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Sailian blockchain education provides block chain technology training for Weichai Power

2022-02-03 05:19:51 Sailian blockchain Education

Blockchain is a new generation of Internet technology ,Web3 Come roaring , Blockchain has become an innovation train that every enterprise and developer can take .12 month 15 Japan , At the invitation of Weichai Power Co., Ltd , Sailian blockchain education has conducted four blockchain technical trainings for it . The training includes : Blockchain technology revolution 、 Blockchain Foundation 、 Ethereum Technology 、 Super ledger Fabric.

100 Many managers listened 《 Blockchain technology revolution 》 Lecture sharing

Weichai is an interdisciplinary enterprise 、 International companies operating across industries . Weichai engine currently controlled by the company 、 Hand axle 、 FAST Transmission 、 Zhuzhou spark plug and other resources , It almost includes the best resources of key parts of heavy truck in China , Among them, Weichai engine is widely used in China 15 Tons or more heavy trucks and 5 The share of loaders above tons exceeds 80%, Hande axle and fast gearbox are also almost in a monopoly position in the heavy truck industry .

How to use blockchain to improve production efficiency , Revitalize the data , How to reduce cost and consumption , Mode innovation , The experts who participated in the study had a heated discussion .


Technical personnel training

Sai Lian Education CEO Zhang Qun gave basic blockchain training to technical posts , Professor Sun Lihong of Qingdao University of science and technology, the tutor of match Union, explained the technical principle of Ethereum and the construction of smart contract to the students . Sun Bo, the tutor of Sailian, helcaos blockchain architect, shared the super ledger Fabric Technical analysis .

3 Days of training , Technical post 30 Many students have a new understanding of blockchain , And have the ability to practice code , Lay a solid foundation for the next step of technological innovation .

Blockchain technology is sprouting and blossoming in more enterprises !



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