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How can the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence be combined to promote the development of digital economy?

2022-02-03 05:55:09 Youfu network

It is also a technological highland for the development of new infrastructure , The Internet of things 、 big data 、 Blockchain 、 Cloud computing 、 Is there a connection between artificial intelligence ? The recently hot meta universe , It is the use of these high and new technologies to create a transferable value 、 A virtual world that organically interacts with the real world .

Use the human body as a metaphor : Our human organs perceive everything in the world ( big data ), Through the meridians of the human body ( The Internet of things ) To the brain , The human brain goes through memory 、 Analyze and summarize ( Cloud computing ), The brain summarizes the results of the analysis to form wisdom ( Artificial intelligence ).

Big data is the foundation , The Internet of things is an architecture , Cloud computing is the center , Blockchain delivers value , Artificial intelligence is the output of , Coexistence , Cling to each other .

The Internet of things is through RFID (RFID)、 Infrared sensors 、 Global positioning system 、 Laser scanner and other information sensing equipment , According to the agreement , Connect items to the Internet , Information exchange and communication , In order to realize the intelligent identification of objects 、 location 、 track 、 A network of monitoring and management .

Big data means that you can't use conventional tools to capture it within a certain period of time 、 Manage and process data sets , Its characteristics are “ Three V”, Mainly reflected in the volume (Volume) Big , There are many types of data (Variety) And speed (Velocity) Higher requirements .

Storage and computing power of cloud computing and distributed structure , Big data makes it possible to realize the business model . Cloud computing provides these low-cost infrastructure , So that users can get corresponding services according to their needs , The distribution mechanism of cloud computing meets the needs of massive data in big data systems 、 Storage and calculation requirements of various types of data , Make the realization of big data possible .

Blockchain is essentially a trust system without authority , It is mainly composed of distributed ledger and smart contract technology . Blockchain is called “ Internet 4.0”, The reason is that the Internet has changed the way information is transmitted , Blockchain changes the way of value transmission .

Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence , It refers to the intelligence of machines made by people . The core task of artificial intelligence , It is to construct the thinking and operation ability similar to or even beyond the human brain . at present , A large number of machine tools have applied artificial intelligence , The main application direction is search 、 Mathematical optimization and logical deduction .

Youfu network is an excellent cloud computing service provider in China , Be able to provide services for the Internet of things 、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence , What to do with upgrading the industry with technology ?

Mass storage : Youfu network relies on Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Shenzhen as the center , Covering Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei 、 Changjiang delta 、 The layout of data centers in important hot spots such as Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district , Able to meet the needs of large-scale storage . The distributed structure has good scalability , Can easily handle PB Levels of storage ,scale-out Storage architecture can improve the overall performance , Achieve efficient capacity expansion , Effectively solve the problems of massive data storage and high-speed computing .

Ability to calculate : To solve the pain point of big data in computing power , Relying on the self built data center , Proprietary computing architecture can provide dozens of times higher performance than traditional cloud computing . At the same time, it is combined with Fu AI And big data applications , Comprehensive support for multiple GPU Applications 、 Deep learning framework . It can not only achieve high computing performance , Energy efficiency ratio again 、 Memory support , as well as CPU Its own architecture has great advantages , Meet the requirements of computing power .

Data security : In the development of Youfu network data center , Always adhering to the concept of safety . First , Use a number of security technologies to ensure data security , If telecommunication is available 、 Unicom 、 High quality bandwidth resources of mobile and other operators , The flow cleaning equipment can protect against all kinds of large flow attacks ; secondly , Firewall device cluster redundancy , Remove a single point of failure , Stable and reliable ; Again , Professional vulnerability scanning cloud platform , You can check the website with one click 、 Server and other network resources , Effectively prevent risks and loopholes ; Last , Youfu network data center can also provide filing services 、 Enterprise class CA Overall information security solutions 、SSL Certificate Services 、 Information security level protection service 、 Application protection WAF/WAD Waiting for security services .

good service : Youfu network has 20 Years of rich experience in cloud computing data center operation and maintenance management , Have a perfect service system , The senior customer service team adheres to “ Customer focus ” Service concept , Ensure that customers and partners get better IT Service and experience , Let enterprises concentrate on their work . Youfu network always insists on providing customers with all year round services 7*24 An hour of uninterrupted service , Put customer needs first , To meet the domestic 、 Safety of international standards 、 Availability provides users with sustainable business guarantee .

The Internet of things 、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence coexists , Cling to each other 、 Create unlimited possibilities together . Youfu network will continue to lay a solid underlying technical support , Contribute to the development of science and technology application .

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