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School district block chain technology, what do you learn? Blockchain training institutions or self-study?

2022-02-03 05:20:55 Sailian blockchain Education

Blockchain is becoming more and more popular in China , There are more training institutions in blockchain . stay Java When there is a red sea , Many people began to focus on learning blockchain technology . Many people want to attend blockchain training, but they are confused , Whether to participate in blockchain training institutions or self-study , What can I learn by self-study ? that , What should I learn from blockchain ? Sailian blockchain education is based on its own 2 Years of training experience and experience in curriculum system research and development , I'm here to discuss and communicate with you .

There are also many directions for blockchain development , Such as : Blockchain Application Developer 、 Blockchain architect 、 Bottom core development 、 Consensus algorithm research and so on . Different directions , What needs to be learned is not the same .

1. School district block chain thinking

This is the foundation of blockchain technology , As we all know, blockchain contains four core technologies : Distributed storage , Consensus mechanism , Intelligent contract , Encryption technology . These four technologies are not new technologies , Together, they constitute the core technology of blockchain . Therefore, learning blockchain is not learning a new technology , Instead, learn the blockchain system architecture , Blockchain thinking , Blockchain development mode . A qualified blockchain engineer needs to master encryption technology 、 Consensus algorithm 、Go/Solidity/C++、 Ethereum platform, etc . Blockchain engineers are well paid , Corresponding to it is excellent, is the strength in hand , Be able to complete the R & D and maintenance of the company's blockchain project .

Blockchain network is a brand new architecture , Therefore, it needs to be systematized 、 Full perspective learning .

2. learn Go Language

If we do application development based on blockchain , You need to learn a programming language (nodejs, Go, Python, C++ etc. ). Have to admit , Blockchain has its own applicable language .Java Is too heavy , It is difficult to be useful in blockchain development ,GO Language is its natural language , Suggested learning . and ,GOlang With one click deployment 、 Efficient 、 Strong concurrency and many other advantages , It is also being adopted by more and more technology companies , Now big factories are hard to find , Needless to say, small companies .solidity It is the best language for smart contract development , It is also necessary for the core technology of blockchain ;NodeJS It is also a very suitable language for blockchain development , It can not only deploy the front end , Back end development is also easy to use , Become a hot technology , If you want to school district block chain, you might as well pay attention to .

3. Learn smart contract development well

Smart contracts are also known as ” Self executing peace agreement “, Or call it “ Coded contracts ”. In addition to the underlying construction, the development of blockchain , More big work may be contract development , Therefore, smart contract development will be the gathering area of talent demand in the future , It is the core of blockchain application , So it is also necessary to learn .Solidity It is a new programming language born in Ethereum community, which is specially used to write smart contracts . Although in theory, smart contracts can be written in various languages , But at the moment Solidity Is the most popular language for writing smart contracts , It can be used not only on Ethereum , Other blockchain projects competing with Ethereum , for example Nervos , You can also use Solidity Develop smart contracts .

  Finally, I would like to advise you , There are risks in entering the industry , Learn carefully , ha-ha

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