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5g private network + blockchain: building the "cornerstone of security and trust" of smart government

2022-02-02 18:54:14 CECBC

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Smart government is in the process of helping the government information construction and realizing the barrier free application of government affairs , Government data sharing 、 The challenges of balancing security and efficiency have become increasingly prominent . There are problems in horizontal and vertical information exchange “ Data barriers ”, Government coordination also lacks a certain foundation of trust . Give full play to the wisdom of government affairs 5G High security of private network data , At the same time, take advantage of the tamper proof storage mode of blockchain technology , Be able to establish a trust foundation for data interaction , Build together “ The cornerstone of security and trust ”.

5G The advantages of private network security are prominent

5G Through flexible physical layer resource allocation , With greater access capacity 、 Faster speed and stronger business capability , The service scope is further expanded from the traditional personal oriented mobile communication to the interconnection of all things .5G The system is not a public network (NPN) Architecture through independent non-public networks SNPN Integration with public networks PNI-NPN Two modes , For vertical industries ( Such as government affairs 、 Petroleum chemical industry 、 Power grid and other industries ) It provides a public network with traditional operators (PLMN) Isolated 5G Basic communication network .5G The non-public network takes advantage of its flexible networking , It can effectively meet the security isolation requirements of various local area networks and the connectivity requirements of wide area networks in the construction of smart government , Provide customized resources and service quality assurance , Support all kinds of rich mobile government scenario applications .

5G The government private network can be shared 5G Government network (PNI-NPN) Pattern . The model is based on the operator 5G Authorized band construction , Share network resources with the public network . The network equipment comes from the existing public network resources of the operator , Using slicing and other technical means to build a wireless private network for government users ; The private network can be connected to the core network 、 Wireless network resources adopt “ Soft segmentation ” To achieve business isolation , Ensure the delay and reliability of the government private network ( It can be built locally MEC and UPF Other equipment ). Shared 5G Government private network and operators 5G Realization of public network information “ Soft isolation ”, Data transmission security .

The other networking mode is exclusive 5G Government network (SNPN). This mode adopts its own special frequency band for government affairs industry ( Band private ), All facilities of self built government network ; With ultra-low end-to-end delay , Support all kinds of large bandwidth 、 Low latency applications . Exclusive 5G Government private network and operators 5G Realization of public network information “ Hard isolation ”, The network realizes end-to-end autonomous control , So as to ensure the absolute security of data .

Blockchain solves trust problems

Blockchain technology adopts encryption algorithm 、 Point to point transmission 、 Data application mode of distributed data storage and consensus mechanism , Maintenance by multiple parties , Using cryptography to ensure transmission and access security , In a distributed 、 Ensure the irrefutability of recorded transactions in a non tamperable and credible manner 、 Integrity and traceability , Is a distributed database technology .

Blockchain network adopts point-to-point communication , Store data in block nodes . Block nodes are combined with cryptographic algorithms , Form a linked data structure in chronological order . All participants of the system jointly participate in the storage of the latest block data 、 Verification and maintenance . The exchange between block nodes in the whole blockchain system follows a fixed algorithm , You don't need to trust anyone , As the number of participating block nodes increases , On the contrary, the security of the whole blockchain system increases , So as to achieve the purpose that the data cannot be tampered with . No tampering 、 De centralization 、 Traceability and other characteristics build the core application capability of blockchain . Blockchain relies on its unique trust building mechanism , It is changing the credit operation rules of all walks of life , It has become an important technology for building a new social trust system .

5G Private network ﹢ Blockchain ” "

5G Strong combination of private network and blockchain technology , It has spawned a wealth of application scenarios in the field of smart government . One side ,5G The characteristics of private network highly meet the growing data connection demand in the development of smart government , Its security and contract management service framework can also meet the security requirements of the government industry . On the other hand , Blockchain technology relies on the technical characteristics of safety and reliability , It can effectively solve the problem of government data collection and transmission 、 Share exchange 、 Privacy in fusion processing 、 Trust and so on . therefore ,“5G Private network ﹢ Blockchain ” It can provide security for smart government system 、 Trusted data interoperability , Effectively improve the efficiency of urban management and public services of government departments .

E-government —— In the field of e-government , Through the construction of government industry 5G Private network , Innovate the government service process .

By adopting 5G Private network , Network elements related to government services are isolated from public network devices , Exclusive network resources ; Use custom UPF And other special network devices provide end-to-end security for government data , So as to ensure that the collection and transmission of various government data and information on the mobile terminal are free from security threats .

Share structured data through blockchain network , Establish a non-human controlled trust system , Realize the data right confirmation 、 Security encryption 、 Multiparty secure computing , Get through the communication between various government departments “ data silos ”, For different government departments 、 The data interconnection between superiors and subordinates of the same department provides a safe and reliable environment , Realize the cross sharing of government information and data 、 Whole process certificate storage and whole life cycle management of government data .

“5G Private network ﹢ Blockchain ” It can ensure the security of smart government operation 、 Efficiency and transparency , Satisfy “ One network management 、 All in one ” Government service requirements , Enhance the credibility of the government .

Security monitoring —— Security Monitoring covers the main data transmission links of smart government construction , It is the core link of smart government , It is valued by government departments at all levels . and 5G Wireless security monitoring equipment is easy to install 、 Strong flexibility 、 High cost performance characteristics , A lot of 5G camera 、 Sensors and security alarms are deployed on a large scale by government departments . By deploying 5G Government network , It can effectively protect all kinds of safety alarms 、 Network access of sensors and camera equipment 、 Bandwidth and data security requirements ; Use sinking deployment UPF and MEC Unit building 5G The edge node of the government private network , This sinks computing power to the edge of the data source , Realize large bandwidth consumption from sensors and ultra-high definition cameras 、 Local storage and fast processing of delay sensitive data .

It is worth noting that , Electronic evidence storage is particularly important in the process of government security monitoring and management . Distributed storage using blockchain technology 、 Timestamp mechanism 、 Tamper proof features , It can realize the safe storage of all kinds of video and other electronic evidence for security monitoring : Verify the integrity of electronic data by comparing the hash value of blockchain , Asymmetric encryption technology is used to encrypt electronic evidence to ensure the transmission security of all kinds of data , So as to ensure the authenticity and security of the evidence , Solve the security and trust problems faced by traditional monitoring and certificate storage , Reduce data fraud through technical means 、 Shirking safety responsibilities and other hidden dangers .

People's livelihood management —— at present ,“5G Private network ﹢ Blockchain ” Has been associated with artificial intelligence 、 Cloud computing 、 Full integration of big data and other technologies , Applied to food safety 、 education 、 Medical care 、 Real estate needs trust 、 Collaborative digital identity authentication in the field of people's livelihood services 、 Social credit platform, etc , In the future, you can also switch to “5G﹢ Blockchain ” Based infrastructure platform .

“5G Private network ﹢ Blockchain ” By using portable mobile terminals, decentralized, such as administrative penalties 、 credit 、 Real estate 、 Medical treatment and other public information are summarized and recorded in the digital identity of the corresponding person or object , Ensure that data is collected from 、 Every step from transaction to circulation is reliably retained and traceable . On this basis , Smart government has built a complete and reliable people's livelihood credit service management system , Simplify the working process of various livelihood Affairs , Provide safe and reliable intelligent livelihood Services .

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