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Aofex exchange was investigated by the police, and the cryptocurrency exchange retreated into the countdown

2022-02-02 19:47:00 China Times

The reporter Zhao Yi Hu Jinhua Shanghai

The clearing and withdrawal of cryptocurrency exchange in China has entered the countdown stage , In the near future ,《 Chinese times 》 The reporter learned from some investors , A company called AOFEX The cryptocurrency exchange is currently unable to log in , Staff lost contact , It's like running .

12 month 14 Japan , Reporter in AOFEX I learned from the announcement on the official website ,12 month 10 In the afternoon , Xuzhou police in Jiangsu Province took away the company's management and technicians to assist in the investigation , It's still out of touch ;12 month 10 Sunday night , The police cut off the user's login path ,AOFEX All users cannot log in to the official website and APP, The login status is displayed as account name or password error ;12 month 13 Early morning ,AOFEX Server down , Official website and APP Unable to display content , At present, the reason for disconnection is unknown , Not AOFEX Take the initiative to disconnect .

Reporters found , at present AOFEX The official website only displays the announcement page , Users can still complete registration through email , But you can't view transaction data and other contents .

Regarding this , Su Xiaorui, a senior analyst at Analysys, told 《 Chinese times 》 The reporter said , One side , The suspension or even running of the exchange is not the end of the retreat , Previously, there have been many cases of exchange running away in the market ; On the other hand , Due to the lack of clear supervision of the currency circle , Therefore, the main body of the exchange that runs away “ To hide ”, The user's privacy may be leaked in the process of clearing 、 The security of account funds is threatened and other practical challenges .

AOFEX The exchange was investigated by the police

AOFEX Official announcement shows , because AOFEX The technicians are all assisting the police in the investigation , At present, the company has no recoverable server and user login rights , It can only be handled after the technicians cooperate with the police investigation , Please be patient ; At present, the core staff managing the company's hot wallet and cold wallet are cooperating with the police investigation , User funds are in a safe state , After the server returns to work and the user resumes the normal login function, the coin withdrawal function will be enabled , Users can cash and withdraw 100% of their assets .

Reporters noted that , Two days before the announcement of the police investigation ,AOFEX Once released a report on the temporary maintenance and upgrade of the system , Announcement of suspension of withdrawal of currency . The announcement shows ,AOFEX Actively cooperate with the regulatory policy requirements of the local government , Already in 2021 year 11 Completed the next month's work from all application markets in the Chinese mainland. , At present, the staff of the technical department of the company are cooperating with the public security organ in the investigation , It will be adjusted smoothly and orderly on the premise of ensuring the safety of users' assets .

AOFEX Express , Temporary maintenance and upgrading are currently under way , And comprehensively identify the platform account , Suspend the login function of existing accounts , The login function of all accounts will be restored after full identification . After the login function is restored , Other functions of the platform can be used normally . In the process , The security of the user's account assets will not be affected in any way .

An investor asked 《 Chinese times 》 The reporter said , before AOFEX No retirement notice has been issued , I once asked the Administrator , The answer is that you can trade normally . Reporters noted that , Affected by the event of unable to log in and prohibit currency withdrawal , at present AOFEX The price of platform currency plummeted .

Regarding this , Su Xiaorui says , Virtual currency exchanges set up overseas pass C2C The model bypasses regulation , The small-scale participation of individual investors is difficult to monitor and identify through scientific and technological means , Therefore, individual investors should be aware that such acts are illegal financial activities that deviate from regulation , Very high risk . As far as the present situation is concerned , Exchange users are generally difficult to protect their rights , In particular, some exchanges are set up overseas and it is difficult to locate the true identity of their actual controllers or operators .

“ Than defending rights after the incident , Investors should pay more attention to prevention in advance , Keep away from currency related businesses in advance .” Su Xiaorui stressed that .

According to the official website ,AOFEX Incorporated in 2018 year , The registered address is... In the UK , It claims to be the first non standardized option digital asset exchange in the world , It is an exchange open to users all over the world , Now it has more than ecological members 10 ten thousand .

Cryptocurrency exchange clearing countdown

Under strong domestic supervision , since 2021 year 10 Since the month , Several cryptocurrency exchanges disclosed the clearing plan , According to the 《 Chinese times 》 Reporters do not complete statistics , More than 20 exchanges have announced their withdrawal from the Chinese market , Or just shut down . Fire money 、 Currency security 、MEXC、Kucoin、Bitget And other exchanges have announced that they will 12 month 31 Recently completed the clearance of Chinese users .

Chen Jiaxiang, researcher of the Institute of currency of Renmin University 《 Chinese times 》 The reporter said , at present , The cryptocurrency industry has no legal status in China , All links in the production and circulation of tokens other than the digital currency of the people's Bank of China are illegal . Besides , To maintain social stability 、 Preventing financial risks , In recent years, the regulatory authorities have strengthened the strength and accuracy of anti money laundering . Three in one , The cryptocurrency exchange was expelled from the original gray area .

Chen Jia believes , This illegal attribute leads to higher and higher operating costs of the whole industry , Investment behavior is more short-term . As a capital intensive industry , The high cost and short-term of investment generally have two results , One is the high pursuit of short-term returns , The other is to quickly realize the assets held .

Chen Jia said , at present , Most of the servers in the currency exchange are overseas , Part of it is located in Southeast Asia with weak supervision , Some are located in countries and regions that are open to encrypted assets or currencies . Once there is a currency run, domestic investors need to protect their rights across borders , In the past two years when the epidemic situation has been changing, the difficulty can be imagined ; What's more, individual investors are the weak side of information in the face of currency .

“ In the case of money running in the early stage , Few people walk away . The only way to avoid gambling losses is not to participate in gambling , That is what the people's Bank of China has repeatedly stressed ‘ Long time bet will lose ’.” Chen Jia stressed .

Reporters noted that , In the process of clearing out mainland users by the exchange , Breed a new service , Some enterprises provide overseas company registration services to mainland users , What's more, they directly provide overseas identity , To meet customers' demand for money speculation .

The customer service staff told our reporter , Recently, many people have come to inquire about the registration of overseas companies , The purpose is to open an institutional account in the exchange and continue to invest in cryptocurrency . The current fee for registering a company in the UK is 1500 element / year , You only need to provide your ID card or passport .

Regarding this , Chen Jia said , Due to regulatory differences , International companies engaged in encrypted assets or currency services are growing rapidly abroad , Relevant enterprises provide services to Chinese domestic investors , Generally, domestic regulation should be bypassed , Provide virtual identity and invest in the encryption asset industry . For domestic investors , First , This kind of investment is illegal ; secondly , Its income cannot be obtained by legal means , It can only be realized through illegal entry and exit channels again , This already belongs to the anti money laundering category of the people's Bank of China , Involving crime . Last , These investment behaviors pose severe challenges to national sovereignty and macro financial stability . The state has issued a series of laws and regulations to regulate individual investment behavior , The future regulatory trend will be more accurate and effective .

In Chen Jia's opinion , Even in North America, where the regulation of the encryption asset industry is relatively loose , The legitimacy of cryptocurrency is also unrecognized , Domestic consumers and investors must have a clear understanding , Keep in mind that the risks and benefits of financial products must match .

“ The trading of the currency exchange belongs to a new mode of ultra-high frequency and lack of supervision , At present, there is no financial asset trading model that can match it . Unless investors are proficient in the industry for many years and have strong learning ability and development strength , Otherwise, the core of currency exchange trading seen by the public is far beyond the understanding ability of individual investors .” Chen Jia said .

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