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Implement the national standardization development outline and put the blockchain on a standardized path

2022-02-02 23:59:01 Blockchain Star Club

In recent days, , National Technical Committee for standardization of blockchain and distributed accounting technology (TC590) Formally established , This indicates that the research and development of blockchain standardization in China has entered a new stage .

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stay 2021 year 10 month , The central committee of the communist party of China 、 The State Council issued 《 National standardization development outline 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 outline 》), We have formulated clear directions and paths for standardization construction in various fields .

stay 《 outline 》 Among the seven tasks , One of them is to promote the interactive development of standardization and scientific and technological innovation .“ stay Artificial intelligence 、 Quantum information 、 Biotechnology Other fields , Carry out standardization research . stay Integration of the two 、 New generation information technology 、 big data 、 Blockchain 、 Health and hygiene 、 New energy 、 The new material And other technical fields with broad application prospects , Synchronous deployment technology development 、 Standard development and industrial promotion , Accelerate the industrialization of new technologies .”

Because the birth of blockchain comes from bitcoin , Then in the process of development , There is a cryptocurrency industry led by bitcoin . Cryptocurrency has indeed driven the development and progress of blockchain to a certain extent , however , The high-risk hidden danger of cryptocurrency itself has brought great uncertainty to this industry , It also exposes other industries to economic risks . For example, the computer graphics card market affected by the encryption industry , Because the acquisition of cryptocurrency needs a lot of computational support , This has led to a sharp rise in the price of graphics cards , It has a very bad impact on the whole computer field . For example 2020 In, NVIDIA, a graphics card manufacturer, released a new “30 series ” The graphics card , Can better improve computer performance , however “30 series ” Graphics cards are called by countless people “ Ore card ”, Most products are used for cryptocurrencies “ dig ”, Only a small number of people really enjoy the improvement of computer performance , And it is often purchased at several times the issue price , Or used in the secondary market “ dig ” Eliminate the overused “ Waste card ”.

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NVIDIA in 2020 Sold in “30 series ” The graphics card , The price is 3899

Under the influence of cryptocurrency , The development of blockchain has embarked on a road full of risks and fluctuations . Compared with blockchain applications worldwide , Due to China's long-term crackdown on cryptocurrency , It has gradually embarked on the road of development with Chinese characteristics , Limit public chain and mining , Focus on the alliance chain , A brand-new blockchain development standard has been established .

TC590 Establishment , It also enables blockchain standards with Chinese characteristics to better communicate and exchange with international standards institutions .

As a blockchain Centered Technology XFS, In the construction of national blockchain Standardization , It has also walked out of a chain dominated by Alliance 、 Unique development path supplemented by public chain .

In blockchain , The public chain has higher expansibility , It can make the decentralized network built by the blockchain have a larger scale . however , The public chain is very easy to turn to cryptocurrency , This is also XFS The road you don't want to see . So ,XFS During construction , The public chain is an auxiliary chain used to connect the alliance chain .

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In China's blockchain industry , If you only rely on the alliance chain , It is difficult to form a blockchain for large-scale development . This is because the alliance chain itself is an independent system . and **XFS Building various judicial deposit platforms 、 Supply chain traceability system 、 Digital authentication platform 、 E-contract platform 、 While the intelligent management system and other alliance chains , Also integrate these independent alliance chains , Become a coordinated and unified whole ,** So as to promote the large-scale development of blockchain .

Of course ,XFS The development purpose of is to help the standardization construction of blockchain , Promote the development of industrial economy . In order to prevent potential risks brought by the public chain ,XFS Will also take the initiative to accept supervision , Make the whole network orderly 、 standard . Under the standardization of blockchain , Get more large-scale development .

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