create USDC Stable Circle The company announced a partnership with public charities Endaoment cooperation , Set up a disaster relief fund . The fund will help communities in the Midwest affected by last week's deadly tornado . The two entities hope to raise 100 Million dollars in grants to support the American Red Cross and local non-profit organizations .

adopt Endaoment, Blockchain enthusiasts will be able to contribute directly using connected wallets USDC Or other cryptocurrencies , The minimum donation is 20 dollar . These funds will be in the form of 2 At intervals of $10000 7 A participating charity , Including the West Kentucky tornado rescue fund team 、 Disaster charity Center 、Team Rubicon、All Hands and Hearts、Midwest Food Bank NFP、 The American Red Cross and Mutual Aid Relief. As of press time , The fund has received more than 4600 Dollar contribution .

Endaoment Founder and CEO Robert Heeger He made the following remarks on this cooperation :

“ It is through the image Circle Such an incredible partner , We have been able to move closer this year 300 A non-profit organization donated more than 1100 Ten thousand dollars in donations . With Circle Support for , We can expand our sphere of influence , Continue to empower the community to allocate charitable donations to causes that need funds .”

Previous week , A rare tornado swept through the Midwest and southern states of the United States , The wind speed is as high as... Per hour 150 miles (241.4 km / Hours ). Kentucky is one of the hardest hit states , At least 74 People have been killed ,100 Many missing .

In a deadly tornado in Kentucky , A man's house was destroyed , He played a hymn on the piano that survived the storm . Beauty in sorrow and pain .

——Travis Akers(@travisakers) 2021 year 12 month 13 Japan

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