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Review of dimitra and Morpheus AMA, global blockchain agricultural technology platform

2022-02-03 05:21:30 Information express

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11 month 23 Japan ,Dimitra Technology CEO and founder Jon Trask And Morpheus.Network CEO and founder Dan Weinberger Jointly held a AMA. This scene AMA Many users answered through Twitter and Reddit Community issues raised . The following is missed AMA My friends sorted out all the review contents , Welcome to read !

Morpheus.Network It is a supply chain automation platform , Includes many different integrations ,Dimitra Is one of these integrators and partners .Dimitra Technology It's an international company , Its mission is to provide agricultural science and technology to farmers all over the world .

Here are AMA Q & a content :

Let's see Morpheus.Network and Dimitra The background of , How long have we been working together ? What have we done together ?

Dan: Our cooperation began with 2019 year , Along the way , We did some great work together , Handled a large number of projects and proposals . besides , We're still meeting in Montreal , We had lunch together and studied together ,Dimitra It's a very interesting company , and Jon It's very pleasant to be together , I have communicated this to many community members , When it comes to Dimitra And what you're doing , It's unbelievable .Jon It's a great person , Whether it's back a few years ago , How many years later , I'm looking forward to doing amazing business with him .

Jon: Some of the things we are trying to do are very interesting , From a supply chain perspective , We have made good suggestions on soybeans together , Although the project didn't pass , But it does form what we build Dimitra And how we interact with Morpheus The basis of integration , We got some good opportunities from it .

We just signed a contract with an agency in Brazil , The cooperative basically manages Brazil 87% The export of , We are working with them on how to manage export farms , Things are going very well , From a document point of view , A large part of it will be Morpheus Credit .

Information on the Brazilian Partnership :

https : //

Dimitra The deal starts with crops and fruits , Transfer them to the exit state ,Morpheus Excellent export management function , We put these API Input into the system , And enter the information into Morpheus The Internet , When they move from Brazil to other countries , We can track some of these fruits .

In addition to the Brazilian deal , We have also done many transactions around the world . We have a great project in India , Soil analysis by satellite , Let's start by integrating IOT sensors and farmers' observations . This is a very big project , Have 130 Ten thousand farms .

Dan: The system and system we build around logistics Dimitra The work done on the farm itself is closely related . therefore , When you talk about the export process rather than trying to figure out how to generate these files and who to provide them to , We built all this into the platform , It is fully automated , Allow these exporters to automate all their systems . It has revolutionized Global trade .

At present, there are some terrible problems in Global trade ,Jon And Dimitra Through systems that help farmers implement , And our relationship with Morpheus What you do will help solve many of these problems . Think about the terrible flood in Vancouver , They destroyed the railway , Vancouver is a major port city in Canada , Allow all containers from China to be transported all over the country , And now it's all closed . Floods like this are black swan Events —— It's like Covid event —— We're in Los Angeles 、 Long Beach 、 Poor port management seen in Shanghai and other places , Compare it with the port system , Compared with port operators in Miami , The way they deal with the port is completely day and night . They don't have a ready-made system , They trace all these containers , There is also a backlog of containers waiting for them .

Labor shortage has also caused a series of problems , The crane operator doesn't know whether the port labor or the truck driver took the container , All these questions are confused with each other , And confused with COVID-19. , People basically buy in bulk , Buy something from the shelf , Think it's some kind of supply problem , In fact, they just increase the demand for a person , But pushed this demand to the whole crowd .

This is really a storm we see in the supply chain , But all the problems we see can be solved by Dimitra and Morpheus Build a simple digital tool to solve . therefore , Ben AMA Another important issue in is Dimitra What are you doing ,Morpheus What are you doing , And how many people are affected by these solutions .

Jon: Now our system has more than 100 ten thousand people , We have signed the agreement , This will bring us to about 1800 ten thousand people . If you want to know the actual number of people affected , Especially in the global supply chain , These goods are feeding millions or even hundreds of millions of people . unfortunately , What is happening in the world , Some challenges, such as the environment and other things, are affecting shipments and delaying shipments . From a food perspective , This is a huge impact , Because many of them are fresh agricultural products , But because of some of these distribution problems , They're basically just standing still , Rot in containers . Of course ,Morpheus and Dimitra Can help solve some of these problems together , So that we can give priority to distribution to reduce loss and waste . These are some of the reasons why our customers come to us , Because these are the challenges they face . There is a lot of waste and loss in the logistics system of fresh food in the world , Exporters are trying to improve this . Port and customs agencies are working to improve customs clearance capacity , And create a more efficient system , Allow paperwork to be handled properly , To ensure that documents arrive on time and accurately , Ensure proper provenance , We see hundreds of millions of consumers affected by the system , Even today .

