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[Hackathon] BSV programming marathon champion plan to build a dynamic bitcoin network

2022-02-03 00:43:24 BSV blockchain

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Time of publication :2021 year 10 month 27 Japan
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Recently held 2021 year CoinGeek The New York Convention has a highlight moment , Three finalists for the fourth BSV The finalists of the programming marathon showed their works respectively , The jury that decided their final ranking gave them corresponding feedback .

Three projects ——CATN8、TKS Pnt And bitcoin phones (Bitcoin Phone)—— Programming Marathon 10 Compete for the first prize of the $10000 bonus . After the judges vote , Bitcoin phones and TKS Pnt It's hard to tell , The audience's vote made bitcoin phone the fourth BSV The champion of the programming Marathon , And got it. 5 $10000 champion bonus .

TKS Pnt Second place , Bonus is 3 Thousands of dollars , and CATN8 Won the third place and won 2 $10000 bonus .

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Bitcoin phone was developed by Canadian developers Joe Thomas Project created , For the purpose of BSV Blockchain brings dynamic transactions and real-time network communication .Thomas The solution is the world's first bitcoin voice protocol , It uses nSequence Non finality of (non-finality) Broadcast voice data on bitcoin network , So as to realize near real-time data flow .

This essentially enables people to pass BSV The bitcoin trading medium on the blockchain makes voice calls . Due to the nature of bitcoin and payment channel , This communication can also be linked to payment —— This opens up the possibility of a variety of potential practical examples for the vertical areas of many industries .

stay Thomas To New York CoinGeek In the presentation of the judges of the programming Marathon , The potential application of bitcoin telephone protocol has been enriched and explored . In presentation , He showed how the agreement and its internal connection with bitcoin payment have revolutionized the counseling and language services industry , This allows the facilitator to compete for the price of their services , And receive payment immediately , Thus, there is no need to use the Internet platform commonly used in the industry —— This platform has become an obstacle .

Add an auction system on this platform based on bitcoin telephone protocol , Users can also bid for each other , Ensure competitiveness and satisfaction of all parties involved . Due to the high transaction cost of traditional digital payment , It is also difficult to integrate the bidding system with these platforms , This type of system is difficult to implement in the current system .

However , With BSV Blockchain and bitcoin protocol , It is relatively simple to implement the auction system in the products running based on bitcoin telephone protocol , Because real-time communication is based on bitcoin transactions recorded in the payment channel , And has been written BSV In the blockchain .

The bitcoin Association interviewed the founder of the bitcoin phone Joe Thomas, To learn about his experience in the programming marathon and his plan after winning the race .

Take part in the programming Marathon

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The fourth session BSV The programming marathon includes a six week coding phase , in the meantime , The contestant's task is to use BSV Block chaining “ Point to point ” function , Create an app or a service .Thomas Our solution is unique , Because it takes advantage of the nSequence Property to achieve dynamic communication —— This meets the requirements of the programming marathon in an unexpected way .
Thomas Participate in BSV Ecosystems have been around for some time —— since BTC After forking out , He 2017 Annual turnover BCH,2018 In, he switched to BSV. He has tried several services that interact with blockchain , And is keen to study new ideas for various applications , In order to be able to take advantage of BSV The power of agreement .

“ I've been in this field for a long time —— I am here 2017 Annual turnover BCH,2018 Annual turnover BSV. I've done some small applications . stay BSV When it first forked , I made one called SVBlocks Block browser for , Then I made another one called Page Return The platform of —— This platform allows you to browse the content you publish on the chain .”Thomas say .

His idea of bitcoin telephone is to BSV After a lot of research and investigation on how to realize dynamic communication on blockchain . He finally decided to use the payment channel and voice coding protocol to establish a proof of concept for bitcoin phones .

“ After a lot of reading 、 After thinking and thinking , I have the idea of using the payment channel . And then one day , How does bitcoin absorb the Internet , It's all dark and bright . The idea was very exciting at first , Then I think , ok , Bitcoin voice will be the first step to achieve this goal .”Thomas say .

Thomas The submitted programming marathon is a minimum viable product , Using payment channels and online transactions , It shows BSV Real time voice communication on blockchain . The protocol packages voice data in an unfinished bitcoin transaction , Then broadcast to the network . The voice receiver uses a set of Bloom filters to receive data , Start a transaction and play audio data directly through your own speakers .

In addition to the code and comments of his new protocol ,Thomas A real-time voice recording and a corresponding bitcoin recording were also submitted through the network BSV Blockchain transactions , It is proved that the protocol runs completely according to the design .

Thomas say , While working on the programming Marathon , And balance the need for full-time work , It's a challenge for him , He thanked the people around him for their support , Help him submit the runnable version of the agreement in time before the deadline .

