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DAPP Industry Report in 2021: daily living addresses exceeded 2.7 million, and NFT trading volume exceeded US $23 billion

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2021 The year may be so far DApp The most critical year in the industry , Great progress and positive results have been made in the most important indicators and macro indicators of the industry . And DApp The number of interactive wallets and transaction volume are higher than ever , And yes NFT And the demand for games has increased significantly . Three main categories of the industry —— game 、NFT and DeFi Have experienced positive trends , And seems to be in a great position to continue to gain momentum and consolidate the future .

NFT The field has experienced one of the most impressive expansions on the whole , This year's turnover exceeded 230 Billion dollars . The integration of the holder's proof of ownership and intelligent computing process has subverted the way we treat digital art and collections .CryptoPunks、Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Art Blocks And other collectibles become NFT Synonymous with explosion . Hollywood 、 Sports celebrities and Coca Cola 、 Gucci 、 Big brands such as Nike and Adidas are emerging in this field . The appeal of these celebrities has had a profound impact NFT And the entire blockchain industry . Besides ,NFT Came to the famous traditional art auction house , Such as Christie's and Sotheby's ,NFT Being named the word of the year shows everything . 


With all these factors in play , And hundreds of exciting projects are starting every day , Yes NFT Demand has soared to unprecedented levels .OpenSea、Atomic Market and Solanart Wait until the market becomes some of the most popular dapp. The value of these assets has risen sharply , front 100 The market value of the famous collections is currently estimated to be 167 Billion dollars . Works from a particular collection are considered value storage units , And triggered another exciting trend :NFT Fine differentiation of . 

Not only is NFT, Blockchain based games have also had an excellent year . from Axie Infinity The leading game earning revolution has helped the game category attract the current average daily 140 Million active users , Almost half of the industry's usage . most important of all , The social impact of this trend , Especially in emerging economies such as the Philippines or Venezuela , Attracted the attention of influential venture capital companies , These venture capital companies have invested value in this category 40 A significant investment of $billion . The funds obtained will help the team further develop .Immutable X or Polygon The proliferation of expansion solutions, such as, will put the game category in a dominant position in the coming years .

Driven by the narrative around the meta universe , The virtual world based on blockchain and all meta universe related projects have experienced considerable value evaluation improvement . The value of land in these virtual worlds has soared , Appreciation up to 500%, Cost as much as 250 Thousands of dollars . Tokens that support this narrative are one of the best performing cryptocurrencies , Marks the potential of this virtual space . 

2020 Years later, , Billions of people poured into DeFi, This category presents an evolutionary and more mature space . Although Ethereum still dominates DeFi, However, the well-known problems of high transaction cost and low scalability enable other blockchains to make their DeFi Footprints are visible .DeFi We also see an important trend , That is, influential DeFi The protocol extends its function to multiple chains in the so-called Multi Chain paradigm .

meanwhile , image BSC、Solana、Avalanche and Terra Such a blockchain has become a substitute for Ethereum , Solve the above problems , Consolidate oneself as DeFi The status of a powerful country .BSC The crown jewel PancakeSwap stay 2 In the middle of the month BSC The use of network exceeds Ethereum , And become the most commonly used method considering the data on the chain dapp.

In the second half of this year ,Solana and Avalanche With its native wallet and dapps Attract people with DeFi Suite and smooth user experience (UX) It shows their sense of existence . The narrative surrounding a particular blockchain labeled Ethereum killer is disappearing . Compared with other blockchains , Every blockchain has its advantages , Thus forming a complete ecosystem . 

without doubt , The top blockchain category is by far the best year . For all that , The industry still faces major challenges that need to be recognized and addressed . Security is one of the most critical obstacles , Because hacker attacks 、 Exploits or simple bad practices lead to 19 $billion stolen . With the adoption of cryptocurrency and other blockchain use cases , Laws and regulations are expected to become the next major issue to be solved .

Last , More blockchain users than ever before . Several platforms have encountered problems , Because their respective infrastructure cannot meet the growing demand . With large-scale adoption, it is one step closer , Leading DApp You should be prepared , Welcome millions of users in the coming months . 

Key points

  • 2021 year , The blockchain industry is expanding in different vertical fields ; Connect to DApp The number of unique active wallets per day has increased 7 times , stay 2021 At the end of the year 270 An all-time high of 10000 .
  • NFT The market has had its best year ever , Trading volume exceeds 230 Billion dollars , The former 100 name NFT The market value of the collection is 167 Billion dollars .
  • stay Facebook Renamed Meta In the news of , Metacosmic narration has become the mainstream ; The blockchain virtual world has produced more than 5 Billion dollars of trading volume , And achieved 36 The highest market value in history of $billion .
  • stay Axie Infinity Under the leadership of , The revolution of playing and earning Games has reached a new height ; Within the industry 49% Unique active wallet (140 m ) Related to blockchain games , Driving the game NFT Trading volume in 2021 reach 45 Billion dollars .
  • DeFi The field has ushered in new competitors of Ethereum , for example Solana、Avalanche and Terra; Of the industry TVL Year-on-year growth 7 times , exceed 2000 Billion dollars , Among them 60% Still focused on Ethereum .
  • The blockchain industry has taken a big step towards large-scale adoption ; Well known venture capital 、 Brands and celebrities join the field , Attracted more than 270 US $billion was attracted by cryptocurrency and blockchain companies .

