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US media: another huge theft of cryptocurrency was exposed, and hackers stole nearly $200 million

2022-02-02 19:04:16 Ancient Taoism and Confucianism

According to the website of American consumer news and business channel 12 month 5 Reported Wednesday , A network security company 4 Day said , Hackers from cryptocurrency trading platform Bitmart Stealing 1.96 Billion dollars .

Reports said ,Bitmart On 4 An official statement issued on the evening of the th confirmed the hacking incident , Call it “ A large-scale security attack ”, The hacker extracted a value of about 1.5 $billion in assets . However , Blockchain security and data analysis company paidun estimated that the loss was close to 2 Billion dollars .Bitmart Also said , All extraction services of the platform have been suspended , Subject to further notice , At present, a comprehensive safety inspection is being carried out .

The report also said , Paidun company was the first to notice 4 The organization of the Japanese hacker attack . The company noted that ,Bitmart An address display , Tens of millions of dollars continue to flow to a place marked by Ethereum browser as “Bitmart hackers ” The address of .

The report says , Paidun estimates that ,Bitmart All kinds of cryptocurrencies on Ethereum blockchain lost about 1 Billion dollars , The cryptocurrency on the coin security smart chain has lost 9600 Thousands of dollars . Hackers stole 20 Multiple cryptocurrencies , Including coin an coin 、“ Safe moon ” Digital currency and firewood dog currency .

Bitmart say , Affected etheric and angcoin “ Hot Wallet ” Only the assets of the trading platform “ A small part ”, All the other wallets are “ safe and sound ”.

Reports to introduce , Holders of cryptocurrency can use “ heat ”“ cold ” Or both . The hot wallet is connected to the Internet , Customers can access and use cryptocurrencies relatively easily , But the cost of convenience is higher risk .

Reports said , The data of the coin tiger website shows ,Bitmart Offer spot transactions 、 Leveraged futures trading and loan services , According to the transaction volume, it is one of the top centralized encryption trading platforms .

Bitmart say , It's not clear what methods hackers use , But according to paidun , What happened after the invasion is simple and clear : This is together “ extract 、 In exchange for 、 cleaning ” The typical case .

The report says , Hackers from Bitmart After withdrawing funds , Use the name “1 Inch ” The decentralized transaction aggregator will replace the stolen encrypted currency with ether , Then save it in a file called “ Tornado cash ” In the encryption mixer , Make these funds difficult to track .

Reports said , Cyber Threat Intelligence company “ Digital shadow ” Chief information security officer Rick · Holland said , Cybercriminals often target platforms that provide mixed services . He said , On this platform , Users can combine illegal funds with clean cryptocurrencies , Create a new cryptocurrency , Then exchange cryptocurrencies .

The report also said , Although blockchains are public , But hackers still have ways to make it difficult for investigators to track the final whereabouts of the transaction .

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