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How should blockchain be applied in the logistics industry?

2022-02-02 12:04:28 WPSir

In order to better solve the problem of low informatization of logistics industry 、 Data resources between enterprises are difficult to get through 、 Information island is a serious problem , Promote the better and faster development of the logistics industry , Many logistics companies have begun to apply blockchain technology . How blockchain enables the logistics industry ? In blockchain , Distributed 、 Decentralized network nodes are equal . Because all participants are equal , Therefore, there is no information monopoly problem caused by centralized nodes , Information can be transmitted and shared point to point between each node . therefore , The characteristics of blockchain regional center can solve the problems caused by the monopoly of centralized platforms in the logistics industry , Get through to the owner 、 Transporter 、 Distributor 、 Data barriers between different departments and other parties , Implement data sharing , Resource sharing . Some multinational foreign trade enterprises can also realize direct point-to-point operation , Improve operational efficiency .

One side , The data on the blockchain is transparent , Each node can obtain real-time data and analyze and process it . For example, in the logistics information chain , The platform can dynamically collect the transportation status and environmental data of goods , The cargo owner can check the status of the goods at any time , Realize the whole process visual monitoring . On the other hand , The transparency of blockchain is reflected in smart contracts , The smart contract is jointly formulated by all participants in the blockchain on the basis of negotiation , It is not transferred by the will of one party , To ensure the fair and efficient implementation of smart contracts , So as to fully protect the rights and interests of both the owner and the owner .

Blockchain has traceable technical characteristics , This is also the key feature of solving various disputes in the logistics industry . It is difficult for traditional logistics enterprises to trace the origin of goods , The traceability process of foreign trade logistics is more , More complicated , It's more difficult , This leads to the common phenomenon of goods loss in logistics companies . In the blockchain system , All data generated in the process of cargo transportation can be obtained in real time , And hard to tamper with , All parties of the alliance can accurately locate and trace it . meanwhile , All data stored on the blockchain comes with itself “ Time stamp ”, This is of great significance to the emergency handling and tracing of the incident .

On various data of logistics industry “ chain ”, It can build a cloud platform for smart logistics collaboration and sharing . The sharing of logistics data can eliminate the data barriers between different enterprises and the barriers between different departments , So as to avoid the waste of resources and repeated analysis of data , Reduce the resource loss and logistics transportation cost of enterprises , Improve service efficiency . All in all , Blockchain technology can effectively solve the problem of data integration in the current logistics industry , Build health 、 Efficient intelligent logistics system , Promote the healthy and rapid development of logistics industry .

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