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The 2nd edition of 1 inch price limit order agreement was officially released

2022-02-02 19:17:26 1inch China


As DeFi The leader of ,1inch Network Has been committed to improving its agreement , To ensure that users always get the best swap in the field .

2021 year 6 month ,1inch The limit order agreement was officially launched . according to Dune Analytics The data of , From then on , There has been more than 20000 Users have used the protocol for about 60000 Transactions , The total turnover is 29 Billion dollars . In order to make transactions more efficient and further reduce costs , Now? ,“ It's time to start performing real technology ”.

1inch Network I'm glad to announce that :1inch Article... Of the limit order agreement 2 Version is officially released .

In the new version , The code has been refactored 、 Optimize and simplify , Different types of orders are moved to different files . While transaction costs become lower . It also adds some important functions , The user experience has been further improved .

There is no need to gas Of ETH Price limit list

This function can make the cryptocurrency free gas Change to ETH. for example , The user creates a limit order , As long as cryptocurrency supports licensing , Convert any cryptocurrency they receive in airdrop or buy with legal currency into ETH, Even if their ETH The balance is 0.

This is a unique feature , No other limit order agreement can provide similar services . It makes no ETH Users can trade with cryptocurrencies that support licenses . at present , Ethereal 112 Cryptocurrencies , Coin security smart chain (BSC) Of 33  Cryptocurrencies , as well as Polygon Of 15 A cryptocurrency support license . These include USDC、AAVE、UNI、DAI、1INCH、BAL.... And other popular currencies .

Benefit from nothing gas Limit order function ,1inch The entry threshold for new users of the protocol will become very low . To start using 1inch agreement , The user has at least one cryptocurrency that supports licensing , You don't need to buy ETH Or transfer from other exchanges ETH, They can trade directly .

Yes, similar DAI License support for

stay 1inch Article of limit order agreement 1 One version , There are already many cryptocurrencies that support licensing . In the 2 Version of the , Not only covers past licenses , The list of supported licenses is further expanded , For example, cryptocurrency DAI.

Because of this , The protocol now supports more cryptocurrencies , For these cryptocurrencies , There is no need to approve the transaction , Because you can use the license directly .

Inquiry optimization

inquiry (RFQ) The function is optimized , Become more efficient , It provides new opportunities for market makers . say concretely , Market makers can now set up specific recipients to obtain licenses . This improves the protection of market makers , Protect it from possible abuse .

Other improvements

  • Users can now see immediately whether their order has been fully executed or cancelled .
  • Yes ERC721 and ERC1155 The support of cryptocurrency has been transferred to independent smart contracts , This helps to improve the quality of life 1inch Security of limit order agreement .
  • Use fillOrderTo() and fillOrderRFQTo() Function to increase the chance of indicating the cryptocurrency receiver
  • RFQ Fill now returns at the same time makingAmount and takingAmount.


1inch Article of limit order agreement 2 The version has been independently audited by several audit institutions :

ABDK Report

Chainsulting Report

CoinFabrik Report

Igor Gulamov Report

MixBytes Report

Pessimistic Report

Certik Report

You can go to github Found on the 1inch Limit Order Protocol v2 Code for .

More information about limit order function , as well as 1inch Comparison of limit order agreement with other solutions , Please check out 1inch cofounder Anton Bukov The article .

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