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Talk about Web3 Decentralized work: will the Internet create human prosperity?

2022-02-03 00:17:28 Block unicorn

author :Ryan Sean Adams

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The Internet has changed jobs .

At first , Work is subject to geographical restrictions , You're on the farm 、 Work in an office or factory , Through the Internet , You can work anywhere in the world .

Not long after , We see work from one to many ( Employees to employers ) Change to many to many ( Part time economy ). Technology platforms connect people for transportation 、 food delivery 、 Coach 、 Walking the dog and almost everything else .

But all this work is constrained by the legacy capital coordination system .

We don't have it “ Internet local work ”, Because workers still have to rely on traditional banks and top-down organizations —— Even what should have been liberated Web 2 Applications end up charging ridiculous acceptance rates for their part-time job matching services .

Web3 Is changing everything ,Web3 Reinvented the money system . To do so , We have created new and innovative ways to trade labor / Money of value , There is no central failure point . We only see the world of Internet enabled work , This is how encryption has become mainstream .

Work on the Internet (IoJ) When web3 What happens when it conflicts with the eternal labor exchange in the digital field . It creates a new and improved labor market , Integrate value transfer as an original feature , Make our relationship with the labor force point-to-point , Reduce reliance on central intermediaries with unilateral control . The purpose of this article is to clarify the Internet (IoJ) The scale and scope of .( Work on the Internet IoJ You can understand it as decentralized work )


  • IoJ It's about to happen .
  • IoJ It will happen soon .
  • IoJ Is the way blockchain becomes the mainstream .
  • IoJ It is an open design space .
  • IoJ It has happened .

IoJ It's about to happen

My argument here is one of the first principles :

1. The characteristics of blockchain network endow tokens “ money ”.

2. One of the main uses of money is to buy labor or skills , Often referred to as “ Work ” .

3. therefore , One of the use cases of blockchain will be “ Work on the Internet ”.

IoJ It's about to happen

ICO、NFT  and  DeFi  These are all proven examples of blockchain decentralization . They created a multi billion dollar market for their products , Around this 3 The emerging industry of use cases has created a class of knowledge workers , They are encrypted native and pay with encryption .

Many encryption projects choose to organize themselves into  DAO—— Internet native organization . As a result of these new digital organizations have adopted many encryption methods , therefore DAO Work is the catalyst for the Internet .

Internet employment TAM( Total addressable market ) It's huge . There are more than 70 Hundreds of millions of people , Many of them want to earn an income .

IoJ Is the way blockchain becomes the mainstream

The median Internet citizen will consider their work when considering their financial life and financial sovereignty , Not their investment .NFT、 Yield agriculture and memes (MEME) Coin may be a good way to resonate with the crypto community , But for them , It's not enough to integrate encryption technology into daily life .

For the world 99% For people who , Their financial life is their job , Not their investment . For this reason , I predict Web3 It's not going to be mainstream , Until the Internet becomes the mainstream .

IoJ It is an open design space

1. Build a design space

The information internet enables computers to send information anywhere in the world . This fundamentally changes anything in society that relies on Information ( entertainment 、 The media 、 Politics 、 social media ). The financial Internet enables computers to send value through computer networks . This may fundamentally change anything in society that relies on value transfer ( Bank 、 insurance 、 Finance 、 art 、 Work ). 

Of course , If you try to look ahead 1997 The future of the year , It's hard to predict. Google、Facebook、Twitter or iPhone The rise of . But looking back , It's obvious . The use cases for working on the Internet are similar . expectation 2021 year , It's hard to predict exactly what breakthrough use cases are .

2. some IoJ The tool will be quasi materialized

Skeuomorphism Is the most commonly used term in graphical user interface design , Used to describe in appearance and / Or how users interact with them, mimicking their real-world counterparts . Whenever a new calculation category appears , The first product is usually quasi materialized .


iBooks The first version of looks like this . Why do we need a digital book shelf ? Pseudo materialization . Mimetic design connects us to the future , But it is by no means the final form .

for example , When the Internet comes along , Yahoo and Google have the same mission : The difference between organizing world information ? 

1. Yahoo just put the library card directory system online ( A quasi materialized way to solve problems ).

2. Google has invented a new way to traverse information in the search bar ( A non quasi materialized way to solve problems ).

The lesson here is ,IoJ Many of the values released will be in a new 、 In non materialized use cases , Provide value in a way that is both compelling and novel in itself . The mechanism of quasi materialization and non quasi materialization IoJ Examples of times :

1.LinkedIn Is an example of a quasi materialized use case , They just put their resumes online .

2.Quadratic Funding It is an example of a non quasi materialized way of financing talents —— It used not to ( It's impossible ) There is .

3. IoJ Not a casual economy

A common misconception is ,IoJ Will be similar to the casual economy . exactly , image UpWork、Fiver、Uber Waiting for such a casual website has always been web2 The mark of the market .

But they are limited , Because they have been integrated into the old financial system + The old Internet . If Ethereum does not provide simple tools to make these markets transparent 、 immutable 、 Globalization or community management , The design space will be more limited .

We now have Ethereum , So we can build more IoJ:

1.Global, This means you can participate from anywhere .

2.Immutable, This means that your assets cannot be seized .

3. transparent , This means that there is no more information asymmetry .

4. Governed by the community , Create more consistent incentives .

5. Efficient , Because intermediaries have been replaced by smart contracts .

IoJ It's not just a casual economy , The casual economy is IoJ Part of , But they are only part of the design space .