One 、 Every day 270 Million unique active wallets use DApp

DApp Industry in 2021 The year showed significant signs of organic growth . At the time of writing , More than 270 Ten thousand unique active wallets (UAW) Connect to DappRadar tracking 30 Any one of multiple blockchain protocols DApp. And 2020 Compared to ,UAW And DApp The number of interactions has increased 592%.


The first key upward trend is in 4 Observed in January , everyday UAW increased 67%, from 630,000 Increase to more than 100 ten thousand . Two blockchains are the main driving forces behind the surge in usage .PancakeSwap Promote the coin security smart chain (BSC) Become a reliable alternative to Ethereum's high transaction costs . meanwhile ,Wax Of Alien Worlds Earn the game dapps On the radar . these two items. dapp It has been concerned for a long time , I haven't looked back since . Both are still the most commonly used in the industry dapps One of . 

Usage in the industry continues to rise , But in 5 month , Hours after musk blew up bitcoin's controversial tweets over environmental issues , The cryptocurrency market suffered a major collapse . Basic cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and Ethereum, fell 33%, This hinders the use of . all DeFi dapp There have been liquidation Events , The most important one happened in BSC Of Venus. For all that , After nearly two months of stagnant growth ,P2E and GameFi Trend in 7 It began to take shape in the second ten days of the month , Since then, it has supported the development of the industry . 

Because it's like Splinterlands Such games earn dapps He Xiang CryptoBlades In this way GameFi Options , Blockchain games are beginning to attract more users than their peers . stay 2021 The first seven months of the year ,DeFi It's most UAW Category of connection . However , stay 7 late , We see the trend mentioned earlier . Game categories began to dominate , Almost half of the industry's activities . 


2021 In the first half of ,DeFi The proportion of industrial activities is as high as 57%, and NFT And games account for 32%.8 month , The dominance of the game category is beginning to appear ,49% Activities are generated through games . At the time of writing , Games account for... Of the industry's usage 51%, and DeFi Occupy 37%.

As the world becomes more and more digital , The user experience must be enhanced , Reduce friction with blockchain products , So that users can get started smoothly . A good example can be seen in the Philippines , In the country 25% Of the population still has no bank accounts ,Ronin Your mobile wallet has a chance to attract users . To make a long story short , There are quite positive signs of use , And it is a valuable opportunity to achieve large-scale adoption in the coming months .

Increased industry competition

At the time of writing ,DappRadar Now track 30 Multiple blockchains , The same period last year 16 Compared to a network , The growth is significant . Another proof of industry expansion . last year , Ethereum's dominant position is strongly reflected in different vertical fields , Especially in DeFi and NFT in . For all that , Due to the well-known problems of transaction speed and cost , Other blockchains began to attract users through their own products . 

The first 1 Tier and tier 2 Layer solutions and side chains become interesting DeFi And games to earn dapp Host of . Include BSC、Solana、Terra、Avalanche、Hive and Wax In the second 1 Layer networks have found a powerful alternative to Ethereum . meanwhile ,Polygon、Arbitrum and Immutable X Equivalency 2 Tier solutions compare high transaction costs , While still connected to Ethereum and its underlying security infrastructure . Besides ,Ronin The side chain has gone beyond Axie, And will become an important participant in attracting the public in emerging economies . 

Although some of these blockchain competitors , If with DeFi Of Terra and Arbitrum, Or with games Hive、Wax and Immutable, Focus on only one category , But most of these networks have become a complete ecosystem supporting the overall product . The narrative surrounding the specific blockchain labeled Ethereum killer has calmed down . Competition is more open than ever , This should be seen as the healthy trend of the whole industry . 

Two 、2021 year :NFT First year

2021 The year will be remembered as NFT A year of introduction to the public . Even though it's in 2014 It was conceived in 2000 , but NFT It was not until this year that they began to leave obvious footprints .2021 year ,NFT Space produces more than 230 Billion dollars of trading volume . Randomly generated collections 、 Important trends such as the participation of mainstream celebrities in this field or the rise of game money are NFT The main driving force behind a record year . The latest meta cosmic boom is icing on the cake . 


