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A hundred flowers bloom in application, presenting the five pole pattern of North Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong - industrial application of China's blockchain industry development report in 2021

2022-02-03 01:41:18 Gyro Finance

at present , Blockchain is an important support in the digital economic revolution , It is developing rapidly as a new generation of information infrastructure and penetrating into all fields of China's economy , The supporting role for China's economic and social development has initially appeared . But at the same time , China's blockchain is also facing the urgent need to break through the core technology 、 Fusion applications are not yet mature 、 The industrial ecology needs to be improved , Regulatory governance remains to be explored . From a business point of view , Blockchain pays more attention to model innovation 、 Organizational structure innovation and governance system innovation , There are still bottlenecks in integrating with the existing business system , Application difficulties still exist objectively in industrial development . In this context , In order to enhance the public's understanding of the current situation of blockchain , Promote the innovation and development of China's blockchain industry , Written by gyro Research Institute 《2021 China's blockchain Industry Development Report 》. 

The following is taken from Chapter V of the report   China's blockchain industrial application projects have entered a diversified landing period

The application continues to land , Social public 、 Finance 、 Focus on government affairs

Application aspect , China's blockchain application continues to land ,2021 year , As a new infrastructure, the potential of blockchain has been gradually tapped ,31 Block chain application projects in provinces and cities , end 10 End of month , The total number of landing application projects in China this year reached 151 individual , fell 21.73%, From the perspective of provinces and cities ,2021 year , Consistent with the implementation and development of urban projects , The application and development of blockchain in China presents a five pole pattern of North Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong , This year, the top three blockchain applications are Beijing 、 Zhejiang 、 Shenzhen , Separate landing projects 24、20、11 individual , jiangsu 、 Shanghai 、 Guangdong tied for fourth place , Landing project 10 individual , liaoning 、 Inner Mongolia 、 Tibet and other places have also landed .

Although the number of projects fell slightly year-on-year , However, the field of application projects has been significantly expanded , In addition to strong trade logistics 、 Finance 、 Social public 、 government affairs 、 Agriculture 、 Outside the judicial deposit and other fields , recreational 、 Industry 、 energy 、 consumption 、 The military has also made considerable progress this year , The total coverage is up to 15 individual , China's blockchain industry projects have entered a diversified landing period .


From the specific application level , Consistent with the landing situation in previous years , Social public 、 Traditional finance and government affairs have become the three most concentrated areas of application this year , Respectively account for% of the total number of application landing 22%,14%,14%, meanwhile , Judicial deposit 、 Trade logistics 、 Traceability and other fields are also very prominent .


Blockchain + The social public sphere is developing rapidly

In the social public sphere , With the ability of blockchain to build a trusted environment under non trust mechanism , Achieve transparency of public services 、 Equalization 、 Precise effect , In a smart city 、 Government administration 、 charitable 、 It has a wide range of applications in medical and health care . Especially after the epidemic , Digital development capabilities are emphasized in the public sphere , As a trust and collaboration technology, blockchain , It has also made great progress in this field .

This year, , Blockchain + The social public sphere has sprung up , Total landing 34 A project , It has become the field with the most blockchain landing this year , The national 16 All provinces and cities are involved in this field , among , Zhejiang relies on its strong Internet industry foundation and urban service advantages 8 A project , Of the total number of landings 23.53%, In the first place , The second place is Shenzhen , to ground 4 A project , Here's the thing to watch , Yunnan has made remarkable efforts in the field of digital economy , Under the guidance of policy , Yunnan has developed rapidly in the public sphere , With Shanghai 、 Beijing Qiping , All landing 3 A project .


