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Curtis sword (CSC), the first 3D chain game of the concept of meta universe, will be launched soon

2022-02-02 18:00:43 Flame chain

Welcome to Curtis Sword The world of ,Curtis Sword It is a decentralized metauniverse 3D NFTARPG Mobile games , Founded in 2020 year , The goal is to explore the world of encryption and blockchain games Token、NFT The value of .Curtis Sword It comes from a fictional name ” Noah ” The continent of , Gamers will have full autonomy to explore and enjoy fun blockchain games 、 Interactive social networking space and a wide range of products and services .

 Currency security

Curtis Sword It's a way to have 100 Innovative blockchain game with more than maps , And ours CurtisSword Trade unions are more than just a gathering place for gamers to communicate , It's also an information integration 、 Risk investment 、 Trade union members go to the Central Chemical Society Community autonomously , Similar to... In the encrypted world DAO Community .Curtis Sword Gamers will be able to buy and own NFT Mainland identity represented by token , Collection exclusive NFT collection , stay Curtis Sword Develop and utilize its assets ( Virtual characters 、 Virtual equipment 、 Virtual world items 、 Tools etc. ), more importantly :Curtis Sword DAO The Union will pass GameFi The economic value of , Distribute the game revenue to every Union member . stay Curtis Sword in , Union members can use CSC Token to join the Mainland , Our economic system will be completely dominated by CSC Token driven , Used from transactions to the purchase of goods and services , And provide a sustainable economic model for trade union members in a new meta universe .

Equipment and revenue

 Currency security

stay Curtis Sword, In addition to the initial equipment , All weapons 、 clothing 、 mount 、 Pets 、 Partners and other items are NFT The props , This means that you can not only break through in the game 、 dig 、 Climbing tower 、 Get token rewards by means of ladder competition , At the same time, it can be revealed by trading on the blockchain NFT Props get extra income . There are dozens of different equipment and props used by different classes in the game , You can go to the world square and find the blacksmith , Then use some GOL The token melts it to try to upgrade the initial equipment , Use your energy and game time to get the highest level props , You can also buy NFT The way of props directly obtains stronger props , On the other hand , Everyone is completely equal , It only depends on your understanding of the game and your preferred game style .

All hero characters have experience points , The higher the experience value , The faster you play gold in the game . meanwhile , The items you equip will help determine the combat power value of your character , stay Curtis Sword in , You can regard combat power as the computing power to gain benefits , It makes money for tokens 、NFT Prop trading provides greater flexibility , While maintaining a certain level of existence .

at present , stay Curtis Sword There are four occupations in our world , Distinguish you as a physical output type 、 Spell output type 、 Tank meat shield 、 Simple type 、 Operational 、 Unparalleled game style , Everyone starts with the same opportunity and the same foundation , You can create your own game style by selecting the props you equip , In order to obtain more game fun and higher revenue efficiency .

stay Curtis Sword An interactive map is provided at the tutor , There are a lot of chapters and more than 100 Zhang map , Each map provides different types of booty and token rewards , Many maps also contain powerful Boss.

The deeper you go into the game, the harder it will be , And the booty will be richer . Due to the existence of guild and friend system , You can invite partners to form a team to enter the map 、 Dig together , The number of partners selected depends on the map type , The difficulty will also increase or decrease according to the number of players in the battle instance , To be fair .

Game economy

 Currency security

When you explore with friends Curtis Sword At the same time , You can not only enjoy the fun of blockchain meta universe games , Can also from Play To Earn Get booty in the game economy to exchange for real money , This makes Curtis Sword More glamorous !

stay Curtis Sword In the world of , There are two currencies available for use and trading , They can all be in Uniswap Trade and exchange on decentralized platforms .

The first is CSC, representative Curtis Sword Universal token , This is a token deployed on the coin security smart chain , The basic cryptocurrency used for payment and transaction props on the chain , For example, buy a starter pack 、 special NFT Sales activities or exchange representatives Curtis Sword In game currency GOL(Gold). Players who buy the starter pack will be able to get CSC Token rewards , Free players can only get GOL.

You can also use your wallet ( Such as TP Wallet), utilize CSC Tokens are bought and sold from the game NFT The props , And exchange with other players in our trading market .

The second token GOL (Gold) It's the currency in the game , Every gamer can get it in the map , It comes in many forms , The main uses you can find are with blacksmiths or businessmen, etc NPC Trade or invest in treasure mines .

You can break through in the game 、 Climbing tower 、 Battle reward 、 dig 、NPC Exchange at 、 Win... Through some tasks GOL Tokens, , And you will be able to pledge... In the game CSC、GOL Token LP Group , From the APY Make a profit from the pledge reward , There will be multiple in-game conditions to participate .

meanwhile , You can use CSC Token trading your NFT Goods and other goods , This means that you can not only get calculable benefits during the battle , At the same time, have the opportunity to get unexpected NFT Props income , These props will get huge returns according to their rarity and combat power .

CSC & GOL The token mechanism

 Currency security

CSC Token as the main token of activities on the chain , And in-game currency GOL Our relationship is inseparable , But at the same time, they are two distinct tokens , stay Curtis Sword Play a close link in the ecosystem .