Dan: This is a strong statement , When we say influence —— This is a question of keeping people alive , It's a question of whether people are hungry or not , It's not just about whether people have some kind of luxury in their hands , It's food . With Morpheus, You will know that global trade is a value 15 Trillion dollar industry , So we try to solve this problem by using all the different vertices we have set foot in , With the world's largest private port operator Gulftainer cooperation , It means a lot to us . In terms of port operation , They taught us a lot , Become Gulftainer Of API The center is great , We can extend these solutions to other ports . Now? Morpheus One thing we do is that we continue to expand to different parts of the world , Internationalization , You know that we have to import different languages of the platform and localize . We are using different currencies and time zones , All of this is built into the platform , This is a lot of work for the team , But as we continue to develop , This obviously makes sense . With Jon And influence in Africa and different regions , We continue to improve the utilization of the platform .

How can you get closer Dimitra And Morpheus The goal of cooperation among small farmers .

Jon: One of our goals is to cooperate with small farmers and independent small farmers on a larger scale . Between these small farmers and bringing their products to market or export , There are usually cooperatives or packaging factories , Various integration methods , and Dimitra And Morpheus Together, it provides a good tool , Because users can log in directly Dimitra Platform and start shipping . We put API Applied to the Morpheus In the network , Can help them pick enough tomatoes or any product , Label tomatoes , Then actually get the data and transfer it to Morpheus System , It's seamless . Farmers don't know they're moving them to Morpheus System , All they know is that they have made a box of tomatoes and are shipping them .API Completed all the work of transferring it from one system to another , therefore Morpheus From the exit point of view 、 The document perspective and transportation perspective have played an important role in helping these individual small farmers . We can think of it as an upstream and downstream food chain , The water flows downstream .Morpheus Is an expert in managing downstream , and Dimitra Is an expert in managing upstream . Together, we provide a good platform for farmers all over the world .Dan , Do you have any ideas on how we can cooperate to help small farmers ?

Dan: Yes , Most definitely , I think Morpheus What is being done , With Federated Co-op For example , It is one of the largest food suppliers in Canada . They are a large food supplier , They do cooperate with farmers , adopt FCL Sell their products , It's like Jon That's what it says , We and FCL Cooperate and receive data from small farmers , Give Way Dimitra Cooperate with these small farmers . We unite , Let all these different farmers around the world contribute to the different systems we are developing , It makes perfect sense . We can also for Dimitra One thing the platform provides , It's all the different integrations we've been working on for years , We have hundreds of integrations . If these food containers need additional reliable data , Whatever it is , We can add these IOT integrations with our partners . All different devices do different things according to the required data , And increase the automation and compliance of documents , about Dimitra and Dimitra It is definitely a good value-added for customers . We are very happy with Jon And has established a good partnership with , This is very beneficial for us .

Use Connected Farmer How will the platform's small farmers from Dimitra and Morpheus Benefit from our partnership ? How can we integrate into the agricultural technology and blockchain world ​​ Communities in the world promote such cooperatives ?

Jon : We are in Africa 、 In the Middle East 、 Latin America and Asia have done a lot of work , We have a great team . Our sales staff are all over 60 Several countries / region ,Dan We also have sales people all over the world . We work with the government every day 、 Agricultural cooperatives 、 Agencies talk to agricultural technology companies , We need to continue these conversations , And determine which channels exist , And what suits us . I think our level of interest is very high , Our adoption level is also very high , We have signed a series of agreements , In the past few months , We announced some deals , We will also welcome more transactions . These deals will announce global agricultural technology projects , In my submission Dimitra and Morpheus What's done really ties these together .

Dan: talk about Morpheus or Dimitra Any user of , That's true. Jon You will agree with this , We can talk about amazing technology all day , But they are not easy to use , I always think , We must allow the platform to use , To ensure normal operation . We have been working with our customers . We really have to shape our products based on revenue and ease of use .

