Thursday , HSBC Group (HSBC) and IBM Announced the successful testing of two central bank digital currencies in the cloud environment (CBDC) Advanced token and digital wallet settlement between . Tests include CBDC、eBond Transactions with foreign exchange .IBM Of Hyperledger Fabric And enterprise technology providers R3 Of Corda As the basis of distributed ledger , Promoted the transaction .

The project is supervised by the Bank of France , It is part of a series of phased projects to implement the digital Euro . before , The Bank of France and the Swiss central bank reported that , The pilot of digital euro and digital Swiss Franc has achieved positive results . however , The two financial institutions cited regulatory concerns , A warning was issued about this .

HSBC Group cooperation and advice Department GFX eRisk The managing director Mark Williamson Express :

Interoperability between different distributed ledgers and technologies is a demonstration of how to work for central banks 、 Transactions between commercial banks save time 、 Reduce market risk and improve safety , And how to provide timely service to our customers all over the world .

IBM General manager of global banking and financial markets Likhit Wagle added :

As central banks around the world begin to explore CBDC The potential to improve the transparency and security of financial transactions , The project provides a comprehensive road map .

CBDC It is gaining more and more attraction all over the world , Part of the reason is that they can be used as a means to counter the rise of a stable currency , A stable currency is a threat to the financial system for some people . Only this month , Reserve Bank of Australia Project Atom CBDC Research has found that CBDC Many of the benefits of . About the same time , The Central Bank of Kazakhstan reported its CBDC The pilot project has achieved positive results . East Caribbean CBDC Expand to two other countries , And Russia is giving priority to the development of digital rubles .

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