2 month ,Dapper Labs Of NBA Top Shot Produced 2.26 Billion dollar turnover , Occupy NFT Record trading volume 46%. Although the next wave of Ethereum NFT Collectibles bring powerful indicators , But it must be emphasized that Flow Our collection is the key for the rest of the year NFT catalyst , It is also a sign of future development . At the time of writing ,NBA Top Shot It is the fifth largest collection ever traded , More than 7.47 Billion dollars . 

stay 2021 The first six months of the year ,NFT The field has produced record results 25 Billion dollar turnover , Breaking the figures previously seen in this field . However , Everything changed in the third quarter . After months of seeing a strong community 、 After the integration of projects with team and utility factors into blue chip status ,NFT During this period, the trading volume of the market reached 107 Billion dollars .Art Blocks、Cyber​​Kongz、Loot and Cool Cats And other projects have created an attractive market . 

NFT The value of the collection lies in 2021 It was significantly evaluated in . Collectibles are no longer simple NFT project . Some have become exclusive brands , When the metauniverse becomes more mature , These brands will become more relevant . Considering the historical trading volume ranking top 100 Of NFT aggregate , We estimate that at the time of writing this article NFT Market capitalization 167 Billion dollars .

Next , We analyzed the driving force NFT The trend of market integration into the current form .

Randomly generated projects

January , A group called Hashmasks A project can be cast without knowing what the owner gets . This is for almost all NFT The project provides a blueprint . Randomly generated NFT Provides a truly innovative form of expression , For art and NFT The collection industry as a whole has had a positive impact . Rely on machine learning algorithms ,NFTs Metadata is automatically generated and randomly distributed according to a series of predefined attributes .

When casting , Users don't know what they bought , According to the rarity of each piece , take NFT Into a lottery . Even if all elements of a collection have been generated , They are distributing , And the metadata is displayed in order at a specific time after the sales is completed .

Celebrities and brands adopt NFT

SouljaBoy、Steve Aoki and Rob Gronkowski Wait for celebrities to enter at the beginning of the year NFT field , Pave the way for the most critical period of this category so far . Over the next few months , In Paris · Healton 、 Eminem and Stephen · In the library NFT after , The mainstream media is full of NFT The headlines . When Beeple Of 1/1 Works of art “ Every day : front 5000 God ” With 6900 When $10000 is sold ,NFT When Christie's made its debut , This trend becomes more obvious .

In the narrative of large-scale adoption , Celebrities and brands have a strong voice . These names are in NFT Participation in space is a powerful indicator of the macro level of this category . Fashion giant Gucci、D&G and Burberry After launching their respective series, they appear in this field . Coca Cola and Decentraland Cooperation has established a unique wearable device , PepsiCo has launched its first batch 1,893 Pieces of NFT product .VISA On 8 month 23 Publicly announced the purchase of CryptoPunk #7610, Consolidate the position of the series and support NFT The case of . 

so to speak , One of the boldest moves this year took place in 12 The second week of the month , At that time, Nike announced the acquisition of RTFKT Studios. This blockchain local fashion house has always been based on the digital fashion of the meta universe 、 Working with artists and selling NFT Known for the owner's exclusive physical goods . The acquisition immediately placed a huge brand like Nike in the middle of cryptocurrency culture .

Add practical cases

5 month ,Larva Labs Open the NFT Another important trend in the field —— Practical examples make CryptoPunk The owner is entitled to Meebits Airdrop . This leads to an increase in Larva Labs The significant value evaluation of the collection , And consolidate the team into NFT One of the most critical players in the field .


Besides ,CryptoPunks Preset cultural and historical values turn these pixels into NFT Converted to actual units of value storage . Especially after buying VISA after .CryptoPunks The average selling price is 2021 An increase of 4,580%, The current average selling price is 365,000 dollar .CryptoPunks It is the second largest collection ever traded , At the time of writing, the transaction volume generated exceeded 22.8 Billion dollars . The reserve price of this series has risen to 73 ETH(321.500 dollar ),Punks The price is as high as 1000 Thousands of dollars .

NFT The project has become a community driven brand

BAYC Maybe it's in addition to CryptoPunks The most important thing besides NFT Avatar project .Yuga Labs Created series NFT On 4 month 30 Launch date , And set off a strong campaign on social media platforms .Bored Apes Start in Twitter Used as an avatar , The sense of community in the space is renewed .Alex Ohanian、Steph Curry and Von Miller Wait for celebrities to join the project , Plus powerful utilities and a complete roadmap , help BAYC Become another series rising to the storage unit of real value . At the time of writing , The reserve price of this series is 50 ETH or 200 Thousands of dollars . 