In the field of public service , Zhejiang is particularly outstanding , At present, Zhejiang Province has more than 30 People's livelihood services have been digitally upgraded through blockchain technology . In terms of epidemic prevention , China's first blockchain nucleic acid detection and inspection platform was launched in Anji, Zhejiang Province , It can realize the whole process of nucleic acid detection, trusted tracking and personal information privacy and security protection , Accelerate the efficiency of nucleic acid detection . In terms of government administration , Zhejiang provincial provident fund center launched a blockchain based electronic proof platform for provident fund , Put the whole process of housing provident fund circulation on the chain , Realize and prove that the whole process of circulation is traceable . meanwhile , This year, Xihu District of Hangzhou announced the establishment of a blockchain industrial innovation center , Provide “ policy + platform + technology + personnel + capital ” A full range of supporting services . And in health care , Online less than 4 months , The intelligent supervision of drug safety launched by Zhejiang food and drug administration “ black box ” Application has been overwritten for 270 Yujia pharmaceutical production Co., Ltd 、 Running a business .

Yunnan pays more attention to the digital upgrading of government affairs and the field of public culture , This year, it issued the province's first electronic tax payment certificate of blockchain real estate tax , The application of blockchain in the tax payment business of second-hand housing transaction is realized , It also launched Kunming urban block chain empowerment BAAS The platform provides public network products and private network products . meanwhile , In the field of culture , Yunnan launched the first blockchain empowerment of county and district financial media center “ Media resources ” Sharing platform , Covering historical image data of Wuhua District 、 Pictures of various industries in Wuhua District 、 Excellent design products and materials will lead the public to appreciate 30 Over the years, Wuhua District Society 、 economic 、 Changes in the times of Humanities . Last year 7 Blockchain commodity code released in May “ Peacock code ”, There are already registered enterprises 5 home , Registered goods 33 individual , The number of traceability reaches 1026 Time , Pu 'er tea 、 honey 、 nuts 、 Fruits and vegetables 、 Latex and other industries with local characteristics are covered .

Besides , In the field of smart city , wuhan 、 Shenzhen 、 Shanghai 、 Beijing and other places are also involved . Shenzhen has opened a blockchain 《 Certificate of agency for export goods 》, It accelerates the application process of blockchain in the field of export tax rebate . Wuhan has been built to “ Wuhan City brain + Six Wisdom applications + More than 20 application scenarios + Citizen code standard ” Smart city architecture with the main body , Blockchain technology is one of the four major components .

The financial sector has been deeply implemented , Trade finance has attracted much attention

Finance is essentially the construction of trust mechanism , It's a risky transaction based on trust , Blockchain as a distributed ledger and database , With digital encryption 、 Peer-to-peer technology 、 Distributed consensus and smart contract , It can realize the rapid of information 、 Transparent exchange , There is a great credit risk in the financial system 、 Inefficient use of funds 、 It is of great significance to solve the problem of high payment processing cost . Up to now , Blockchain + Finance has been able to realize securities and banking business 、 Asset management 、 Trade finance 、 insurance 、 Anti money laundering business and bill transaction , Have relatively complete landing conditions . But for transactions with a large amount of concurrency 、 Scenes with high instantaneous peaks , Blockchain still has limitations .

2021 year , The financial sector is still hot . According to the statistics published by gyro Research Institute , end 10 At the end of the month, China's traditional finance and trade finance totaled 32 A project ,14 All provinces and cities have launched relevant applications . Beijing has made great efforts in the financial field this year , about 25% Our financial projects have landed in Beijing , Followed by Shanghai , to ground 5 A project , Compared with last year , This year Jilin 、 Gansu and other provinces and cities also have blockchain financial projects .

From the perspective of specific application , This year, the application scope of blockchain in China is gradually balanced . Set supply chain finance 、 Domestic letters of credit 、 The field of trade finance, which integrates many scenes such as forfaiting, is still of great concern , Accounting for the total number of financial landing 33.33%, But year-on-year decrease 18.94%, Compared with the proportion of almost half in the past, it has a shrinking trend , Followed by the traditional advantage of supply chain finance , Proportion 21.83%, The letter business plays a balanced role , With 15.63% In the third place . The application projects of asset management have also increased this year , Proportion 9.58% In fourth place for the first time .


