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Mars weekly | NBA star Durant became the spokesperson of coinbase brand; Solana launched $150 million chain game fund

2022-02-02 22:22:04 Mars selection

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Mars editing moment

《 Create a daily living super 260 Wan Lianyou ,Axie Infinity founder Trung Nguyen How to do it ?》

Trung Nguyen Yes CryptoKitties Very interested , Because it combines what he likes —— Games and things he used to hate —— Blockchain . When kitties Be together “ Reproduction ” when , Their genes will combine , In this way, their offspring will get some mixture according to their lineage “cattributes”. This deeply attracted Nguyen, And finally inspired him to create Axie Infinity, This is a breakthrough game , The game makes play-to-earn( Play and earn ) Video games have become popular , And make the whole blockchain game field the focus of this year .

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《 Read Paradigm Just led the vote Aztec:Layer 2 The field of private transactions has great potential 》

Ethereum layer 2 privacy solution Aztec Network On 12 month 16 Day to complete 1700 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding ,Paradigm  Lead investment ,IOSG Ventures Wait for the vote . A number of privacy solutions have shown their unique abilities in the Holy Grail of privacy trading , There's privacy in it 、 Security 、 Low cost solutions Aztec Start with the product , Found a very clever entry .Aztec The team thinks , Blockchain should be 100% private . No one can track users' financial activities on the chain . At present, the financial products on Ethereum all have privacy problems : All operations of users in the product will form user behavior profiles .

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《 Former stars dYdX Fall into a downward spiral , How to solve the problem of mining transaction ?》

9 In June, mining was popular by trading dYdX, Recently, it has fallen into a low tide due to the side effects of trading mining . As a result of the trading mining mechanism, the selling pressure of the circular is increasing , yes DYDX One of the reasons for the sharp decline . Fall into 「 Downward spiral 」 Of dYdX Facing the challenge . Some users shouted on social media that , I hope the team can increase DYDX Usage scenarios of , To boost market performance . There are also user tips dYdX Follow suit PancakeSwap etc. DEX increase NFT、 The business segment of new currency issuance , Increase the attractiveness of the agreement . Low infatuation ,dYdX How to break the situation ?

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《Nansen Research :Celo How to make blockchain mainstream ?》

stay Web1.0 and Web2.0 In the history of , Hundreds of companies are competing for dominance in the information revolution . Only those who succeed in transforming complex technologies into user-friendly products are the winners . If we combine the advantages of blockchain technology with the user friendliness of traditional payment systems , You can finally unlock the problem : An instant and far-reaching Internet ? That's exactly what it is. Celo The goal of blockchain .

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A big event not to be missed

Important project progress

  • NBA Star Durant officially became Coinbase Brand spokesperson
  • Reddit To America SEC In secret IPO apply
  • Robinhood Will be in 12 month 22 The cryptocurrency gift was launched on the th
  • Ethereum Foundation Announced to provide client team with ETH Valuation incentives
  • Avalanche Declare that we now support USDC
  • Galaxy Digital Introduction Solana Encryption Fund , track Solana Index
  • On chain transaction aggregator 1inch Issue limit order agreement V2 edition
  • DappRadar Officially launched RADRA Tokens, , Will drop 10 100 million tokens
  • Polygon On 12 month 14 in Mumbai Test network implementation EIP-1559
  • Optimism Announce the cancellation of the white list , Will fully open the deployment application permissions
  • Polkadot Complete the brand remodeling on the chain , Replaced with a new one Logo
  • Ethereum mixer Tornado Cash Launch major upgrades
  • ConstitutionDAO Announce that it will give up ConstitutionDAO Multi sign address ownership
  • The Graph And The Guild a 4 Cooperation in , To provide it with 4800 Ten thousand us dollars


  • Mrs. trump Announce launch Melania Trump NFT platform
  • L'Oreal Paris launched NFT Lipstick , Already in OpenSea The auction
  • Adidas One of the first NFT Has been in 12 month 15 Day sale
  • Coinbase Wallet browser plug-in plans to add NFT View features
  • Bitwise Announced the launch of blue chip NFT Index funds , Will purchase and host CryptoPunks When the total market value exceeds 60 $100 million blue chip NFT
  • Japanese communications giant LINE its LVC It will be launched next spring NFT Comprehensive market “LINE NFT”
  • HTC Vive Announce launch NFT Art trading platform Vive Arts
  • BAYC#9452 With 142 Ten thousand us dollars transaction , Ranked No.. In the dollar trading volume of this series 9 position
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Announcement and Animoca Brands Work together to create NFT game
  • Cryptocurrency lending platform Nexo Cooperate with Sanjian capital to launch NFT Lending platform



Investment and financing

  • Cryptofinance company NYDIG Completed by WestCap Lead investment 10 Billion dollars financing , Valuations are super 70 Billion dollars
  • Venture capital organization Initialized Capital Total launch size 7 Billion dollars Two funds , involve Web3 And the encryption industry
  • Cryptocurrency custodian Anchorage Announce completed 3.5 Billion dollars D Round of funding , KKR、 Goldman Sachs and a16z Wait for the vote
  • French mobile game developer Voodoo Will invest in blockchain games 2 Billion dollars
  • Solana Ventures Introduction 1.5 Billion dollars Blockchain game Fund
  • Global venture capital accelerator Brinc complete 1.3 Billion dollars financing ,Animoca Brands Lead investment
  • Gala Games and C² Ventures Introduction 1 Billion dollars Fund to accelerate the development of blockchain games
  • Blockchain data analysis platform Nansen stay B Get... In a round of financing 7500 Thousands of dollars financing
  • Encryption lending platform Ledn complete 7000 Thousands of dollars B Round of funding ,10T Holdings Lead investment
  • Korean blockchain company Lambda256 Complete the appointment 5900 Thousands of dollars B Round of funding ,Hanwha Systems Wait for the vote
  • Encrypted payment start-up Ramp complete 5270 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding ,Balderton Capital Lead investment
  • Encrypted venture capital Chapter One complete 5000 Thousands of dollars To raise , Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed venture capital and other investment participants
  • BitWell establish 5000 Thousands of dollars Yuan universe special fund , Will bring the starter GameFi Project assets
  • Ethereum layer 2 privacy solution Aztec Network complete 1700 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding ,Paradigm Lead investment
  • Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia complete 1500 Thousands of dollars financing ,Animoca Brands Wait for the lead
  • The fan participation platform created by Michael Jordan HEIR financing 1000 Thousands of dollars ,Thrive Capital Lead investment



  • The Central Bank of Russia Prohibit mutual funds from investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Network short video Release of detailed rules for content audit standards , It is not allowed to induce and abet the public to participate in virtual currency “ dig ”、 transaction 、 The hype



  • Chengdu Lianan :Brinc Finance Private key disclosure leads to being attacked , Cause loss 290 individual ETH( about 110 More than $ )

Next week's Outlook

  • Pudgy Penguins Will be in 12 month 18 Promulgated by the Lil Pudgy series NFT( This Saturday, )
  • Tezuka insect control 《 Astro Boy 》 Already in OpenSea Auction , Will be in 12 month 18 End of the day ( This Saturday, )
  • Robinhood Will be in 12 month 22 The cryptocurrency gift was launched on the th ( Next Wednesday )
  • NBA The Staples Center, the Lakers' home stadium, will open on 12 month 25 The date of Renamed “ Arena”( Next Saturday )

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