Yuga Labs And its BAYC Is an example of a team that makes itself a brand . The owner is proud to be part of the metauniverse and have a strong influence in it . lately BAYC and Animoca Brands Partnership between , perhaps RTFKT The partnership with Nike reinforces this statement . These partnerships have established themselves as representatives Web 3.0 Ideal trusted brand . 

NFT game

Last ,NFTs and play-to-earn An important intersection between . Game items and are depicted as NFT The existence of virtual land is a key factor in record trading volume . With the adoption of blockchain games and the progress of metauniverse , game NFT The sign of will become more obvious in this field . In the impressive third quarter ,NFT Our sales exceed 107 Billion dollars , And the game NFT Of the total sales 22%.


Blockchain games are nothing new . For all that , The ability to monetize game time in 2021 It attracted a record audience in . Mainstream media reported on the social impact of games in emerging economies , This enhances the situation . Again ,2021 The high activity in attracted a lot of VC Attention .

Axie Infinity The rise of

There is no DApp Energy ratio Axie Infinity Have a more far-reaching impact on the industry .Axie Infinity By Vietnam studio Sky Mavis Development , Is a game to earn dapp, among Axie Monster pet form NFT Used for in-game combat 、 Cultivate new Axie Or collect game items for different purposes . The game has a complete framework of integrated token Economics , Allow gamers to AXS and SLP In the form of tokens ( passive ) income .

This game making factor has had a significant impact on emerging economies such as the Philippines . The positive impact on our society , Add to Ronin Side chain migration , Lead to pADp The use and value of . 


In the long run ,Axie stay 3 The month has about 20,000 Daily active users (DAU). This is understood as off chain data , The wallet doesn't have to be connected to play games . At the time of writing , It has exceeded 250 ten thousand . This means that its user base is 9 Increased... Within months 12,400%. 

Besides ,DApp Activities on the chain also show signs of substantial growth . In the fourth quarter , There is about every day 105,000 name UAW Connect to the game . Higher than the third quarter 59%, Higher than the figures recorded in the second quarter 1,422%.


Besides ,Axie NFT Become the largest trading volume in history NFT aggregate , The historical trading volume is close to 40 Billion dollars . In the third quarter ,Axie Accounting for a record in the same period 106 Billion dollars NFT The volume of trading 19.5%(20.8 Billion dollars ).Axie The rise of is simply fascinating .

BSC Case study

From stable DeFi Product start ,BSC stay 2021 Gradually become GameFi s home . 7 End of month , stay Alien Worlds and Axie Infinity After merging into top-level game options ,BSC Become a popular alternative to the sport . 

First in BSC High usage in the network BSC The game is CryptoBlades, This is a combat game , Users can get SKILL, Then you can pledge the money in the game . 

8 month ,CryptoBlades Become only by UAW Measure the most popular games .8 month 6 Japan , It uses 406,000 individual UAW Connect to the game dapp Reach the top , But since then everything has been falling , In the game 9 Usage fell in January 95%. The negative downward trend experienced and SKILL The price is closely related to ,SKILL The value of suddenly fell 95%, This leads to a negative reputation . 

Similar scenes in other BSC In the game . lately , In the game's native currency ELEMENT After the price was forced to close CryptoMines It plummeted in three days 99%. 

although BSC The game may lose credibility , But there is a different game :Mobox.Mobox It's a game DApp, A large number of... Are embedded in its game mechanism DeFi function , It also combines NFT As a playable character . It is GameFi The real representative of sports .Mobox Managed to retain its user base , At present, it is the fifth largest game in the industry , Attract more than... On average every day 24,000 name UAW. other BSC GameFi Whether the options can be like Mobox It remains to be seen to retain their player base . 

Venture capital companies have invested in blockchain games and infrastructure 40 Billion dollars

The latest popularity of playing money making games has attracted the attention of important investment entities . stay 2020 Only invest in 8000 After ten thousand dollars ,2021 year VC Investment in blockchain Games has reached a record 40 Billion dollars .2021 In, the funds invested in blockchain games and their underlying infrastructure increased... Over the previous year 5000%.


This trend begins with a strong action . At the beginning of the year NBA Top Shot After doing well , Including Will Smith 、 Michael Jordan 、 A group of angel investors including Steven diggs led the investigation NBA The team behind the series Dapper Labs the 3.5 $100 million investment . 

More funds will be invested in the second half of the year .9 month , The French start-up behind the fantasy football game Sorare To obtain the 6.8 Billion dollars , By Softbank and football stars Gerard Piqué、Rio Ferdinand and Antoine Griezmann Lead investment . In the same month , The first 2 Layer of the network Immutable X To obtain the 7700 $10000 financing , and Dapper Labs Raised again 2.5 $100 million investment . 

