Bitcoin may fall below 5 Thousands of dollars , But its bull market has actually continued this month 3 year .

Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView Our data confirm , With 2021 The year is coming to an end , Bitcoin bulls have at least something to celebrate .

Three years , Rise 2125%

Despite disappointing price expectations at the end of the year , but BTC/USD Still than 18 The price a month ago was an order of magnitude higher .

2020 year 3 The month marks the beginning of 2018 year 12 The bull market, which has been strong since June, has briefly returned to near cyclical lows . at that time , Bitcoin fell to 3100 The low point of the dollar —— This is a level never seen before , And it may never happen again .

On the same day three years ago , Bitcoin in 2018 Bottomed out in the bear market in

——CRYPTO₿IRB (@crypto_birb) 2021 year 12 month 15 Japan

2018 year 12 month 15 Japan , Bitcoin is over. From then on, it's nearly 2 A record high of $million, a full year's retreat . And this year 69000 Compared to the peak of the dollar ,BTC Investors have gained up to 2125% Revenue .

The subsequent consolidation lasted several months ,2019 year 4 The moon is the watershed , The market climbed to 1.38 The annual high of $million .

“ Peak bear market ” Our anniversary is just in time , Because analysts are weighing the possibility of consolidation and slow upward movement at the end of this year and early next year .

“ Welcome to bargain season ,”Cointelegraph writer Michaël van de Poppe In conclusion .

“ In this season , The benefits of the first day will disappear the next day ,24 Everything is changing in an hour , The same is true of people in the market .”

just as Cointelegraph As reported ,9 month 15 Day is another birthday of bitcoin , Because bitcoin has remained at... All year 1 Over ten thousand dollars .

BTC/USD 1 Month candle chart (Bitstamp) source :TradingView

Although for most market participants , Bitcoin is unlikely to even return to 2 Thousands of dollars , But analysts don't think bitcoin will fall sharply again in the short term .

The main support position is 40000 About $ , Once you break through that support ,BTC/USD Will challenge it from 5 The decline after the collapse of miners in June .

contrary , Traders filbfilb This week ,“ Most painful ” The situation is actually to 60000 The dollar soared .

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