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Is it difficult to settle claims in hospital? Blockchain technology realizes "report upon hospitalization and compensation upon discharge"

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recently , Ping An Life Insurance announced that relying on digital capability to improve , Innovative launch “ No application · Worry free compensation ” Claims services . The service relies on blockchain technology , Unicom hospital and company , When the customer is in danger , You can avoid reporting 、 Free of material 、 Run errands free to settle claims , It can solve the problem of long aging 、 Cumbersome procedures and other customer claims pain points , Really let customers enjoy convenience 、 Efficient 、 Extreme claims service and insurance temperature . This is why the insurance company adheres to customer orientation , With the help of Technology , Accelerate digital transformation , Another innovation to optimize the claim service experience .
“ chain ” Automatic report on the  6 Complete the ultimate claim settlement in minutes
In recent days, , Ping An Life Ningbo branch is a “ No application · Worry free compensation ” The client pays for hospitalization expenses 2000 Yu Yuan , The whole journey takes only 6 minute .
2021 year 12 month 3 Japan , Customer W The lady was hospitalized in the company's designated hospital for endometrial polyps ,12 month 6 After sunrise , The blockchain automatically connects Ping An Life Insurance to settle claims and report cases . Ping An Life insurance system connects with the hospital at the first time , obtain W Women's medical information 、 Expense invoice 、 List and other information , And through the intelligent audit system , Complete the compensation automatically in the whole process , only 6 Minutes later  W The lady received the compensation for the hospitalization 2000 Yu Yuan . Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd 、 Service warm claims get W The ladies' family praised .
Customers don't run errands   Information goes on the road
Continuously improve the efficiency of claim settlement 、 Optimizing the claims service experience has become the consensus of insurance enterprises to provide customer service .2021 year , Ping An Life Insurance is the first in the industry “ No application · Worry free compensation ” A new model of claims service , Actively provide services to customers in the whole process of claim settlement .
According to introducing , This mode takes blockchain technology as the core , Fully connect the hospitals under the jurisdiction of prefecture level Municipal Health Commission , Under the premise of effective authorization of the customer , Realize identity information 、 Medical records 、 Network encryption, mutual trust verification and point-to-point transmission of transaction information , In the past, we will passively wait for the customer's claim application , Change to actively complete claim settlement services for customers .
The launch of the claim settlement service model , Help customers achieve “ Report immediately after hospitalization 、 Compensation upon discharge 、 Customers don't run errands 、 Information goes on the road ”. By 11 month , existing 1500 More than customers took the lead in experiencing Ping An Life's report free 、 Free of material 、 No errands “ Worry free compensation ” service .
Digitalization improves the customer's claim settlement experience
With “ No application · Worry free compensation ” Launch , Ping An Life's claim settlement service system was further expanded and improved , With “ Worry free compensation ”、“ Flash compensation ”、“ Intelligent pre compensation ” The claim settlement service system represented by is becoming more accurate 、 Efficiently serve customers , Improve the customer's claim settlement experience .
Focus on the traditional claim settlement mode with long time effect 、 Cumbersome procedures and other industry pain points , Ping An life through face recognition 、OCR+NLP、 Hospital networking and other new technologies , Industry initiative  “ The material is extremely simple 、 Extremely fast ” Of “ Flash compensation ” service , For cases that meet this service standard , From application to payment 30 Done in minutes , For customers “ Never leave home , Flash on the palm ” New claims experience . from 2017 Since its launch in , The flash compensation service has accumulated to exceed 570 Million customers pay more than 120 One hundred million yuan , The fastest 17 Second compensation .
In order to solve the problem of seeing a doctor “ difficulty 、 Pain points ”, Ping An Life breaks the formula of settling claims only after the treatment is completed , On 2020 year 8 Month launch  “ Intelligent pre compensation ” service , Through the construction of claims customer portrait and big data model , Comprehensive analysis of customer diseases 、 Insurance policy, etc , Forecast compensation amount , Advance the claim settlement process to hospitalization , Realize the early payment of claims . By 2021 year 11 month , The cumulative settlement of intelligent pre compensation exceeds 4.6 Thousands of pieces of , The compensation amount exceeds 17 One hundred million yuan , It's true “ Think about what the customer thinks , Urgent needs of customers ”, Effectively alleviated the economic pressure of customers seeking medical treatment , Make customers feel more at ease 、 Treat .
In addition to continuously innovating the claim settlement service mode , Ping An life always adheres to “ Customer first , Serve the people ” Idea , insist “ Keep promise and promise , Take the initiative to find reasons for compensation for customers ”. By 2021 year 11 End of month , Ping An Life has settled claims this year 382 Thousands of pieces of 、 Compensation excess 370 One hundred million yuan , among 30 Complete the compensation within minutes “ Flash compensation ” reach 135 Thousands of pieces of 、 Smart pre claim amount 14.3 One hundred million yuan .
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