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What does blockchain change mean

2022-02-02 12:04:31 weixin-Dapp9521

Chain change means “ Blockchain reform ” or “ Blockchain transformation ”, That is, according to the application of blockchain application , Personal behavior of carrying out reform, innovation or renewal of the company's own business process .[1] With the increasing improvement of blockchain application and the necessity of digital economy , The necessity of chain reform is highly valued by the company . At present, Xi'an Sisyphus team has started research and development on blockchain chain transformation technology , The technology developed at the same time also has digital twins , Public chain development , Chain game development, etc .

Chain reform is to develop the blockchain concept of economic power 、 The application of blockchain and the renewal and transformation of the integration of blockchain application and new technology application , Therefore, the whole process of subversive innovation of real economy and digital economy . The overall goal of the reform : Take the entity line industrial chain 、 Carry out experiments and demonstration of the renewal and transformation of digital economy , And reach the consensus and norms of the industrial chain , Constantly improve the service platform for industrial structure upgrading . Boost the upgrading of industrial structure and the transformation of kinetic energy , Embracing control , Safeguarding the rights and interests of shareholders .

  Blockchain technology is the data storage technology of distributed system 、p2p delivery 、 Consensus mechanism 、 Encryption technology and other new forms of Internet technology , The key problem is the trust problem , Called trusted devices . In traditional economic activities , Trust depends on authority 、 Contract and other methods to maintain , But with the help of trust in people or institutions , It is inevitable that it will cause the situation of dishonesty blacklist , Thus causing damage to one or more parties . Blockchain technology replaces trust in people and institutions based on trust in new technologies , Improved the trust relationship in today's society , Reduced trust costs , And then improve the efficiency of cooperation . Besides , Implementation of smart contracts with enhanced technology , Improved trust in blockchain technology .

  Chain reform is a reform and innovation , It is the reform and innovation of the commercial interest class , It is the reform and innovation of the business process structure characteristics and social development management system behind the commercial interest class ! It is not easy for the commercial interest class to actively choose to give up their own rights and interests , The general connection points that have been obliterated and dominated by data and information have no working ability and concept, and actively carry out this reform and innovation .
thus , The promotion energy of chain change must be exogenous , It is the reform and innovation of the new production efficiency and production factors to the old production efficiency and production factors .

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