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The chief economist of the International Monetary Fund stressed the "global policy demand" of crypto regulation

2022-02-02 19:17:21 Blockchain Knight

In the past few years ,Crypto The prosperity of has led many countries to take action in regulating the digital industry . 

Of course, their supervision methods vary according to their respective economic environment . However , International monetary fund (IMF) We are firmly adhering to the global regulatory framework . 

Chief economist of the International Monetary Fund Gita Gopinath Recently, a global policy framework has been developed for the digital asset industry . She thinks because Crypto You can trade overseas , No country can solve the problems faced by the current digital industry alone , She thinks ,“ There is an urgent need for a global policy .” 


The economist works for the National Council for Applied Economic Research in India (NCAER) Speak at an event organized by and point out ,Crypto It poses a greater challenge to emerging economies . 

She thinks “ Compared with developed economies ,Crypto Seems more attractive to emerging markets . However , Exchange rate controls in emerging market countries 、 Capital flow control , and Crypto Will have an impact on this .“ 

For all that ,Gopinath admit , because Crypto Decentralization , It's forbidden Crypto There are practical obstacles , She believes it is necessary to regulate them .  It is worth noting that ,Gopinath Add , The laws governing these assets should be similar to those applicable to other financial investment assets . 


Gopinath Think ,Crypto Decentralization is the reason for the need for a global policy approach

“ prohibit Crypto Facing the challenge , Because we can't guarantee whether we can really ban Crypto, Because many exchanges are offshore , They are not regulated by a country .” 

For example, the largest centralized exchange Binance Still operating globally without any entity headquarters . This has put the company in regulatory difficulties in many countries , These countries have either banned the exchange , Or warn the exchange to become submissive . 

Gopinath A few days before the above remarks were made , The International Monetary Fund issued a detailed report saying that measures should be taken on a global scale “ comprehensive 、 Coherence and coordination ” Of Crypto Management methods

The core requirement of the framework is the authorization Crypto Service provider ,Crypto Brokers and products similar to traditional markets , And the use of Crypto Of regulated financial institutions .

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