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Blockchain talent shortage, world chain job effectively improves the matching rate of people and posts

2022-02-02 20:17:22 four hundred and twenty-one thousand and ten

Past and recent , So-called “ Those who get people are happy , Those who lose will die ”, Talent is the first element of industry development , Prosperity without talent is by no means prosperity . Empathy , A blockchain without talent is also destined to be “ Castles in the air ”. Look back at 2021 year , Blockchain has ushered in significant development opportunities in the changing times , It is not only reflected in obtaining high attention at the national level , Promote the rapid rise in the number of blockchain related enterprises , What's more, it is the explosive growth of the industry's demand for talents . In other words , The popularity of blockchain talents has become a fact , But talent shortage is also a fact .

Around the world , At present, there are more and more entrepreneurs 、 Investors flock to blockchains , Various blockchain companies 、 Blockchain platforms are constantly emerging , Under the unprecedented development speed of the industry , The matched professionals can not meet the needs of the industry at all . Enterprises face more people “ Interested learners ”、“ Workers trying to change careers ”、“ Speculators make money ”、“ Option holders ” wait , Few job seekers really understand blockchain and Technology .

Because of this , No matter how much capital is sought after , No matter how much the public praises , There are no professionals as the driving force of the industry , Blockchain enterprises may “ In name only ”. This is precisely the necessary and urgent problem to be solved in the blockchain field , What's more, every professional who is engaged in and intends to engage in blockchain related work , We must clarify our thinking . Facing the monk with more meat and less “ Talent circle ”, How do blockchain enterprises spare no effort to rob and retain talents , How to avoid talent “ Do not apply ” Awkward situation , Avoid talent becoming “ Idle talent ”, Choosing a reliable recruitment platform is very important .

The reason why an enterprise can win the market 、 Continued growth , In the final analysis, talents are suitable for , And the world chain JOB It can help enterprises to efficiently realize the matching of people and posts . The world chain JOB Since its establishment, it has reserved a large number of talents for blockchain enterprises , It can quickly improve the efficiency of person post matching , To maximize the efficient allocation and upgrading of human resources , Accurately connect talents with enterprises , Blockchain enterprises can directly participate in the blockchain JOB Find the right talent ; All kinds of talents who want to transfer to the blockchain industry , Or if you are a professional in the blockchain field, you can also have a zero distance dialogue with blockchain enterprises , Quickly find the right position .

As a blockchain launched by world chain finance “ job ” Traffic platform , The world chain JOB Provide one-stop services for talents and enterprises , On the one hand, it helps blockchain enterprises achieve accurate talent hunting in an all-round way , With “ Special hunting ” Provide one-stop recruitment service in the form of , Including precise docking 、 Resource matching 、 Professional headhunters 、 High quality talents and so on , On the other hand, help blockchain talents match high-quality enterprises , Through comprehensive research in the field of blockchain , Search for talents to adapt to blockchain enterprises , So as to build human resources and enterprises “ two-way ” Interworking bridge , To maximize the efficient allocation and upgrading of human resources .

In order to make the best of people 、 Make the best of it , The world chain JOB Talents committed to all-round cultivation “ ecosystem ”, It will provide a strong driving force for the blockchain talent supply market , Help to balance the supply and demand of blockchain talents . In addition to providing accurate talent services for blockchain enterprises , The world chain also tries to establish a longer-term strategic goal and reserve more senior talents . Up to now , The world chain JOB Settled, including OKEX And many other well-known enterprises , Comprehensive coverage of massive talents in blockchain , Community... Community , Get through in one fell swoop “ personnel ” To “ Enterprises ” The last kilometer of .

Find blockchain talent , The world chain JOB:


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