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Entering the meta universe, where is the so-called opportunity?

2022-02-02 08:53:51 Metacosmic knowledge

since this year on “ Meta universe ” The concept has attracted many technology giants at home and abroad, such as Google 、 tencent 、Facebook、 Byte hopping and other clustered layout , It has become a hot spot in the capital market recently .

These can be seen from the layout of the metauniverse by large companies in the past period of time , From Internet manufacturers to many car enterprise brands , Metauniverse trademark has become a popular registration list .

In the coming years after the Millennium 20 many years , Technology is also developing rapidly , And gradually move towards a multi-disciplinary industrial chain .

In this context , The popularity of the meta universe is not groundless , But the general trend .

without doubt , The primordial universe has now become a hot “ The bestselling ”, Everyone wants to seize this development dividend .

And the first thing to do , Is to precede others , Into the game .

Yuan universe will be the best soil for creation

The universe as 《 Kosling dictionary 》2021 One of the words of the year , Is opening a new era , And a decentralized creator economy is also taking shape .

As a generally favored track , Chairman and chairman of century Huatong CEO、 Wang Ji, chairman of Shengqu game, said in an exclusive interview with reporters recently :

“ In the short term, the breakthrough of the meta universe is the game 、 Social and immersive content , The field of content and creation is expected to benefit first .”

The important feature of the meta universe is openness and free creation , And the parallel world of the meta universe continues to expand , Get rid of the constraints of time and space in the real world , Let users free their imagination , Free to build what you want to do in the virtual world , And collide with more inspiration sparks in user interaction .

The original universe is “ The creator ” The concept of brings a new definition .

some time , The iterative update of technology will enable each individual as a creator to do what he wants to do , be based on AR/VR And other equipment creators' achievements will be presented in a three-dimensional way , And the interaction between users and creators will be further strengthened , Even participate in his creation .

As a Creator , What kind of new experience will it bring us in the next few years , This is the problem faced by creators , But it also brings some opportunities .

Game is the primary form of the meta universe


Compared with other promising development prospects , Game is the most intuitive and primary form of practicing the meta universe , This point has basically reached a consensus in the market .

Xu Yingbo, chief analyst of CITIC Securities technology industry, said , future 3-5 year , The primordial universe will enter a period of embryonic exploration . Games and social networking may be the starting point of the metauniverse .

The important role of games in the meta universe is mainly reflected in :

  • The construction of virtual world mainly depends on game technology , The product form of the game is similar to the meta universe , It provides a way to show the metauniverse ;

  • As a reality based simulation and extension , Provide more immersive services for meta universe users 、 Real time and diverse experience ;

  • At this stage 《Roblox》、《Fortnite》 The game represented by has been recognized by the market , As the prototype of the meta universe , The future of the game will continue to catalyze the development of the meta universe .

Yuan universe investment fever under the tuyere


10 month 29 Japan , An open letter from Zuckerberg completely pushed the metauniverse to the forefront of the storm .

He said :“ We hope in the future 10 year , Let the meta universe cover 10 Hundreds of millions of people , Digital commerce carrying hundreds of billions of dollars , And provide jobs for millions of creators and developers . It is expected that before the metauniverse reaches its scale , Billions of dollars will be invested in the next few years .”

Although the market has different interpretations of the concept of meta universe , But investors and entrepreneurs have heard the news .

Bytes to beat 、 Sequoia Capital and other head institutions have taken the lead in starting , CITIC Securities also proposed in the Research Report :

The meta universe may bring 10 Investment opportunities per year . At present, it is difficult to give the short-term beneficial investment target of metauniverse , However, we are optimistic about the investment opportunities in relevant fields in the medium and long term .

However, what is the real investment value ?

In the cognition of Yunxiu capital , Digital assets 、 Application layer hardware equipment and underlying chip It's worth paying attention to .

First , Real assets need to be transformed into data , Become a digital asset , Traditional methods are too inefficient and expensive .

Who can quickly build digital assets at low cost and SaaS Chemical application , Form a common underlying tool , Who will become the cornerstone of the meta universe , And provide broad space and imagination for the model innovation of the future meta universe .

secondly , The operation cycle of hardware equipment is long ,VR/AR And other interactive devices and core components in relevant industrial chains , There will be a lot of room .

Last , Metacosmic rendering requires real-time rendering , This needs to be supported by the bottom computing force , So right. GPU、CPU and AI The demand for chips will soar .

Of course , Yuancosmos investment has always been a contention of a hundred schools of thought , Each is his own government . But all in all , The window has quietly opened , The meta universe seems to be about to enter its golden age .



investment 、 Creation and game are the basic logic of the project application scenario , It is also a way for users to participate in the meta universe track .

With the meta universe project in the application scenario 、 The economic system is becoming more and more perfect , Participating in the meta universe project in the future will have more imagination space .

Of course , The primordial universe is still in its early stages , But there's no denying it , The era of metauniverse is coming .

The future has to , Only stand in the air outlet , To become the trendsetter of the times . And we , You need to be prepared for this .

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