Other subsequent investments include investments in Sky Mavis Of 1.61 Us $100 million financing 、 Yes Animoca Brands Of 6500 Ten thousand dollar investment 、 Yes Sandbox Of 9300 US $million financing and for Forte Of 7.5 Billion dollars investment ,Forte Is a support for the 1 Tier and tier 1 Layer platform . 2 Designed to maintain solutions based on blockchain game development . 

2022 The year will be bigger

After a strong 2021 Years later, , The future of making money while playing looks brighter . The large amount of money raised undoubtedly provides the team with ammunition to continue to develop and enhance its existing products . But perhaps more importantly , The public is beginning to realize NFT And the game to earn the power of the game . 

2022 year , Existing games will enable additional game mechanisms . This is it. Axie Infinity The virtual land of Lunacia The situation of , It will unlock additional game mechanisms , And in the leading game dapp Provide additional benefits to landowners . Sandbox is one of the most important virtual worlds , Currently in Alpha Stage , Is expected to be in 2022 Continue to move forward in . meanwhile ,《 Split the continent 》 It may also involve virtual land sometime next year . 

In addition to established games dapp, The much hyped project is also closing its development phase .Illuvium Is an open world RPG Games earn dapp, Is expected to be in 2022 Sometime in, the game playing method will be enabled . The game is marked AAA game , Will be in Immutable X Up operation . Other noteworthy Immutable Games include trading card games Gods Unchained , Mobile dungeon crawler Guild of Guardians, And movement MMO Ember Sword. 

Upcoming games earn games (Ember Sword、Illuvium、Mirandus and Aurory)

Solana It's another network that will launch fascinating games in the next year .Star Atlas It's a product that depends on Epic Games The unreal engine developed 5 Of AAA Level games earn open world space exploration strategies MMORPG, Is one of the most anticipated Games . Making money from games dapp It will involve a complete economy supported by well-designed token Economics , And has been obtained by Animoca Brands Led millions of dollars in investment . Although next year will not be able to provide a complete game play , But small games and virtual world exploration will be 2022 Launched in 2013 .

Others worth knowing Solana The game includes Aurory, This is another example of PVE and PVP Monster fighting game features RPG, And integrated token Economics .Cryowar, Another game that will rely on a fantasy engine , Designed to be a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game .Project Seed It's an action RPG Game money battle game , It involves an interesting framework of token Economics , It will be the game of the future DAO The basis of . Last ,Ninja Game, the other one ARPG, It will inspire those who grew up in Diablo ​​ People's nostalgia .

Another network that should be closely watched is by Gala Games Managed networks . This house is owned by Zynga cofounder Eric Sc​​hiermeyer Led startups focus on building truly decentralized blockchain games .Gala Community members can have nodes , These nodes will eventually become their decentralized networks . up to now , The start-up company only launched Town Star, This is a farm game earned through the game , use GALA( The native utility token of the network ) and TOWN( Game tokens ) Reward players .

Besides ,Gala Will also launch Fantasy RPG Mirandus, This fantasy RPG Will happen in the huge digital world , yes 2022 One of the most anticipated Games of the year . Gala There will also be arena combat games 《 Spider tank 》、 Space adventure 《 The echo of the Empire 》、 Tower defense game Fortified, And the recently announced 《 A dead-alive person 》 Games earn games . 

Metauniverse related assets soared to unprecedented value  

And NFT It is closely related to the success of blockchain games , The future of the meta universe and virtual world is full of hope . For all that , stay Facebook After the rebranding announcement , There has been a positive explosive growth in the future of the yuan universe .

Related to the meta universe project NFT And cryptocurrency have undergone a serious valuation , And in recent weeks, there has been an increase in such DApp There's a surge in demand for . for example , In the fourth quarter , virtual world DApp Of NFT The trading volume has exceeded 3.3 Billion dollars , Involve more than 50,000 A unique trader . The trading volume is... Higher than the sum of the previous three quarters 155%, And the number of independent traders has doubled . 


without doubt , Virtual land NFT Is one of the most attractive aspects of the blockchain based metauniverse . these NFT Allow owners to build experiences , Stimulate creativity and imagination while embracing decentralization . They also unlock monetization , Because these virtual plots can be leased to third parties or only used as leasable investments . 

Land valuation

since Meta Since its publication , The value of virtual land soared .The Sandbox The average price of virtual land is essential Metaverse One of the players , since 10 It has soared nearly since the end of the month 500%.11 month ,The Sandbox The average transaction price of virtual land on the is 14,800 dollar , a 10 Of the month 2,500 The average price of US dollars has increased significantly . 

Similar scenes have been observed in other blockchain virtual worlds . since 2017 Blockchain virtual world, which started running in Decentraland The value of the land has also been assessed . The value of virtual land on the platform has increased 116%,11 The average transaction price for the month is 25,000 dollar . meanwhile ,CryptoVoxels The price of digital land is higher than 10 The price registered in January is higher than 25%. 

