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Technology weekly · why is Web3 related to blockchain

2022-02-02 22:49:02 Byte front end

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And Three.js The author talks about front-end development /VR/ The classic problem of open source framework - Live registration

This issue of rare earth Nuggets & Bytes to beat Web Infra Sponsored On the other side of the cafe , It's my honor to invite you Three.js author Ricardo Cabello Have an online interview with us , Chat about Three.js Interesting things behind the frame 、 How to build an open source framework , And all kinds of classic topics concerned by front-end developers , You can grab the front row , A strong crowd !

Ruan Yifeng : Why? Web3 Blockchain related

So far, the Internet has two stages :Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, The next stage is naturally Web 3.0( abbreviation Web3). This article talks about my understanding of Web3 Some preliminary understanding of , And what it is ?


Webpack A series of practical battles : Use... Correctly Sourcemap

Detailed introduction Sourcemap How coding works , as well as Webpack A variety of Sourcemap Scheme and applicable scenario .

Front end module dependency analysis and application

How to use webpack Of stats Object for dependency and compilation speed analysis , This object contains a lot of compile time information , We can use it to generate... That contains statistics about the module JSON file .

Advanced exploration

V8 On Compiling

  • Interpreters and compilers : Introduction to the basic knowledge of computer compilation principle
  • V8 The compilation principle of : Knowledge based on the principles of computer compilation , understand V8 Yes JavaScript Analytic flow
  • V8 The runtime performance of : combination V8 The compilation principle of , practice V8 Specific operation performance in the analysis process

Use Golang、Gin and React、esbuild Developed Blog

This refers to the North manual , Hand in hand with everyone to build a... From scratch Go As a service Web Applications — Blog.

Flutter 2 Rendering principle and how to realize video rendering

Flutter2 overview ;Flutter2 Practice of video rendering plug-in ;Flutter2 Rendering principle ( Source code ).

Selected foreign languages

Plugging memory leaks in your app

In this article we’ll explore two types: leaks cased by event listeners and by intervals/timeouts. I’ll use React as an example, but the basic concepts are applicable to any framework that deals with adding and removing DOM nodes from a page.

Measuring Web Performance at Airbnb

Learn what web performance metrics Airbnb tracks, how we measure them, and how we consider tradeoffs between them in practice.

Where does Nuxt.js fit in Web Development?

If you are familiar with Vue, you won’t feel out of place while dealing with Nuxt. In fact, it is way too similar to Vue.js except for certain updated features that enable the developers to write well-structured code in no time.

practice & application

front end CLI Analysis of scaffolding ideas - from 0 To 1 build

In fact, many times from 0 All the projects you start to build can be made into templates , The main core function of scaffold is to use template to quickly build a complete project structure , The subsequent development only needs to be carried out on this .

Write a vscode Plug in improvements web The problem of multi version maintenance of the project

If your project needs to maintain multiple versions at the same time , Technology stacks and functions in different periods , Used by different user groups . daily , One bugfix Or a new feature will be applied to these versions , You need to switch version by version , Reload one by one , Run service self-test , This kind of back and forth operation is undoubtedly the most time-consuming . How to solve ?

LOOK Live activity map generator scheme

The development of this activity needs to complete a monopoly game , And as a millionaire game , Maps are naturally essential . In the whole map , There are many different kinds of squares , If you manually adjust the position one by one , It's a lot of work . So is there a solution that can help us quickly determine the location and type of squares ? The following is the method adopted by the author .

Web Best practices in image component design

Image processing in web pages has always been Web A major challenge in development , Today, let's have a look at Next.js Medium Image Components , I think the design of this component has a lot to learn from , It can be used as the best practice of picture component design .

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