

Mainframe servers : Also known as mainframe , Use a dedicated processor instruction set 、 Operating systems and Applications , So mainframe is not just a hardware concept , It is also an organic whole of hardware and exclusive software . In fact, the difference between mainframe and minicomputer is not very obvious , But its performance 、 Calculate the force 、 The stability is much higher than that of minicomputers , The main feature is high reliability 、 High availability 、 High service , The characteristic of his work is that he must strive for zero mistakes .

for example , A mainframe is like a space station , This space station 7*24*365 It operates continuously all the time throughout the year , And almost all working modules have spare modules , When the performance index of the in-service module is slightly abnormal , The standby module can automatically top up immediately , There's something to say about the plane 、 Cars can reach their destination , Your air station depends on rockets ..... Well, will the space station care about the mode of transportation on earth ?? Ha ha ha

2. Cloud deployment : First, apply for the required computer resources on the cloud platform on demand , Then migrate and deploy local services to the cloud platform , Its service function will not change . Compared with the traditional model , In the local deployment mode , An application monopolizes one server , It is easy to waste resources , Or when application resources are under pressure, only hardware capacity can be expanded , Cumbersome operation 、 Time consuming and costly , The cloud deployment mode can integrate resources , Distribute as needed , At the same time, it is convenient to manage 、 Flexible regulation 、 Safe and stable .

advantage :

The biggest advantage of cloud deployment and traditional local deployment is that the required system resources can be flexibly allocated , For example, business data will surge during the double 11 , Cause pressure on system resources , But after the double tenth day, the pressure will disappear , If cloud deployment is adopted, the resource allocation can be flexibly adjusted , Expand the capacity according to the actual situation 、 Shrinkage capacity .

3. virtualization : Virtualization is a resource management technology , Server, such as 、 The Internet 、 Memory and storage etc , To abstract 、 After the transformation, it will present , Break the indivisible barriers between physical entities , Enables users to apply these resources in a better way than the original configuration , These new virtualized resources are not limited by existing physical configurations .

Simply put, it's the of a computer CPU Can be virtualized into multiple CPU, Including other configuration resources, it can also be virtualized into multiple resources , Thus, multiple operating systems can be run on one computer ,. For example, Xiao Ming has only one computer , But he wants to install Windows、XP Two operating systems ,, Then he only needs to install a virtualization software , Virtualize two virtual machines on the computer , These two virtual machines have the same CPU、 Able to survive 、 storage capacity , And the programs on the two operating systems perform their respective functions 、 The operation does not interfere with each other , Just share the resource configuration of one computer .

Two 、 Basic technology (ABCDP Explanation of the terms of )

notes : This explanation only represents my understanding of the existing project environment , Is defined by my company , There may be inconsistencies with the market , Don't spray if you don't like it ,hahaha

1.A Artificial intelligence (Atificial Intelligence)

Definition : Research on science and technology that enables computers to simulate some human thinking processes and intelligent behaviors , Like smart voice 、 Smart images 、 Natural speech processing 、 Deep learning and other technologies .

It refers to developing machine learning models , Then rely on big data to continuously train the learning model in the computer , Let the computer strengthen the study of human thinking , When the outside world stimulates the computer , Enable computers to make intelligent responses similar to human beings .

On behalf of the application :Goole Alphago、 Brake drive

2.B Blockchain (BlockChain)

Definition : Blockchain is decentralized distributed data storage 、 Point to point transmission 、 Consensus mechanism 、 New application mode of computer technology such as encryption algorithm . It's a way that can hardly be forged or tampered with , The mathematical architecture of data storage built by two dogs , It can be used to store all kinds of valuable data .