Here's the thing to watch , In view of the huge benefits of blockchain in trade financing , And its close correlation with international settlement , This year, national infrastructure began to accelerate its entry into the cross gold field . With 2019 In, the State Administration of foreign exchange launched a cross-border financial blockchain service platform as an example , In this year , The cross-border financial blockchain service platform has landed for the first time “ Export credit insurance policy financing ” scene , And throughout the country, including Shandong 、 Guangzhou 、 Xiamen 、 sichuan 、 Shunde 、 jinhua 、 Chongqing, etc 7 Provinces and cities to achieve the application . Take Shandong as an example , By 8 end of the month , Banks in Shandong Province have issued financing funds to enterprises through the cross-border financial blockchain service platform 118.9 Billion dollars , Serve foreign-related enterprises 906 home , Save the financial cost for the enterprise about 11 One hundred million yuan . And the day before ,2021 year 11 month , The trade finance blockchain platform of the digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China has also realized the second phase of cross-border cooperation with the Hong Kong trade linkage platform .

In terms of specific objects , Financial institutions have become the main leaders in the financial field of blockchain . According to public data , At present, the number of banking institutions participating in the exploration of blockchain application in China has exceeded 39 home , The year-on-year increase includes the central bank and the people's Bank of China , The bank of China, 、 the Agricultural Bank of China 、 China Construction Bank 、 Bank of communications, etc 5 Big commercial banks 、13 A national joint-stock bank, etc .

According to the blockchain information service filed by the state Internet information office , So far , existing 10 Of a bank 25 This blockchain service has been filed with the Internet information office , By Minsheng Bank and Bank of China 、 The blockchain trade finance alliance platform jointly developed by China CITIC Bank has exceeded 40 A bank joined , The scale of transactions on the chain has broken through 5000 One hundred million yuan , It has become the largest blockchain trade finance platform in the domestic banking industry .


Besides , Other large enterprises are also accelerating the layout of blockchain finance this year , For example, Rio Tinto Group and China Baowu opened RMB blockchain letters of credit on their independent research and development platform , Standard Chartered Bank will launch a blockchain trade financing platform with Lianyi fusion capital, a listed company on the Hong Kong stock exchange Olea, Wanxiang blockchain also works with Singapore IMDA Cooperate to explore cross-border trade financial solutions .

Government affairs promote the development of application from point to area

At this stage , The government is still the main target in the promotion and application of blockchain , Especially under the opportunity of the current new infrastructure wave , Blockchain is actively promoted by the government as a data infrastructure , Blockchain technology can break through the horizontal and vertical data islands of government affairs , Effectively solve the problem of fragmentation of government data resources , In the process of government data sharing , Realize the data right confirmation 、 Security encryption 、 Multi party secure computing technology , Maintain cross departmental 、 Trans regional 、 Cross level cooperation , Improve the efficiency of government coordination , At present , The government blockchain has covered digital identity 、 Electronic deposit 、 Electronic bills 、 Registration of property rights 、 industrial and commercial registration register in Administration for Industry and Commerce 、 Smart city and other scenes , But due to the sensitivity of government data , There are still some difficulties in large-scale use .

2021 Year end 10 End of month , according to an uncompleted statistic , A total of government blockchain projects have been implemented in China 21 individual , Guangdong is the brightest in terms of government affairs , to ground 5 A new project , Followed by Hebei , Headed by xiong'an , Mainly landing 3 A new project , Shandong 、 Zhejiang followed . and In specific applications , At present, blockchain is gradually deepening from certificate deposit to cooperation in government affairs , Administrative approval accounts for... Of the number of landing projects 38.09%, Year-on-year increase 17.40%, The performance of electronic certificates is also very outstanding , With 15.63% The proportion is in the second place , The third is electronic bills , Accounted for as 12.5%.