4. Many important attributes will be separated from our legacy employment infrastructure and re bundled into IoJ in

Employment infrastructure in most parts of the world has many important benefits :

1. insurance

2. Health care

3. retired

4. Prevent discrimination or other abuse

There are other important attributes built into the world employment infrastructure :

1. tax

2. Compliance

3. Equal opportunities

These properties will be rebranded to IoJ in . Each of these attributes is important , Worth publishing . An early example of this is Opolis Employment sharing , This is a way to integrate the traditional world ( insurance 、 Health care, etc ) Many of the benefits of IoJ Tools for .

With IoJ The development of , There will be a new infrastructure to handle these attributes . With the advent of infrastructure , More people will be in IoJ Work in China , So as to form a positive feedback cycle .

5. clarify IoJ Value function

Let's get to the interesting part : by IoJ Native world design mechanism . The following are the general functions of how all projects in the Internet age work :

Token release  = f( Time , material , Skill , Work output ,…… Other signals )

Read in popular English , The token you get is f(inputs) Result , Where the input is the time 、 material 、 Skill 、 The value of the work you create .


An example of a crypto ecosystem is reward :

  • Gitcoin Reward
  • Ethereum bounty
  • BanklessDAO  Reward

Rewards are a common primitive in crypto ecosystems .Gitcoin The reward itself is already Gitcoin It has been used. 8500 many times , To transfer more than 555 Ten thousand dollar token .

In the reward example , The social contract of the mechanism is a token exchanged for the delivery of some completed work , Whether it's a pull request 、 Security vulnerabilities are also design assets .


Grants are another popular crowdfunding mechanism . many Web3 Projects have their own funding plans , As a way to compensate the entrepreneurial team , To establish their agreement .

Gitcoin Grants Donate your favorite project to GitcoinDAO The funds of the maintained fund pool match .Gitcoin Grants ... has been distributed to hundreds of projects 25 dollar , And have seen more than 200 Million lifetime donation .

In the grant example , The social contract of the mechanism is that the reward is directly proportional to whether your peers are willing to fund your project .


Coordinate another unique tool , A token usually used to reward work done . With the usual compensation for discrete work packages Grants and Bounties Different ,Coordinape And other tools according to the salary level of your industry , Determine your value , Give you a reasonable token .



Besides ,Coordinape It is a point-to-point compensation tool , Allow the community to participate in giving and receiving , Instead of being regulated by centralized companies or central authorities . This turns compensation into community building activities .

6. IoJ Will have many different effects , Not just money

Of course , It's foolish to think you can boil all this down to money . There are many other effects on human welfare , We will also discuss it . So seriously ,IoJ The formula is not just :

Token release = f( Time , material , Skill , Output , Other signals )

Taking these factors into account , We can reformulate the formula as :

Token release  + reputation + Study + influence = f( Time 、 material 、 Skill 、 Output 、 Other signals )

It's no exaggeration to say , This is a multidimensional design space . There are many possibilities . So how should we explore ? What pitfalls should we avoid ? Um. …… We should start by exploring mechanisms that are consistent with our values .

7. What are our values ?

Blockchain provides the ability to create smart contracts . Among these smart contracts , We can literally program our value into our money . So what are our values ?

It's worth having your own position . What is the relationship between capital and labor ? How to combine supply and demand ? How we measure success ? How to balance short-term incentive and long-term incentive ? Where does the social safety net apply ? Where can we further adjust incentives ? There are complex political theories and economic history to analyze , We have a first principle argument , The surface area is very large .( If you want me to write a post about this , Send me a tweet , Let me know .)

That being the case , I will provide my understanding of “ What are our values ?” View of the . Please note that , This is my personal opinion , May change .

My current personal view is ,IoJ The real outcome is to build a world rich in each of the eight independent circuits of human consciousness for as many people as possible for as long as possible .


When you will web3 When native mechanisms are stacked on top of eight circuits of consciousness , You will begin to get :


When you consider that every transaction on the Internet involves multiple people , Further nuances are needed .


I think an important design criterion is that people should be able to :

1. Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit .

2. Benefit proportionally from the value they provide .

3. You can choose to get rid of any of these relationships .

This is not just theoretical , It has happened , This is a Gitcoin Part of the contributor chart :


Even this view does not give justice to the human diversity that will use the working Internet .IoJ Is responsible to mankind , Or are humans responsible for it ? 

IoJ Will it create human prosperity ?

I would like to believe that we are designing a renewable value Internet for the prosperity of global citizens , One 3 A collection of dimensional humans , Everyone has different values 、 ambition 、 background 、 Geography 、 Psychological orientation 、 Financial endowment 、 Privilege level , Ability , And physical prototypes . We celebrate our diversity , But also recognize our common human needs , Living in a healthy ecosystem 、 Economic empowerment and individual sovereignty .

I'd like to believe that . Maybe if others want to , We can agree on that Polaris and build it together .

IoJ Has happened

The working Internet is already running , This is the Internet list of work products I know :

  • SourceCred: A tool to measure the consensus among subjects who create value in the community + Create token rewards for them .
  • Radicle: by OSS  Web tools for developers to earn tokens .
  • Opolis: Dealing with public welfare + Public places of employment for regulatory tasks .
  • Coordinape: A tool to measure the consensus among subjects who create value in the community + Create token rewards for them .
  • OpenSea: One NFT market , Artists can sell their works here .
  • ETHGlobal: Hacker marathon provider ; Complete coding tasks or start new things to earn tokens .
  • Gitcoin Grants: Crowdfunding based on secondary financing + Matching tool .
  • Gitcoin KERNEL: One web3 university .
  • Gitcoin Hackathons: Hacker marathon provider ; Complete coding tasks or start new things to earn tokens .
  • Coordination Party Kit 7:Gitcoin Toolkit under development , be used for DAO Employment in the era .
  • Reward Committee : A tool for assigning rewards to discrete tasks .

Some of these tools are quasi materialized , Others are the fundamental and new structure of the money Internet era .

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