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The current situation of Dao: investigating Dao ecology from community construction, governance and world integration under the chain

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Original title :《 Check the article to understand DAO The status quo of 》

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You are reading DAO Current situation of , This is a for understanding DAO High quality Newsletter .

DAO The status quo is selected from DAO High quality content of Ecology , And presented in an easy to understand form for your reference .

This week, , Let's talk about how to join a DAO entitled , Prepare a series of resources for you to open your own DAO The journey . then , We start with community building 、 Governance and integration with the world under the chain DAO ecology . There are a lot of things to study in depth , Let's get started !

1 How to join a DAO

author :Samantha Marin

You want to join a DAO. welcome ! You will have many like-minded partners . In this article , We will briefly introduce how to turn on DAO The first step of the journey . then , We will summarize some DAO FAQs and action lists , Let you enter the decentralized work smoothly 、 The wild west of income and community .

step 1: Research DAO ecology


There are many types of DAO, Including social DAO、 agreement DAO And project-based DAO, Even from the company DAO. Because there is no complete DAO Information base , You must comb through the Internet to find the right one for you DAO. Here are some resources , Can help you start .

- DAO Landscape map , from @Cooopahtroopa Created in Mirror On .

- This huge DAO resource list , from @kinjal Created in Mirror On .

- DAO Project database , from DAOists maintain .

- Top DAOs, come from token market cap.

- The Stateless newsletter, Published in this week's top DAO news.

step 2: Choose the one that best suits your goals DAO

Unless you join in , Otherwise you can't understand a DAO True temperament . however , If you don't want to buy the governance token needed for voting , It is also possible to join without voting rights . Every DAO Each are not identical , But many can choose to go in without buying tokens .

majority DAO adopt Discord operating , So please pass Twitter Search to find out how to join . Besides , some DAO There are websites or publicly accessible information repositories . for example ,Bankless DAO Of Notion page   It is the base of all important resources .

When you join a DAO when , The first thing you should evaluate is the atmosphere .DAO The core of is the community . It's everyone in the community who makes DAO Become such a beautiful workplace . Different from traditional work , From a DAO Jump to another DAO The cost of switching is very small , So be sure to find a place where you can get along well with your colleagues and reflect your values .

DAO There are a lot of things to do in , And there will be more and more activities . We suggest adding more than one DAO Let's start with a DAO Start . You'll even find yourself starting for a DAO Full time work , So don't rush into all kinds of DAO!

DAO Picture source : New collaboration frontier report

step 3: start-up

Now you're already DAO In the ! Congratulations . Your first priority is not to be submerged .DAO There are a series of activities , Mainly in the Discord in . You must want to read all the news , But it's almost impossible to keep up with every workflow . This process will discourage you , Finally exhausted .

The best way to start is to find a place where you can provide value . Choose one thing to do . Whether it's   Take minutes of the meeting   Or go to a channel and brainstorm with other members . Start small , As long as you step firmly , You can gradually move towards success .

Attending meetings is usually the best entry point . That's why there's a calendar at the bottom of this article ! Just by reading Discord Text channel , It's hard to understand DAO All that happened in . Listen to other members to understand you DAO The best way to work with colleagues . It's also easier to introduce yourself there , So your message won't be drowned in the channel .

Although it looks terrible , But it's important to get into a project as soon as possible . Of course, read the content of the channel , Listen to a few meetings , Then do nothing , It's no big deal . Not much investment in 、 Projects that are not optimistic can be withdrawn at any time . Ask others DAO It's better for members to start from which project , And join it ! Always ask for help and advice , So you can start fast .

step 4: Contribute to governance

This is the time , You are basically a DAO Members of , Now it's time to participate in governance . in order to   vote , You need to hold a certain amount of governance tokens . You can buy tokens directly , Usually by Uniswap or SushiSwap. But another way to collect tokens , Is to roll up your sleeves and start working .DAO Our staff usually get DAO Governance token as reward , So you can try to become a voting member step by step . you are here DAO All contributions made in the will be rewarded with tokens , So the more work you put in , The sooner you become a voting member .

Yours DAO To undertake ( And pay you to complete ) The type of project will depend on where you are DAO. for example , stay Bankless DAO in , Members can write articles 、 Design graphics 、 Develop us DAO Internal products 、 Create videos and so on to get paid .