Administrative examination and approval , Xiongan 、 Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou and other regions further deepen the application of blockchain . Xiong'an new district was established this year 4 In January, the first domestic blockchain based scientific innovation service platform was launched , The platform forms the government 、 Multi subject data co governance pattern of enterprises and third-party financial institutions . meanwhile , Xiong'an group has also set up an E-bidding procurement platform , At present, the bidding procurement has been completed , Enter the implementation stage , Demand research is being carried out simultaneously as planned . Previously, xiong'an launched the blockchain fund management platform , By 7 End of month , Accumulated uplink 146 Projects , The platform is registered as a chain enterprise 4552 home , The total management capital is up to 360 One hundred million yuan , The total funds allocated for labor wages are 13.48 One hundred million yuan , The total number of persons allocated for labor wages is 25 Thousands of people .

First half of this year , Haidian District, Beijing and Foshan 、 tianjin 、 hebei 、 sichuan 、 Huairou District, etc 7 Cities and regions have signed inter provincial cooperation agreements , Generated processing volume 14 Pieces of 、 Query quantity 200 Remaining times , Haidian characteristics “ Blockchain + Inter provincial communication office ” The new model of government service has achieved initial results .

Electronic license , jiangsu 、 Ji'an 、 hainan 、 Zhejiang 、 Jinan and other places have applications . Jiangsu this year 3 In June, it took the lead in implementing “ Blockchain + Judicial identification ” Pilot application , The government hall of Ji'an administrative service center was also opened at 8 Officially launched in January “ Blockchain + Electronic license + Handle without certificate ” Pattern , The first batch of ID cards at the municipal level 、 Residence booklet 、 A marriage certificate 、 Residence permit 、 Driving license, etc 20 Xiang ZHENGZHAO , Realization 400 High frequency items “ Handle without certificate ”.

And in the electronic invoice category , In hainan 、 Based on the mature experience that can be popularized in Shenzhen, etc , Many provinces and cities began to promote the application of electronic invoice , Electronic invoices are gradually being widely used . Take Yunnan as an example , The electronic invoice of farmers' market blockchain jointly created by Pu'er Taxation Bureau and Gaodeng technology was issued in 2 In June, it was officially opened in Pu'er City , It has become an innovative measure for the tax department of Yunnan Province to expand the application of blockchain invoices . and By 8 End of month , Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice system cumulative Invoicing exceeded 5800 Thousands of copies , The average daily billing exceeds 12 Thousands of copies , The cumulative invoiced amount is nearly 800 One hundred million yuan , Retail coverage 、 Restaurant 、 traffic 、 The real estate 、 Medical care 、 More than 100 industries such as the Internet , Access to enterprise super 3.2 Thousands of families .

The development of certificate deposit field has entered the fast lane

Deposit certificate is the most basic application of blockchain , For now , In the application field, it has shown the trend of deposit certificate first , Especially in the field of copyright , Write the copyright information into the block by chaining , Take digital signature as authentication method , And by stamping the time stamp , Solidify copyright information , Promote the non tamperable storage of copyright information in the chain , Every piece of copyright circulation information will be recorded , Can be registered in the copyright 、 registration 、 Affirm the right 、 Achieve penetrating copyright protection in the whole process of verification , Unlike other applications dominated by the government or other state-owned institutions , The field of deposit certificate is mainly dominated by many Internet enterprises at present , Such as Tencent 、 Ali 、 Baidu 、 Jingdong and other companies have launched the application of blockchain in copyright protection . In this year , The field of deposit and certificate is in the ascendant , Into the fast lane of development .

end 10 End of month , China's total regional block chain certificate deposit project 19 individual , Beijing 、 Shenzhen 、 Zhejiang 、 Shanghai 、 fujian 、 sichuan 、 Jiangsu, etc 8 Blockchains have been implemented in all provinces and cities , Beijing 、 Shenzhen innovative enterprises cluster , Strong R & D strength , With 5 Two projects are tied for the first place , fujian 、 jiangsu 、 Zhejiang has implemented two certificate deposit projects respectively .