Take a chestnut , For example, Xiao Ming wants to buy a bag of paper towels , He's a loser programmer , Know everything. , The first step is to find products and place orders with merchants in a treasure and call the money to a treasure ; The second part confirms the receipt after receiving the tissue ; Step 3: a treasure is giving money to the merchant . Found no , Originally, there was a third party in the transaction between two people , It's a treasure , And this treasure is the center , Why do we trust a treasure so much , Because he's rich , In this way, give a treasure credit endorsement . The introduction of blockchain technology is to kill this center , At the same time, it can solve the problem of trust . In such a new world , There's no need for a center , Everyone is the center , Everyone sends a small notebook , As long as there is a transaction , Everyone will write it down in his little book ,“X year X month X RI Xiaoming is in business A Bought a bag of paper towels ”, If the merchant takes the money and doesn't give the goods , Small books all over the world are on record , Let him have nowhere to escape , Unless he burns little books all over the world , It's almost impossible . This little book is more reliable than the center , As long as Xiao Ming pays , The broadcast will notify everyone's notebook to record automatically , Including businesses A A small copy of , Businesses have no way to modify such a small book because of their own personal interests , At each time node, you can choose different people's small books to be connected in series into one “ chain ”, Who to choose ? Choose to remember the fastest 、 The one with the best quality , Take his little book “ confiscate ”, Copy to everyone at the same time , Make sure everyone's notebooks are the same . Finally, when all time nodes are strung together , Small books are automatically stacked into large books , That's what we're talking about “ block ” 了 .

On behalf of the application : The currency 、 Reassurance chain 、 Accounts receivable blockchain

3.C Cloud computing (Cloud Computing)

Definition : Traditional data centers ( Computer room ) It's a pile of computers inside , It is equipped with a switch and virtualization software for simple resource allocation and management . Cloud computing data center refers to all computing resources of the whole data center through hardware reconstruction and software definition 、 Storage 、 The Internet 、 Integration of security functions , Logically turn this data center into a computer , More intelligent and intensive deployment management can be carried out . Cloud computing is to concentrate all computing resources into a resource pool , Then, the hardware resources are divided into N Let out a small share , Dynamically provision computing resources .

Let's make an analogy , In the past, the traditional computer room was like many small people in a baking tray , Put a cake of the same size in each compartment , You can only eat it piece by piece . But everyone eats differently , Someone ate half , Someone ate a piece and didn't have enough ( The amount of food you eat represents your computing and storage needs ). The cloud computing data center breaks these small grids , All the cakes make a big cake , Cut you as much as you eat . So cloud computing means you don't have to build your own computer room , Directly go online to rent cloud services , Rent as much as you use , You can enjoy the hardware computing resources you need .

On behalf of the application :Azure、AWS、 Alibaba cloud 、 Tencent cloud 、 Hua Wei Yun

4.D big data (Big Data)

I also wonder why D, Blockchain is B, Don't ask me , It's embarrassing to ask ...

Definition : It's a kind of IT Industry jargon , It means that it is impossible to capture with conventional software within a certain time range 、 Manage and process data sets , A new processing model is needed to have stronger decision-making 、 Insight into the vast amount of discovery and process capabilities 、 High growth rate and diversified information assets .

The popular explanation of big data is massive data , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Big is wide 、 Wide meaning . And data is information 、 Technology and data , Together, there is a lot of information 、 Technology and data .

On behalf of the application : Data Lake 、 Data warehouse 、 Data center

5.P Privacy computing (Personal Coputing)

Definition : It refers to the realization of financial data sharing with telecom operators 、 Payment agency 、 Social networking platform 、 Cross border multi-party data virtual integration such as big data center , Implementation data available not visible . Provide flexible services for business data personnel 、 convenient 、 Security 、 Efficient cross-border multi-party data processing 、 analysis 、 Modeling capability . Provide federal teaching 、 Safety calculation 、 Safety is the key 、 Diversified secure computing services such as anonymous query , Widely used in Inclusive Finance 、 Intelligent risk control 、 Biometrics 、 Immature spoof identification 、 Smart marketing 、 Anti fraud and other business scenarios , Enable business activities in a timely manner , Support the service demand of each business segment .

Generally speaking, it is to borrow other data to integrate with your own data according to your needs , Through encryption or other privacy means , Put the data on a computing platform similar to the black box to calculate the processing , Only output processing results , This reflects the “ Available not visible ”.

On behalf of the application : Privacy computing model in banking industry

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