Question and answer

— Join in DAO Do I have to pay for it? ?

It depends on different DAO. some DAO Free access to their community . And others , You have to buy tokens . for example ,Bankless DAO There is a visitor pass system and a read-only system Discord channel , Therefore, potential members can invest in DAO Know something about .

— You need to be an encryption expert or developer to join DAO Do you ?

No .DAO People with a variety of skills and knowledge base are needed . for example , many DAO Some writers 、 Graphic designer 、 Marketer 、 Software developer 、 interpreter 、 The artist 、 Cameraman 、 Community leaders, etc .

— Weekly needs DAO How much time it takes ?

You can give as much as you want —— This is it.   Open source projects built through grass-roots communities   The beauty of . Different from the strict nine to five , You can contribute every week 2 Hours , But it's still a useful DAO member . perhaps , You can contribute to a large number of projects , And finally get a full-time salary on the chain .( Quit your boring job ? That's a good idea .) It's really that simple !

Join in DAO Action list :

- Research DAO ecology , See which organization is best for you .

- see   Guides and useful links in their social media and online resources .

- Join in Discord, And start contributing to areas of interest . Don't distract your energy from too many projects too early . If you can , Join a meeting !

- earn   Chain reward , And get the benefits of being a voting member of a cutting-edge organization .

2 DAO List

| Learn about... Through carefully selected articles DAO The status quo of Ecology


《 How to start from Chapter 1 Day begins DAO》( The translated version )

author :Fancyyyyyy_

Link to the original text :


It introduces how a new member should be more involved in a DAO in , And one. DAO How to build to simplify this process . From the first day of diving to quitting your job , by DAO Full time work . This article gives an upgrade plan .

Level 1 - Check the atmosphere and start communicating .

Level 2 - Create value by contributing to the community .

Level 3 - Make a long-term investment for the whole season .

Level 4 - Quit your job and work full time for DAO Work , Become a core contributor .

《 how DAO》

Sponsor :DAOhaus UberHaus

Chief Coordinator :Stephen Reid

Link to the original text :


This series of online videos 、 Articles and lectures are equivalent to DAO University level 101 Course . The four lessons contain a lot of materials , Including the basic knowledge of beginners , Yes DAO Panorama and overview of the basic governance structure , And right DAO And future work . Each class includes preview materials and homework . Sharpen your pencil , This course is a required course for future work ! Line up here to sign up .

Section 1 :DAO brief introduction

In the second quarter :DAOHaus brief introduction

In the third quarter : Deepen understanding DAOHaus

The fourth quarter, :DAO The future of

《 by DAO Work 》

<iframe width="728" height="410" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is an hour long video , The content is ETHOnline2021 Governance and DAO The summit ,Gaby Goldberg, Cooper Turley and Alex Zhang around 「 by DAO Work 」 The discussion of the . This conversation allows us to know , Every day for DAO Work —— Specifically, it is Friends with Benefits Work , What is it like . They introduced in depth , How do you enter DAO In the field of , And when to decide DAO Full time work . The dialogue includes the following topics :

- from web2 Company to web3 The challenges of world change .

- How are the concepts of compensation and equity in DAO In operation .

- How can your future job make your skills in several DAO Display in , Instead of working for just one company .

- Find out how to start contributing and how to participate in the community .

《 Separation chamber : Improved token voting 》

author :Maria Gomez,Julia Rosenberg, and Chun Poon

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Orca The agreement is expected to be passed on a large scale DAO Establish subsystem in the system DAO Such a unique organizational structure , To solve the token voting problem , Achieve horizontal and vertical synchronous development , help DAO To expand further .

- Decentralization may make the organization more chaotic .

- Making operations more organized means compromising on decentralization .

- Token voting may fundamentally deviate from DAO Internal incentive structure .

- Orca The token voting solution of the agreement is in the larger DAO Set up multiple 「 Separation chamber 」 As a child DAO.

- Every 「 cabin 」 Will be through their own multi signature , Control your operations and capital .

- each 「 cabin 」 Will be right DAO Governance to vote , Separate the governance process from token holders .

《MakerDAO Members of the are discussing the establishment of companies and taxes, as well as some more far-reaching issues 》

author :Brady Dale

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MakerDAO Is focusing on how it should connect with governments around the world   Start a discussion , This will have a far-reaching impact , It's not just about paying taxes . Here are some points of concern :

- from Maker The foundation has made a complete transition to DAO Tax impact after .