Jon : Here's a question about the robot technology of collecting steam in space ?

Dan : Especially about the space supply chain , We do have a relationship with (GEC)Geometrik Engine Corporation New partnerships have been established —— And SpaceX(Doge-1 Mission to the moon ), When it comes to space , People ask us what is supply chain automation , To space , But this is obviously not what we are doing now . We are studying the parts and components that go into space and satellites , They must be certified and inspected by the Engineer , There's a lot of documentation and certification behind these parts . This is it. Morpheus Where it comes in handy .

Jon : You can talk to Elon Go into space together ?

Dan : I Believe Elon He is one of the few billionaires who have the ability to enter space but have not yet seized the opportunity . It's not in my plan , I think Morpheus Members will worry that I will send myself into space aimlessly , But if you need to go into space , I'll be there .

What is the joint roadmap of the two projects ?

Dan : We quietly expand the scale and continue to develop . We are very lucky , Some excellent customers have built our platform and expanded its scale , Promote it to excellent companies all over the world , And benefit from it . This has nothing to do with us and Dimitra The work done is closely related , Because they work with small farmers , The system we have built for supply chain compliance and supply chain automation makes perfect sense . Our roadmap is to grow with our partners around the world .

I think another problem is about the disappearance of the project , We have been committed to this for many years . I've been working in the supply chain industry 20 many years , and Jon Has more than 25 Years. . If people are worried about the disappearance of founders and companies , That's absolutely ridiculous . We are very committed to this project , We will always insist .

Jon : Yes , I have worked in the field of supply chain 25 In the above , Participated in 150 Multiple projects , Now? ,Dimitra It's my baby . I think this is something we can expand to all over the world , We carry out projects all over the world every year . I expect that next year we will sign about 10 Contracts . This year, , I think we will sign 8 Major contracts , The scope of these contracts is very large , Affecting many countries and regions ( Millions to tens of millions of dollars ). Some projects have millions or hundreds of thousands of users , So we will continue to look for these projects . Now we have Dimitra Tokens, , We have some ways to help fund some projects and provide Dimitra Token grants , These grants will start in countries that may not have a budget but have profitable projects in the long run , We can try to provide some grants . This brings me to the next question … You recently made an announcement , You were just Kucoin list , Tell me something about it .

Dan: This is a great exchange ,Kucoin, People can continue to see us as USDT Deal with , It's very exciting . I'll tell our community , We are also Trading on , This is another great exchange . We are also communicating with more exchanges now . And Kucoin Great cooperation , The communication with them is very good .

Jon : Yes , I'm glad you're with Gate and Kucoin cooperation , We are also working with them .Kucoin It's our first exchange , We were just in yesterday list . We are very happy to be with Gate Exchange cooperation , They are our third centralized exchange , We will list more exchanges in the coming months .

This question is specifically to explain how our project remains agile and exists on the Ethereum chain at a high cost .

Dan: Through the platform itself , We have been working with our own private side chain , To keep costs as low as possible , But as you know , It's really expensive . Ethereum does have a huge developer base , Therefore, it continues to expand and improve its technology . actually , We designed and developed this platform from the beginning , This means that we can move to another chain as needed . We've been evaluating other solutions . These conversations have been happening , But overall , We are satisfied with Ethereum .

Jon : We have a farmer credit program , Our farmers earn points in Dimitra In the form of tokens . We calculate and register these points , And then I'll summarize . The summary contains many transactions , Many farmers have the idea of point trading , And then from gas Form a deal from the perspective of . We can apply for thousands or more , And make every transaction gas The cost is only a few cents . Or even less , It depends on how many people accept it from this perspective . We are right. gas Cost sensitive , And has taken many measures internally to find different platforms . Our chief digital currency Officer Mike Muerin Has been looking for a partnership in the field of encryption , So you'll see some announcements about these partnerships in the coming months , It's like Morpheus.Network and Dimitra The partnership between us .

Dan: I'm interested in what we're doing 、Dimitra I'm very excited about what I'm doing . If anyone has any questions , Please contact us , Because we like to talk about it . The team is trying , We are trying to , Everyone is excited , That's what I'm going to say .

Jon : Thank you for coming here today , Our team will thank all the winners who asked important questions . Happy Tuesday, everyone !

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