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Blockchain card game NFT game development

2022-01-31 13:31:02 User Wei_ dapp571

With Twitter and other social and technology giants scrambling for the layout of the meta universe , Various types NFT Projects are also emerging one after another ,NFT The game gradually began to catch fire . Blockchain games are built on the public chain , The distributed structure of blockchain can effectively resist hacker intrusion , The more active the public chain is, the less likely it is to be tampered with by hackers , Virtual assets are more secure . Let more games and assets go up the chain , And take the blockchain as an example nft The emergence of a large number of pet game systems marks the climax ; With the continuous increase of blockchain pet game system and corresponding virtual assets , Cross game virtual asset trading market , And blockchain based game distribution platform / Community will also gradually rise , Become the center of flow collection .

A good NFT Game projects are inseparable from excellent script stories and attractive game mechanisms .

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Gods Unchaine It's a blockchain NFT Card games , The characters inside are vivid . Players can choose their favorite characters . Players create cards with different abilities and powers against other players . When you win , You will find props in the game to use or sell . If you win the ranking game , You can start earning Flux, Let you make powerful NFT card . next , You can sell it , Or reinvest in new cards to make a profit , And continue the process .

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Unlike other free games , This game gives you full ownership of the items in the game . Collect rare cards , Build your deck , And sold to other players . Once you find the myth card , It will be replaced with one of the six gods themed promotional cards . Blockchain card game NFT Game development , Our company's commitment to blockchain nft There is some research on game development , According to the needs of customers, we can customize and develop , You can write to me if you need to , Welcome to exchange .

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