- If they want to register , They will choose which jurisdiction to register in ?

- MakerDAO There is currently no legal structure .DAO How it should be classified is inconclusive .

- Concerns about unlimited liability have led to some proposals , For example, establish a self insurance fund .

3 Ecological record

To the whole DAO Ecological insights

《 Value of governance 》

author :Sam McCarthy

Link to the original text :

The main points of :

- 「 value 」 From Economics 、 Understand... From a sociological or linguistic perspective .

- When behaviors and objects are incorporated into the social system , They become meaningful or valuable to humans .

- Tokens with governance rights allow people to freely express their ideas and beliefs by contributing to and voting on community proposals in an open forum .

- stay web3 in , The value of the governance token comes from its ability to influence the evolution of the new system , Define the impact it will have on society , And accumulate relevant status and reputation .

- The governance premium is equal to the value of participating in the governance agreement , It reflects investors' perception of the future control of the project .

- Variables that affect the governance premium include project growth 、「 Total assets under management 」(AUM) And community strength .

《 With the implementation of the new Wyoming law ,DAO Is moving into the mainstream 》

author :Navid Ladani

Link to the original text :

The main points of :

- In the last year 7 After the entry into force of relevant laws and regulations in June , Wyoming became the first state in the United States to recognize DAO Legal and grant them with limited liability companies (LLCs) States with the same rights .

- BLOCKS Become the first in the State DAO company with limited liability , It will continue to promote the goal of integrating enterprises with blockchain .

- Now? , The organization intends to launch its services in the state and around the world .

《 Introduction to bounty economy 》

author :Richard Patey

Link to the original text :

The main points of :

- Bounties provide a relatively smooth way to match enthusiasm and projects .

- Many communities include Bankless Have developed a task library , Each task has a corresponding reward , To continuously promote the realization of the overall goal of the organization .

- Goodbye resume ! Now your wallet is proof of skill and achievement .

《 The new community chief officer is CEO》

author :Alejandro Navia

Link to the original text :

The main points of :

- Community managers are reporting to 「 Chief community Officer 」 Stride forward .

- With the development of the meta universe , The importance of community management is also growing .

- The chief community officer is different from the chief marketing officer , Community comes before social media .

- Community is not about business , It's about people . The chief community officer guides members beyond their limits , Make the impossible possible .


author :Kiran Cherukuri and Gaby Goldberg

Link to the original text :

The main points of :

- Decentralized autonomous media network, also known as DAMN, Is purely focused on the creation and planning of media content DAO.

- DAMN The new market will be expanded outward by establishing a niche community .

- Minimize through a single focus and governance , Organizations can simplify workflows .

- Because the token economy is directly combined with content creation , The token price will be directly related to the quality of the content .

4 Join in

DAO Current situation of - Beginner friendly activities


Link address :""

DAO focusing :CityDAO


Put the land on the blockchain ! Crazy ideas , Right ?

Get acquainted. CityDAO - The community has a bold ambition , Build a city on the blockchain !

— Where it happened ?

In the vast 、 Resource rich Wyoming ! Another interesting fact about Wyoming - Wyoming was the first to admit DAO by   Legal entities   The state .

CityDAO Our mission is to build a city , Every piece of land is a NFT, Can be DAO Or jointly owned by individuals .DAO Governance is directly related to citizenship .

— What's the meaning of this? ?

CityDAO Your citizenship is hierarchical , Each level has different rights .CityDAO Citizens of give priority to access to land on behalf of NFT Airdrop , And you can also access the internal Discord channel . There are three different kinds of citizenship NFT:

1、 First citizen NFT - This highest level NFT Only 1 individual , Have exclusive naming rights and the highest priority to participate in land airdrop , And, of course, the right to vote and citizens Discord Channel access rights !

2、 Founding citizen NFT - At this level NFT share 50 individual , The holder has the right to participate in land airdrop , Second only to the first citizen , And voting rights and citizenship Discord Channel access .

3、 citizens NFT - This is the total supply of 10000 Of NFT. Have the right to participate in land airdrop after the first citizen and founding citizen . Citizens also have the right to vote and citizens Discord Channel permissions .

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