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Popular science article | can Ethereum and Boca use the same address? Moonbeam "unified account" helps you achieve

2022-02-03 03:41:57 Moonbeam Community

as everyone knows , We put BTC、ETH And so on . So are these encrypted assets confidential ? It's not . Blockchain is open source 、 Traceable , And all accounts and transaction records can be queried . therefore , From this perspective, encrypted assets themselves are not encrypted .

What is really encrypted is the management right of digital asset account , The management right of the account is determined by the well-known public key and private key .

What are public and private keys

For example , When you go to the bank to open an account , The bank will provide us with a string of numbers as account numbers , We will set the corresponding password for this account . The public key can be understood as the string of numbers provided to us by the bank , That is, the bank account number that can be disclosed . The private key is the secret password set by us to manage the bank account .

The importance of private keys

Public and private keys are thus like keys to digital asset accounts . Because the private key cannot be changed , The person who gets the private key has the right to execute the account . Once the private key is lost or stolen , Assets are at risk of theft . therefore , The private key is crucial for us to keep our digital assets .

encryption algorithm

From the perspective of encryption technology , The encryption method used in the pairing of public key and private key is called asymmetric encryption algorithm . The corresponding is called symmetric encryption algorithm . Asymmetric encryption algorithm uses public key to encrypt and verify signature , The private key is used to decrypt and sign the transaction . Compared with symmetric encryption algorithm , Asymmetric encrypted courier is slow , But it's safer . This is because asymmetric encryption uses two keys , The server and client keys are different , The private key is on the server , Hackers usually don't get it .

Besides , There are many kinds of encryption algorithms , Remove symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption algorithms , Hash algorithm is also common 、Base64 etc. . When the platforms of different encryption algorithms interact , Users need to manage multiple sets of complicated accounts and corresponding private keys at the same time . This makes it extremely inconvenient for ordinary users to manage private keys , This leads to a poor user experience .

thus , There is another stumbling block on our way to realize Ethereum migration and cross chain .

Moonbeam Unified account

Ethereum has its H160 Address and ECDSA Private key , But poca Substrate What I have is H256 And its matching 25519 Signature system . This makes it impossible for the two systems to communicate , Therefore, users need to save two sets of addresses and private keys , And the use of pledge can only be realized through complex address transfer operations 、 Management balance 、 Participate in governance and other functions .

To solve this problem ,Moonbeam Created by the team “ Unified account ” emerge as the times require .Moonbeam Unified Ethereum EVM And Boca Substrate Accounts and signatures for both systems ( Public key and private key ).

With a unified account , Users do not need to transfer balances between two different accounts , All functions can be obtained through one account and one private key . One H160 Addresses can be used, including EVM and Substrate All functions including .Moonbeam The bottom standardized adjustment has been made to the single account , In line with Ethereum H160 Address and ECDSA Private key standard .

Simply speaking ,Moonbeam The unified account is to turn these two sets of private keys into one , Greatly reduce the cost of user account management , Improved transaction convenience and user experience . Developers and community partners can be more friendly 、 Low learning cost local migration and use Dapp application .

Moonbeam Committed to Polkadot Create a fully Ethereum compatible environment , And provide the best user experience . In addition to the basic Ethereum functions , It also provides on Chain Governance 、 pledge 、 Additional functions such as cross chain integration . therefore , Realization Moonbeam The key function of full Ethereum compatibility is to use a unified account system .

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Moonbeam It's Boca (Polkadot) Ethereum compatible smart contract platform on the network , Facilitate the development of native interoperable applications . Through its Ethereum compatibility , Developers can make minimal code adjustments in Moonbeam Deploy existing Solidity Smart contracts and Dapp front end . As in Boca (Polkadot) Parallel chains on the Internet ,Moonbeam Will also benefit from Boca (Polkadot) The shared security of relay chain and other wave cards (Polkadot) The connectivity of related chains .Moonbeam from PureStake Team development , At present, it is in the pre launch stage , The main network is planned for 2022 Launched in the first quarter of .

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