Besides ,2021 Annual land NFT The two highest sales occurred in 11 month .Decentraland Of Fashion Street Estate With 618,000 MANA or 242 $10000 sold , and Axie Infinity Genesis Plot With 550 ETH or 233 $10000 sold .


Last , Virtual land is important to the whole NFT The value of the market has increased significantly .10 month ,NFT front 100 The floor market value of the project is estimated to be 168 Billion dollars , Among them, virtual land only accounts for 8%. After a month , The market value of virtual real estate has risen to 40 Billion dollars , At least... Now NFT Average market value 25%. 

Yuan universe token explosion

Like virtual real estate , Cryptocurrency supporting metauniverse related projects , Including several people who play games to make money dapp, Its value has soared in the past few weeks . Despite the recent decline in the cryptocurrency market , The yuan universe token still outperforms most of its peers . 

GALA yes Gala Games The original token of the ecosystem , It has always been one of the best performing assets in the blockchain industry and any other industry in the world . This year, GALA The price has increased by 31500%, Easily outperform any type of asset .Axie Infinity The governance token of AXS And I did well , Support its host dapp It's an important year for .2021 year , Despite the recent market decline ,AXS Our valuation still exceeds 20,800%.

The assets supporting the virtual world are also one of the most profitable assets .The Sandbox Practical and governance tokens SAND Reached 8.40 The dollar's all-time high , Its price has risen since the beginning of this year 14,000%.Somnium Space Native utility token CUBE The price of has soared 4,700%, and Decentraland Native and governance tokens MANA The price of has gone up in the same period of time 4,600%.


The universe seems to be our social 、 transaction 、 The parallel reality of entertainment and even work . This space will change our current way of life , Because it can create a new economy , To meet the growing digital needs and preferences of the virtual society . Although the metauniverse looks complete , But it still has room to grow . Recently launched WorldWide Webb Has laid the foundation for an interoperable virtual world . Avatars from different projects NFT Space to access game functions . To make a long story short , Yuan universe and making money through games , Will continue to dominate the narrative of our growing industry .

3、 ... and 、 all DeFi The agreement is locked in 1890 $billion in assets

Often be NFT And the impressive expansion of game categories ,DeFi stay 2021 The performance in was also very positive .2020 Years later, ,DeFi Become the most critical category , Showing a growth trend . At the time of writing , Of the industry TVL by 1890 Billion dollars , Increase over the previous year 767%. 


2021 In DeFi Two key trends have been observed in the field . First , Hindered by Ethereum infrastructure challenges ,Aave、Sushiswap and Curve Wait a few DeFi dapp Extend its services to multiple networks at the same time with the so-called Multi Chain paradigm . This trend paves the way for other blockchains to make progress in this field . Ethereal TVL Year-on-year growth 455%, At present for 1152 Billion dollars . For all that , Although the Internet still dominates DeFi scene ( About% of the industry TVL Of 61%), However, relevant blockchains take advantage of the limitations of Ethereum .

BSC Quickly position yourself as a... That attracts millions of users DeFi succedaneum , Part of the reason is PancakeSwap Friendly interface .PancakeSwap It is the most commonly used data based on the chain in the industry dapp, It helps BSC Position yourself as TVL The key to the second blockchain ( At the time of writing 219 Billion dollars ). Even though it's like Venus In this way BSC DeFi The project was launched in... After the collapse of the encryption market 5 The month suffered a severe liquidation , but BSC Some use has been restored and the value lost after adverse events . Loan agreement Alpaca Finance etc. Dapp And follow PancakeSwap A series of Secrets of success dapp, help BSC Established a strong position behind Ethereum .

After losing the crown of the most used category ,DeFi Space in Q3 Slow recovery in .Solana and Avalanche The high utilization rate of has improved DeFi Overall utilization of . The third quarter , On average, more than 655,000 individual UAW Connect to DeFi dapp, Accounting for... Of industry usage 39%. In the fourth quarter , Usage has increased 47%, It now accounts for 20% of industry activities 44%, Still dominated by games . 

To be exact ,Solana yes TVL One of the blockchains that has improved the most .2021 year ,AMM Raydium、DEX Serum、Sunny、Sabre、Orca and Solend etc. DeFi Project launch , send Solana Become the most diversified in this field DeFi One of the kits . Plus a practical and friendly wallet ,Solana Exceeded expectations .10 month ,Solana Of TVL breakthrough 100 Billion dollars , Yes BSC The second place poses a serious challenge . At the time of writing ,Solana yes TVL The fourth largest blockchain in , value 113 Billion dollars .

at present ,Avalanche Network TVL The index surged to the current 109 Billion dollars . Part of the reason is to start 1.8 A $billion liquidity mining plan , These include Curve and Kyber Popular. DeFi project , as well as Avalanche Their own Trader Joe.8 month ,Avalanche Of TVL More than the 20 Billion dollars , And it's growing .Avalanche And Terra and Solana for DeFi Third place , Second only to BSC.

