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Teach you how to use Nansen to play NFT

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Stephen Curry Started a Pudgy Penguins NFT !

How to track this transaction ?

  1. NFT Paradise → Pudgy Penguins
  2. Beakdown → Balances & Changes
  3. according to  first in  Sort , View recent transactions
  4. Find the belt “Stephen Curry” The address of the label

 Trading volume

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new function : Custom search (coming soon)

 Trading volume

Alex We preview a new function , This function will allow users to narrow down the query scope , for example :

  1. Search by keyword , Such as Apes、Punk etc.
  2. Search by volume , Above how much trading volume
  3. Search by market value , For example, more than 10,000ETH
  4. At the highest price 、 Average price search
* Tips :NFT The market is illiquid . therefore , Please keep up with liquidity , You can filter by transaction volume , Higher trading volume means higher liquidity . some time ,Nansen It may provide a smart reminder of the increase in the transaction volume of a collection .

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see  Niftex  Of Ape DAO Contract address :0xfa898efdb91e35bd311c45b9b955f742b6719aa2

 Trading volume

 Trading volume

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Fractionalized NFTs

NFTX、NFT20 as well as Niftex Allow fragmentation NFT; stay Niftex In the case of , People put Ape Deposit in a vault or smart contract , Then receive a token $APED, Its price tracks BAYC Floor price , Users actually buy these indexes .

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How to use Nansen Discover new opportunities

Three value discovery plates

  • Discovery: Looking for new opportunities
  • Dilligence: Find a specific opportunity , Analyze and study with data
  • Defense: Set up smart alerts

 Trading volume

landing page In fact, it is also a discovery

 Trading volume

Method 1 :Hot Contracts It's where new capital flows in , And in accordance with the Smart Money Sort the number of entries .

In the diagram above , We from 「Hot Contracts」 The module can see , There have been... In the past day 3 pen Smart Money inflows AGLDFarm , Click to enter Wallet Profile plate .

In this sector , We can extract some information , for example : The deployer of this contract 、 take ETH The counterparty to the deposit contract 、 The most active wallet address and so on .

 Trading volume translator's note : The data will change over time )

Method 2 : From home page 「Hot NFTs」 Get into 「NFT Paradise」, You can see in the past 1 The largest trading volume in a day NFTs

 Trading volume * Tips :Hot Contracts Based on the interaction with the contract Smart Money Sort by the number of , So sometimes someone NFT It might show up in Hot Contracts in , It may not be displayed at the same time Hot NFTs in .

Method 3 :Gas Consumer Accounts , It shows which smart contracts have consumed the most... In the past hour gas fee

 Trading volume

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Nansen Address book

 Trading volume

Add address and custom label here , It is mainly for users' personal reference .Nansen Maybe the address book will be encrypted in the future , So that users can use it more safely .

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Ask official questions and feedback

 Trading volume

Or directly join :

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Hot Contracts

Per person Nansen Users can see 「Hot Contracts」 modular , But only VIP Access to the complete thermal contract dashboard , Ordinary users can check the front 10 Click one by one . In the complete Hot Contracts page , You can see :

  1. The order of depositors in different time periods
  2. Capital inflow
  3. Press contract age Sort

 Trading volume

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Hot Contracts VS Hot NFTs

NFT Paradise It's based on the trading volume ( Mainly from Opensea) To classify , and  Hot Contracts   Focus on the funds flowing into smart contracts , It's mainly the inflow of money that people buy or cast .

 Trading volume NFT Paradise:

 Trading volume

Hot Contracts:

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NFT The pricing of ( With Sevens For example )

  1. The floor price tracks the lowest price listed ( come from Opensea)
  2. The market looks more inflated than it really is
  3. Pricing is more closely related to real estate , Not with cryptocurrency

 Trading volume

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come from @Cooper The advice of

  1. Buy bottom or top 1%
  2. Invest in what you like , Not what others like
  3. Not all collections are the same
  4. You're trading ETH Not dollars

 Trading volume

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buy 1 individual 1ETH Of top 1% still 10 individual floor?

If you just entered NFT field , You can choose to buy floor, Because there is more liquidity ; hold top 1% Relatively low liquidity ( Non financial advice ).

Time :51:20  

Will top crypto trading institutions deliberately confuse wallets ?

This is in NFT Not very common in , because NFT Closely related to identity . You can't show off without revealing your address NFT. This strategy defi More common in , It will be easier , Maybe you can avoid being tracked for a short time . But there will also be funds that support transparency , Because they think it's part of the game .

But for those who have always wanted to “ confusion ” The address of , It's not easy . Because if you can track a wallet , So track the wallet associated with it ( That is, the counterparty ) And it will be easier .

* give an example :5 Three venture capital funds participated in a round of financing , We already know that 4 individual . By excluding , We can infer that the fifth Fund , Even if they choose to remain anonymous .

Time :55:44  

For individual traders , How to keep your privacy ?

As NFT Trader , It's hard to remain completely anonymous . You have to decide whether to disclose your personal data : If not , Then don't be in twitter Put your own address link in , Or publicly display your NFT, Because it's easy to track ; If you want to show but don't want to expose yourself , Then you have to create a new public image . stay defi / nft In the game, there are many pseudo anonymous identities related to their public addresses .

Another option is to use  Tornado Cash, But as Alex Noted , Because of the privacy of this platform , Many fraudsters and hackers will make a lot of use of it , So once regulators step in , Then the platform will face the risk of shutdown .

 Trading volume

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