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Ethereum series - Web3 js

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web3.js Is a set of interfaces used to interact with local or remote Ethereum nodes js library , It can be used HTTP or IPC Establish a connection with the Ethereum node .
On the bottom implementation , It passes through RPC Call to communicate with local or remote nodes .web3.js Can be exposed with any RPC Ethernet node connection of interface .


npm install web3


// In Node.js
const Web3 = require('web3');

let web3 = new Web3('ws://localhost:8546');
> {
    eth: ... ,
    shh: ... ,
    utils: ...,

0.20.X And 1.X Differences in versions

This is a web3.js There are two main types of versions

  • use truffle migrate or truffle test It will be installed with the operating system web3js edition , It can be used truffle verson see
  • nodejs Will use package.json Specified in the web3js Version number

1.x Version changes

  • if ('utils' in web3) This judgment can be used web3j Version of
  • web3.sha3 By web3.utils.sha3 replace
    • The data to be hashed is called web3.utils.sha3 You need to judge the empty space first : if (!input || !input.length) { return; }
  • web3.eth.accounts is deprecated. Use web3.eth.getAccounts() instead
  • web3.fromWei By web3.utils.fromWei replace
  • web3.toWei By web3.utils.toWei replace
  • watch No longer supported .
    • myContract.EventName([params]).watch([callback]) By myContract.EventName([params],[callback]) replace
  • The HTTP provider is deprecated, as it won’t work for subscriptions. Have to use websocket
    • truffle-config.js in websockets: true
    • HttpProvider By WebsocketProvider replace , The port number does not need to be changed
    • network_local.json Medium rpcUrl configure ws://

Old projects want to compile

# package.json Middle configuration 
"web3": "^0.20.0",

# npm when 
npm install --force

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