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Coinbase releases the vision of metauniverse, or will become Facebook of the early Internet

2022-02-02 19:46:43 Defi Baize Research Institute

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Yesterday, , Compliant encryption exchange Coinbase Brian, CEO of the company · Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) With Alex, who is in charge of the identification tool · Reeve (Alex Reeve) Co published a blog post , Elaborated the company's vision for the meta universe 、 Understand and plan to be developed ( be based on NFT Your identity tool 、ETH/Coinbase Login function, etc ).

If Coinbase Indeed, as its vision, it becomes people's access to the meta universe ( Multiple connected virtual worlds ) And the popular choice of managing identity , Then it is likely to play with Facebook In the early days of the Internet, similar roles , People use their Facebook Account to access various websites , But it makes Facebook There have been numerous disputes over privacy and censorship . about Coinbase Come on , The situation may be different , Because the metauniverse will be built by multiple decentralized platforms , No company or institution can control it , however , Avoid Web2.0 Bring in the style of Web3.0 That's the point .

Coinbase Mentioned in the text “ ENS ” yes “ Ethereum name service ” For short , This is a fast-growing service , It turns the complex characters that make up the wallet address into a simple English term , Such as “GeorgeWashington.eth”( Or whatever name you want ).Coinbase Think ENS Will be a key step in making the metauniverse more accessible and user-friendly .

Let's go to the Baize Institute for Coinbase The article and the chart are compiled , please Enjoy.


These days , Almost everyone is talking about the meta universe .

Early metauniverse platforms are selling virtual land for millions of dollars . Billions of dollars are invested in Yuan universe startups . mark · zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) Recently, his whole company Facebook Renamed Meta, To reflect the focus on the construction of the meta universe .

“ Meta universe ” The word is not new . Writer Neil · Stephenson (Neal Stephenson) stay 1992 The novel of 《 An avalanche 》(Snow Crash) It was first used in . But as technology advances , And we spend more and more life on the Internet , More and more people are beginning to think about what will happen next —— And how the future will completely change the digital world and the physical world .

Define the meta universe

stay Coinbase, Our idea of the metauniverse has been well received by venture capitalists and writers Matthew Ball Influence . and Matt equally , We define the meta universe as “ The future of the Internet ”:

A large scale 、 persistent 、 Interactive and interoperable real-time platform , It consists of a virtual world that can be interconnected with the real world , People can socialize in it 、 Work 、 transaction 、 Entertainment and creation .

The earliest version of the Internet Web1.0 It's about accessing static web pages ;Web2.0 It's about interactive social experiences in a closed ecosystem ; and Web3.0 It will be about opening up 、 Digital ownership in a decentralized environment .

The universe is Web3.0 Distant evolution of . In the most complete form of , It will be a series of scattered 、 Interconnected virtual worlds , It has a fully functional economic system , People can do anything they can do in the real world there .


The illustration :

◆Web2.0 Evolution → Web3.0 → Meta universe

◆Web2.0: Interactive 、 social contact 、 Share 、 cooperation .( Closed and centralized )

◆Web3.0: Digital ownership 、 Digital currency 、 creativity .( Developed 、 Distrusted and unlicensed )

◆ Meta universe : interconnection 、 Zoom virtual world 、 Platforms that support applications and activities 、 lasting , synchronous , Always online 、 A fully functioning economy .( Open 、 Decentralized and interoperable )

It is important to , The universe and games ( What you can do in the metauniverse ) Or virtual reality ( A way to interact with the meta universe ) Different . It's different from Web3.0( The distant ancestor of the meta universe ).

To illustrate this point , Here are some differences between the current meta universe platform and our definition of the meta universe :


The basic element of the meta universe

Although it will take years to build a complete metauniverse , But in the final analysis, the meta universe should be based on the current foundation .


Just like today's Internet , The metauniverse will depend on hardware and infrastructure 、 Standardized tools and regulatory framework —— Most of this has not yet been developed .

But unlike today's Internet , There won't be only one universe . There will be many metauniverses , They will be connected to each other . That's why any meta universe must be trusted , People can interact directly without mediation . No permission is required , It also means that anyone can participate without the authorization of the regulatory authority .

To achieve this goal , Metauniverse will rely on blockchain to transfer identity and ownership between virtual worlds , Verify them through protocols , And the need for a payment channel that allows people to trade and earn income in a Decentralized Economy .

Who is building the meta universe now ?

Although we can't build a nearly complete metauniverse yet , But different companies and organizations are studying the different elements that make up the metauniverse . Most fall into three categories :


The yuan universe ecosystem is still in its infancy , And it's an emerging technology . This is also its charm .


Identity determines who you are , What you can visit and do , And how you represent yourself in the virtual world .

In the metauniverse , Our identity must include a simple login 、 A unique ID、 A portrait representing us 、 Follow our metadata and proof , So that we can prove who we are . Below we list the current status of each field :


Coinbase The vision of the metauniverse

stay Coinbase, We want to help integrate resources in all identity areas —— Essentially creating an identity portal , Into the meta universe . This is what we do with ENS The idea behind cooperation , This allows the creation of a name as a unique identity NFT Make it possible . Final , This will allow users to remain unique in different worlds of the metauniverse .

We are also working on developing avatars that you can buy 、 Maintain public information and use [ The etheric fang /Coinbase] Login function , It allows users to log in to every application in the metauniverse .

in the final analysis , It has nothing to do with expanding our business or making money . This is a key part of building a metacosmic ecosystem , And help the encryption industry develop in the right way . We know that the meta universe will come true , We know it will be a series of interrelated virtual worlds . Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to establish their identity and simply 、 Access these worlds in a credible and decentralized way .

If we succeed , It will give full play to the potential of the metauniverse —— And remain free and open to all .

Risk warning :

According to the issued by the central bank and other departments 《 Notice on further preventing and dealing with the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions 》, This article is for information sharing only , Do not promote or endorse any business and investment behavior , Please strictly abide by the local laws and regulations , Do not participate in any illegal financial activities .

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