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Decentralized Oracle adameral blockchain data interaction Middleware

2022-02-02 23:15:37 Feather ~jerkky

Decentralizing the Oracle ADAMoracle Blockchain data interaction Middleware .
There are two types of Oracle: centralization and decentralization , In the world of blockchain , The Oracle we are referring to is generally a decentralized oracle . Don't be fooled by its name , The Oracle is not a machine for predicting the future , Oracle is a middleware used to serve blockchain network , It provides data services to the project party .
Oracle is an intermediary that can provide various data to blockchain companies or Internet companies , These data can come from the Internet or the real world , Oracle ensures the security of data through various mechanisms .
Simply speaking , Blockchain cannot actively obtain data outside the chain and in reality , But sometimes the blockchain needs to use these data , Data provided by individuals or centralized institutions may be unsafe , So we need Oracle to provide reliable data .
ADAMOracle SaaS System Innovative adoption of “ The trunk chain ” Concept , This system can access any type of API Interface , External chain publishing requests can be sent through ADAMoracle Oracle as middleware , The connection will be implemented ETH、BTC、OKExChain、Polkadot etc. , Get through the whole Ecology .ADAMoracle It belongs to decentralized Oracle network service facilities , It is also a connection between real-world data and blockchain system , Provide standardized solutions for many application scenarios , Middleware for seamless interaction with services outside the blockchain .
To build a wide area node system ,ADAMoracle It greatly reduces the participation and use threshold of Oracle , Those who have certain basic server equipment , Have certain technical operation and maintenance ability , Can start the node to complete Docker The enterprise or individual of the image , Can join ADAMoracle Oracle ecology , Become a node share token ADAM Reward .
ADAMoracle As a leading decentralized Oracle supporting wide area node pricing , On the premise of ensuring the accuracy and credibility of data information , It can meet the data needs of a large number of institutions and smart contract developers .
The more blockchain develops , The stronger the demand for the data chain , The importance of Oracle will become more and more prominent . Oracle is an important infrastructure of blockchain , except DeFi, Only when the contract on the chain has extensive influence on the data off the chain 、 Urgent needs , When you can pay for data , The prophet can really 、 Develop in an all-round way .

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