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Ethereum series - DAPP development three swordsman

2022-02-03 05:29:48 Brick moving leader

Build the Ethereum private chain , Three common tools for deploying smart contracts :Truffle,Ganache and remix-ide.


Truffle Is the most popular development framework , Able to compile locally 、 Deploy smart contracts , The mission is to make development easier .

Truffle Source code address of

(1) install Truffle 4.0
   Depend on the environment :

  • NodeJS 5.0+
  • Windows,Linux, or Mac OS X

Easy to install :

npm install -g truffle

# View the installed version :
truffle version

(2) Initialize a Truffle project

truffle init 			# You can initialize a default Ethereum Token Contract items 

Compile contract

truffle compile			# Only files that have been modified since the last compilation are compiled by default 
truffle compile --all	# Compile all files 

Truffle The contract name and file name that need to be defined match exactly , This match is case sensitive , In other words, the case should be the same . It is recommended to capitalize every initial letter

(3) Deploy
Default network [development]

truffle migrate
truffle migrate --reset		# Re execution 

Appoint network

truffle migrate --network poa

(4) Launch the console ( It needs to be executed under the project directory .)

# Use the default network to set up a console 
truffle console
# Appoint network
truffle console --network poa
# Start the console with local private development chain 
truffle develop
# The monitoring address is :

Test the smart contract successfully deployed

# Enter the following command to open truffle Console , Test what we just deployed Hello_mshk_top contract :

truffle(development)> var contract;
truffle(development)> Hello_mshk_top.deployed().then(function(instance){
    contract= instance;}); // take Hello_mshk_top Contract subject , Pass to contract Variable 
truffle(development)> contract.say()
truffle(development)> contract.print("")

(5) Use zeppelin-solidity library

npm install zeppelin-solidity

# Generate package.json file 
npm init
# according to package.json Auto download library 
npm install

(6) Download the template

truffle unbox <box-name>


TaiFang client during development Ganache ,ganache-cli

Deploy smart contracts to TestRPC( Blockchain in memory ) Medium test (TestRPC It has been renamed ganache)
It is a complete blockchain in memory, which only exists on the device you develop .
be relative to Geth,TestRPC It returns in real time when executing a transaction , Instead of waiting for the default block out time , So you can quickly verify your newly written code , When an error occurs , It can also give you immediate feedback .
It is also a powerful client that supports automated testing

(1)Ganache ( belt ui)
The monitoring address is :


# install 
npm install -g ganache-cli
# function 
ganache-cli --gasLimit 0x800000000
# The monitoring address is

(2)TestRPC (TestRPC It has been renamed ganache)

# install  
npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc
# start-up  TestRPC
testrpc --gasLimit 0x800000000
 The monitoring address is  localhost:8545


install remix-ide


# Install first node.js
# Again 
npm install remix-ide -g --allow-root
# function  cd Go to the development contract Directory 


npm install remix-ide -g --allow-root
# If you can't access the Internet 
vim /root/remix-ide/bin/remix-ide 
# modify 
server.listen(8080, ‘’, function () {
# by 
server.listen(8080, ‘’, function () {

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