DeFi The existence of extended solutions in space is becoming more and more obvious .Polygon、Ronin、Arbitrum And other blockchain alternatives now have attractive DeFi Options , Allows users to access Ethereum security assets , Without high transaction costs . This trend also shows that , Ethereum will eventually become a whale network , because gas The cost proves that the operation above a specific threshold is reasonable . 

Ronin Our case is worth re examining . Looking forward to the future ,Ronin Should not be regarded as Axie Infinity Running side chain . By releasing Katana DEX,Ronin Become one of the most exciting networks in the industry . Especially considering Ronin The potential that mobile wallets can offer .Katana Holding more than 12.5 $ TVL, Next year may be a challenge Polygon. 

Although living in NFT And the game 2021 Under the shadow of the year , but DeFi The field has been greatly improved , Become a more mature 、 A competitive and complete ecosystem . For all that , There is still room for improvement , Especially in terms of security .

Four 、 Industry challenges

Although the performance of the main categories of blockchain is impressive , but DApp The industry still faces some challenges that need to be addressed in its current field . 


Due to its encryption mechanism and decentralized infrastructure , Blockchain has one of the safest technical frameworks ever . For all that , Defects in smart contract code 、 Wrongdoers or just bad security practices , Both can lead to negative results .


according to Rekt database ,2021 Year of 161 The attack caused more than 19 Billion dollars in losses . From another perspective , A total of... Have been stolen in the past five years 5.75 Billion dollars . Its value is to attract wrongdoing , Therefore, this situation needs to be alleviated . 

These events include smart contract vulnerabilities 、 Flash loan hackers and exit fraud . Perhaps the most famous one happened in 8 month , At that time, a hacker used the name Poly Network The Ethereum of DeFi dapp Stole 6 Billion dollars , This is the biggest cryptocurrency theft in history . Although the attacker returned the money in a strange incident , But the message is clear . Need to embed leading cyber security practices into the industry , Especially in DeFi field , The vulnerability risk there is greater , And it's where most of the value is concentrated . 

Although these hackers and vulnerabilities make headlines , But blockchain users have lost valuable assets , You should be aware of common safety good practices . Protect your tokens with a hardware wallet 、 Do your own research before investing 、 Avoiding clicking on suspicious links or sharing private keys with others are examples of good security practices that are easy to implement .


The number of security issues including vulnerabilities and fraud has increased , It shows that there is an urgent need to strengthen regulatory activities . Not just to protect blockchain users , It is also to improve the trust in the industry . 

May have been overlooked at first , The fast track adopted has made regulatory issues a global priority . In the United States SEC、 This is the case with the European Commission of the European Union and local authorities in other Asian and American economies . 

2021 year ,SEC Failed to properly address the need to regulate the industry . The US authorities are cautious and strict about cryptocurrency , And historically denied the creation of cryptocurrency based ETF. Geographical restrictions on U.S. citizens need to be monitored , Because they are deprived of regular activities such as airdrop , Can't even participate in income earning opportunities . The next wave of digital finance seems to be developing outside the United States .


In Europe, , The regulatory narrative around the industry is more specific . Perhaps driven by the conceptualization of the potential digital euro . The European Central Bank (ECB) And the European Commission have been involved in discussions on the subject . Besides , The European blockchain partnership cooperates with the European Commission , Is expected to be in 2022 Sometime in, a pan European regulatory sandbox was launched . obviously , The eurozone is ahead of the restrictive US market . 

meanwhile , In Asia , The situation is more stringent . China has repeatedly banned bitcoin mining ,2021 Year is no exception . All encryption related activities are considered illegal in the country , This may clear the way for the digital RMB . In India, , This method is also restrictive . For all that , As report goes , Indian authorities and policymakers have made progress in regulating such assets . 

On the other hand , Southeast Asia has made some progress in encryption regulations . Singapore is a country that embraces cryptocurrency , And have an appropriate framework . The monetary authority of Singapore has adjusted the payment services act (PSA), To reduce the financial risks associated with these types of assets . Another country closely related to the industry, the Philippines, has implemented guidelines for managing digital assets . 

Regardless of the region , The regulations are in DeFi Especially important in , This space reflects the traditional financial industry to a certain extent . Besides ,DeFi It is a place to lock in most of the value of the industry . A specific theme that has attracted the attention of regulators is the stability of the currency , That is, assets linked one-to-one to the dollar or any other stable asset . They are DeFi It is widely used in , And it has been increasing recently . Regulators are worried about Tether、USD Circle、Pax Whether the current reserves of stable currency companies are sufficient to ensure the increase of the supply of these assets . A digital bank run is possible , The side effects of this situation will be detrimental to all the progress made in the industry . 

