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Is the development of school district block chain promising?

2022-02-03 05:20:48 Sailian blockchain Education

This problem , The tournament Federation has the most say , Sai Lian is a professional blockchain training platform , Based on the research and judgment of blockchain industry in recent years , Make the following analysis .

Blockchain is not yet mature , The industry has just started , But people are very hard to find . According to the market demand , I suggest that friends who want to learn blockchain technology learn 3 sample : Blockchain core technology ,Golang Development , Smart contract development ; You can also choose one of them , Focus on the direction you like , These three directions are the core of blockchain technology development , From the perspective of employment, it's no problem to learn any .

at present IT The technical personnel in the industry are also very skilled . However, the talent gap of blockchain is relatively large , The salary is also high , For example, an enterprise in Hangzhou recruitment smart contract mature development quotation 4-6w a monthly salary , Very impressive ! Even under normal circumstances , Our fresh graduates can also get 12w Annual salary ( Is this high ?)

Back to the point , Is the school district block chain promising , What are the benefits ? My answer is that blockchain is not a problem with no future , The future of society belongs to blockchain . Don't you believe , Think I'm talking big . Then listen to what the Chinese state says :

Let's see what the United States says and does :

     Countries all over the world are paying close attention to regional block chain technology : 

     Blockchain is not just bitcoin , dig , It is a technology applied to the grass-roots level of the whole society , The bottom layer of the new generation Internet must be based on blockchain . This is the key technology for the transformation of our Internet from information internet to value Internet . With the support of the underlying technology of blockchain , All aspects of social production will be transformed , Some applications are listed below .

Blockchains are being laid out all over the world . therefore , If you can't embrace blockchain , You will lose the whole future .

Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant group, is visiting 《 Looking for blockchain power 》 During the program, we talked about :“ Blockchain as a technology to change production relations , Very different from the production technology , At this level, production relations also appeared for the first time , Can use this technology , At this level, it has great potential and imagination space , That's why it has become a fashion . I think blockchain will be one of the most disruptive technologies in the next decade “

Blockchain must be one of the most disruptive technologies in the next decade .

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