CSC The main application scenarios of tokens include : Buying weapons 、 clothes 、 shoes 、 Helmet 、 The necklace 、 ring , Of the treasure mine LP Pledge mining, etc ;GOL The main application scenarios of tokens include : Premium map tickets , Upgrade and melt weapons 、 clothes 、 shoes 、 Helmet 、 The necklace 、 ring 、 Pets 、 mount ,LP Pledge mining , Skill upgrading, etc .

Here is to introduce Curtis Sword The way to play gold :

When you use a decentralized wallet ( for example :TP Wallet) After entering the game , It has been on our official website Players who buy the starter pack will receive the equipment presented by the starter pack . Of course , You can also choose to experience the game for free , But you will only receive the initial equipment in the system , This does not prevent you from joining the exploration , Because your initial equipment can also go to “ World Square ” Of “ Blacksmith ” Upgrade at . All players are 20 You can complete the main plot below level , Turn on ” Suburban forest ” and ” The forest of the dead ” These two maps , And no tickets are required , It will not limit the number of strokes , You can get it in these two maps GOL

Token rewards and experience points to upgrade and unlock more maps and richer rewards . When you reach 20 level ~30 level , Will be able to enter... Through the main plot “ Break through the sentry post ” and “ Town conflict 1” Map .

From this stage forward , Each time you enter a higher map, you need to charge a certain fee GOL Tokens buy tickets and burn them ; meanwhile , Free players will only get GOL Tokens and experience rewards , Players who buy the starter pack will get CSC Token rewards and randomly dropped NFT equipment . When you reach 30 level ~40 level , Will turn on “ Town conflict 2” and “ Harbor war ” Map , alike , Free players will only get GOL Tokens and experience rewards , Players who buy the starter pack will get CSC Token rewards and randomly dropped NFT equipment . Corresponding , The bonus of all players at this stage will also be higher than that of low-level players .

When you reach 40 level ~50 level , Will turn on “ Burning the city ”、“ City Center ” and “ Fight for the port ” Map , The reward rules are the same as above , The bonus of all players at this stage will also be further improved .

When you reach 50 After class , It will open the contents after the second chapter of the world map , Get far more rewards than previous maps .

You can explore a richer main plot by quickly upgrading your characters , The ways to gain experience include fighting 、 Escort NPC And complete daily tasks ; obtain GOL The way is mainly through : fighting 、 Challenge the endless tower ( Survival mode , Quit after death , Otherwise you can always challenge )、 Escort NPC And complete daily tasks ; obtain CSC The way is mainly through : Players who have purchased the starter pack fight 、 Challenge the endless tower 、 Take part in the ladder competition , At the same time, players who challenge the top of the endless tower and ladder competition will be able to win NFT Expenses incurred in the transaction .

NFT market

 Currency security

stay Curtis Sword In addition to two digital currencies :CSC and GOL, There are also more attractive economic targets :NFT The props .NFT The Chinese name of is non homogenous token (Non-Fungible Token, abbreviation NFT) It is a data unit called blockchain digital ledger , Each token can represent a unique 、 Non reproducible digital data . Because they are not interchangeable , Non homogeneous tokens can represent digital files , Tracked on its underlying blockchain , And provide the buyer with proof of ownership .

Curtis Sword Of NFT The props will be in NFT Sell on the trading market : It will show what can only be found in the game NFT The props , Including weapons 、 clothes 、 shoes 、 Helmet 、 The necklace 、 ring 、 Pets 、 mount .CurtisSword Will work regularly with top celebrities and influential people , Launch a limited edition NFT product , And create a unique game prop .

At the beginning , On our official website Buy on NFT The blind box is the only one that can make new NFT Way , It's also what gamers and investors buy 、 collect NFT The only way to product . because CurtisSword There are different qualities of game props in ( bronze 、 Silver 、 gold 、 epic ), We will launch two blind boxes in the first stage , It contains dozens of NFT series , Each series has different weapons or items , The total output is 10,000 individual NFTs. There will be... In the ordinary treasure chest 1~30 Grade bronze 、 Silver 、 Gold equipment , And the mysterious treasure chest will open 30 Equipment above level , And contains epic equipment and “ partner ”, among “ partner ” It will help you finish the battle more easily 、 Mine guarding 、 Looting mission , And greatly increase your token reward . These high-quality NFT Props can not only let you kill all sides in the game , It will also greatly promote Curtis Sword The inclusiveness of 、 creativity 、 thinking 、 Economic and cultural values ! stay NFT There will be 10% Fees and taxes ranging from about , These funds will automatically enter a specific contract address , As a bonus for the top players in the endless tower and ladder competition in the game .

Our desire is not just to build a game of Economic Sustainability , And create a new encryption world at the same time , Here you can have a relaxing time or get familiar with the financial market , Build your own financial system , Learn blockchain knowledge , Or follow the union to explore . primary Facebook Renamed as Meta Surprise the real world “ Meta universe ” The development of , and Curtis Sword Will provide a new experience , Let union members realize their self-worth in the encrypted world , Devote yourself to this new “ Meta universe ”.

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