At the judicial deposit level , Jilin court 、 China Financial Certification Center 、 State Grid blockchain forensic center and other institutions have launched relevant applications , Enhance the effectiveness and authentication of electronic evidence through blockchain technology . Jilin court construction “ Easy to execute - Clue intelligent analysis platform ”, It mainly includes “ Eagle eye query ”“ Lost connection repair ”“ Exposure of dishonesty ” Three functional modules , Deposit certificates on the chain with the help of blockchain technology . Previously, as the first batch of blockchain pilot projects of the Supreme Court , Jilin court has performed very prominently , As of this year 3 month , The amount of certificate data stored on the judicial chain platform of Jilin province exceeds 2.6 Billion , The number of chain links in Gaoshan block of Jilin Province 2 individual , Number of uplink systems 13 individual , Total number of verifications 21 ten thousand .

At the level of intellectual property , Blockchain is basically complete and mature , tencent 、 Industrial consumer finance 、 Interest chain and many other enterprises actively participate in it . Tencent released the blockchain electronic evidence service system one point deposit certificate platform , The first batch of access to Shenzhen first notary office 、 Beijing Guoxin notary office 、 Shanghai Xuhui notary office 、 Chengdu Shudu notary office 、 Hangzhou Xihu notary office and other five notary offices . And fun chain has also released the first blockchain film and television copyright protection platform in China “ Plate nail platform ”, The platform is based on Zhejiang intellectual property research and service center 、 Hangzhou Internet court 、 Hangzhou Internet notary office and other authoritative institutions have jointly built an authoritative Judicial Service Alliance , Through the consensus of the Alliance , Realize multi-party mutual trust witness of certificate data on the chain .

Besides , Hangzhou high tech Zone has also launched the country's first public deposit platform of intellectual property blockchain “ Zhejiang intellectual property blockchain public deposit platform , It aims to solve the problem of intellectual property operation and protection of enterprises and institutions “ Financing difficulties ”“ Hard to prove ”“ The high cost ”“ Cycle is long ” Other questions .

It is worth mentioning that , This year, China Automobile Industry Association also released the blockchain platform for trusted storage of automobile data for the first time , Free for FAW 、 saic 、 changan 、 dongfeng 、 baic 、 GAC 、 The Great Wall 、 geely 、 chery 、 Wei to 、 Ideal 、 Xiao peng 、 Tesla and other member units of many associations provide trusted data services .

Tracing to the source 、 Energy, etc , flowers

In addition to the above strong blockchain application fields , This year, blockchain is also in the energy industry 、 insurance 、 recreational 、 Industry 、 Important progress has been made in many other fields such as logistics , The enabling capacity of the entity is further enhanced .


In the field of energy , Blockchain has performed well this year , Not only in distributed power trading 、 The construction of main ecosystem and the application of intelligent energy dispatching have gradually deepened , It has also begun to appear applications to help the implementation of carbon neutralization strategy . Take the State Grid as an example , As a leading enterprise in China's power industry , State Grid is actively exploring the application of blockchain in power and energy industry , It has built the largest public service platform of energy blockchain in China “ State Grid chain ” Has supported electricity trading 、 Judicial deposit 、 New energy, etc 25 seem 100 This business application is implemented . In this year , Its leading declaration 《 Key technologies and applications of energy blockchain public service platform for building new power system 》 The project has successfully passed the technical appraisal of China Energy Research Association . In terms of carbon neutralization , Suzhou first established the first city level enterprise integrating blockchain open source technology 「 Digital carbon ledger 」, meanwhile , Tianjin emission rights exchange released the country's first carbon neutralization certificate product based on blockchain on , It has been put into use .

And in traditional traceability and agriculture , In addition to the application of traditional Internet enterprises , Major provinces and cities have also launched research . Issued by the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Hebei Academy of Sciences “ Hebei characteristic agricultural products blockchain traceability platform ”, At present, the platform has been connected to the agricultural products trading market 212 home , Online merchants 9807 home , Upper chain varieties 3484 individual . Besides , Fangzi District, Weifang City, Shandong Province “ Blockchain + leek ” The pilot project was also launched in 7 Month start , Promote the intelligent control of blockchain in the quality and safety of agricultural products .

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