He said :“ I am very grateful to all those who helped with the test and those who continue to devote themselves to this project , And all the support I get on twitter , I'm inspired by that .”

Establish a dynamic bitcoin network

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Thomas The submitted programming marathon project shows a feasible implementation scheme of voice bitcoin protocol , That's enough to give him a chance to CoinGeek He showed off his ideas as one of the three finalists at the New York Convention . However , The potential of the underlying mechanism of bitcoin telephony goes beyond simple voice calls , And may lead to the evolution of bitcoin network into a new 、 A more efficient version of the Internet .

He pointed out that , The most important nature of his project is BSV Dynamic transaction and real network communication are realized on the network , Not the historical and static nature of the ledger .

“ If you think about bitcoin before , Most interactions are very static —— You upload a file to the chain , Then you read a file from the chain . What I present here is to make it a dynamic Internet —— You can communicate with people on the Internet . After I won the game , I realize that there are some things that people really care about , They really see the potential .”Thomas say ,“ We are building a dynamic bitcoin network . up to now , All transactions are static —— You read and write , But not interactive , That's what we're going to add to bitcoin .”

When asked about his future plans ,Thomas admit , There is still some work to be done in realizing more functions and solving practical examples , But he has a clear vision , That is to move the dynamic internet communication to BSV Block chain , To improve efficiency and easily integrate with payments .

“ Some plans are to continue to develop payment channel technology . The long-term ultimate goal is to see how much of this point-to-point communication we have carried out on the Internet can be transferred to bitcoin . We hope to provide payment channel connection services , Both for the phone 、 It may also be used for other applications .” He said ,“ I have great confidence in this technology —— It is absolutely feasible , People can use this technology .”

Potential applications and future functions

stay CoinGeek In the presentation of the conference to the jury ,Thomas The feasibility of bitcoin telephone protocol and dynamic communication based on blockchain is proved by the examples of counseling and language service industry .

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BSV The efficiency and low transaction cost provided by blockchain means that it can solve the current online counseling platform —— Especially those platforms that focus on language teaching —— Many problems faced . Solutions based on bitcoin phones can also provide greater accessibility for counselors living in more remote countries , They can compete with other mentors around the world with built-in auction and bidding systems .

“ People on these platforms want to get paid as soon as possible and get money immediately . These are two things people can aim at with bitcoin , Because of the unlicensed nature of bitcoin networks only , Let's keep the transaction fee as low as possible . Because we use bitcoin and payment channel , Payment is done immediately .”Thomas explains .

In his speech , The judges and the audience realized that in BSV The great potential of the protocol to realize dynamic communication on the blockchain , And countless ways to use this infrastructure to realize .

Thomas After winning the programming Marathon , A small team has been recruited to carry out the project work . They are still considering business cases and exploring potential market paths , But he pointed out , In addition to their own platform on the agreement , Their goal is to ultimately provide protocol integration services for developers who want to build applications on bitcoin telephony protocols .

However , Before testing or rolling out any of these features , More functions need to be implemented on the protocol , In order to achieve a fully functional and accessible network ,Thomas Said this is an urgent focus of their development strategy . The first problem to be solved is point-to-point discovery —— Know when others are online , Be able to receive BSV Real time audio broadcasting on the network .

“ I think the biggest problem is point-to-point discovery —— How do you find people you want to communicate with on the Internet ? In terms of bitcoin , We can do it by letting people do it online Ping operation , Achieve this goal in a decentralized way .” He said ,“ I think when it comes to interacting on the Internet , This is the next required function . Because then you have a way to find people on the Internet , There are ways to communicate with people on the network , There is a way to pay people on the Internet —— That's all you need .”

Thomas Add , They also plan to integrate bidding functions by building an auction system on top of bitcoin telephone protocol . This will make possible many practical examples of the technology he described in his speech . It also helps for the agreement and BSV Blockchain creates efficient and attractive business use cases .

“ We will add auction function , This cannot be done efficiently on the current Internet . however BSV The bidding in is simple —— It's just data . This is another service we want to provide , Because you can't use native [ Bitcoin phone ] Agreement to do , So this is a service we must provide in the end .” He said .

stay CoinGeek After a wonderful speech and victory at the New York conference ,Thomas And his team still have a lot of work to do . However , He is confident in the vision of creating a dynamic bitcoin network , He treated his friends 、 Other developers and BSV The community's encouragement and support for him to achieve his goals , All expressed their thanks .

at present , There are more than 400 Projects built on BSV On the blockchain . With rock solid protocol and ultra-high network performance ,BSV Rapid development of ecosystem , We look forward to more unprecedented commercial applications in the future .

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