To make a long story short , In the long run , Regulations will certainly help the industry . I'm afraid it won't be plain sailing at the beginning . There is a huge gap between the regulated environment and the current ecosystem , Because some DApp、 The organization and its underlying tokens do not fully follow best practices . For all that , It is important to start building an agreed regulatory environment . This situation will bring a sense of trust to the industry , Because institutions and ordinary users are using any type of... That meets the proposed regulatory framework DApp Will be more confident .

intellectual property right

Blockchain technology in IP A large number of applications are provided in the environment . Track the source of the item , Authenticate individuals , And, of course, managing registrations and licenses . However ,IP It poses some challenges to the industry itself .

Web 3.0 One of the prerequisites is availability . Several decentralized applications have provided their code to the community . In this way , People around the project can continue to build to enhance their products . However , Due to the work developed by others , See the project copy established ppDA And raising millions of dollars is not uncommon . In blockchain , There is only a thin line between the copy and the fork , But there is still a need to clearly distinguish between the bifurcation of helping the community and simply changing the logo and launching clones of products marked as their own creation .

A popular case occurred in Sushiswap Bifurcation Uniswap V1 Contract and execute vampire attacks , Used up millions of liquidity . Up to now ,Uniswap V3 The contract has been licensed , Can protect them from intellectual property theft . Something similar happened in Aave On the body . In the latest governance vote ,Aave The token holder decides to license Aave V3 Upcoming loan contracts , Limit the underlying code for an uncertain period of time .

Although the license violates the blockchain and DeFi The spirit of open source , But it does protect the hard work of several developers from copycat projects . It will certainly hinder the essence of the community , Promote industry development , But at the same time , It protects all of us from poorly developed projects , In most cases, these projects do not know the function of their stolen work . Ideally , Over the next few months , We will reach a middle ground , Individuals who really want to improve their products can be approved to continue to add value .

Bad media coverage

Individuals who are not familiar with blockchain technology capabilities are likely to mislead information about the technology . Perhaps the most popular view is around blockchain and its underlying use cases ( Such as NFT And games ) The idea of posing a threat to the real world environment .

in fact , Proof of the workload used in blockchains such as the first iteration of bitcoin or Ethereum (PoW) The consensus mechanism is far from energy conservation . The annual energy consumption of bitcoin is equal to the energy consumption of the whole country such as Chile or Switzerland . However , Due to its low speed and low scalability , This consensus mechanism is used less frequently . 

At present, almost all DApp Operation depends on other consensus mechanisms , For example, the share certificate mechanism . So NFT、 It is far fetched that games and other blockchain examples will damage the environment .

We must provide the masses with as much educational information as possible . This will reduce the number of false assumptions that lead to a negative view of the entire industry .

5、 ... and 、2021 Summary and trend of the year

2021 The blockchain industry proved to be one of the most exciting places in . Rapid growth is unmatched by any traditional industry . And about blockchain DApp The story of the social impact , For example, in the Philippines Axie Infinity, It seems to come directly from Hollywood script .

Because around the virtual image and art NFT The frenzy of , Mainstream culture has finally learned the power behind this technology .220 The $billion trading volume has increased NFT The growth of demand is only the tip of the iceberg . The potential of these assets is huge , Beyond the monetary impact of the industry . 

image NFT equally , People are beginning to realize the advantages of blockchain based games . The narrative around earning games and the metauniverse is just beginning , It may transform the traditional paradigm into a new paradigm in which individuals can fully control their assets , And monetize their time , And work in a new decentralized digital community . Blockchain based games and NFT The existing intersection between allows gamers to really own and manage their playable assets , But most of all , Earn cryptocurrency by playing games . I feel that narratives around these two trends may rise rapidly .

Although most of the attention is focused on NFT And games , but DeFi Feel more consolidated and mature . Relevant blockchains make their footprints in space more obvious , And pushed TVL A record high .Terra、Solana and Avalanche Great progress has been made , It should be regarded as BSC And Ethereum's strong competitors . meanwhile , In the future, there will be an increasing demand for extended solutions .

Ethereum is one of the most important blockchains , It will undergo important structural changes by evolving into a proof of interest network . The first 2 Tier solutions will host important DeFi And games to earn DApp, Enjoy the security of Ethereum at the same time .2022 Years are very important for this network . 

Last , Although safe 、 statute 、IP And other related topics are not as attractive as impressive figures , But they will undoubtedly be in 2022 It plays a crucial role . With the adoption of... On a larger scale than ever before , The industry should be prepared to learn more about these trends .

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