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Zhanrui and its partners released: the world's first PSA certified software and hardware integrated IOT blockchain solution

2022-01-31 12:04:43 Tankbang

2021 year 5 month , Ziguang zhanrui joins hands with Molian technology 、 Tel terminal lab 、 Anmou China and other industry partners , Heavyweight announced the world's first PSA Security certified software and hardware integrated trusted data uplink solution for Internet of things .

PSA authentication -1.png chart Molian technology blockchain application framework BoAT adopt PSA authentication , Based on zhanrui V8811 Chip platform

The solution is based on Ziguang zhanrui, the first in the world to pass PSA Safety certified NB-IoT Chip platform V8811, And integrated Molian technology, the world's first through PSA Secure authenticated blockchain application framework middleware BoAT(Blockchain of AI Things), Based on chip platform + Blockchain application framework combines software and hardware , Realize the seamless deployment of chip level trusted data uplink capability at the bottom of the Internet of things terminal , Get through the Internet of things + A key link of blockchain . Integrated BoAT Of blockchain application framework V8811 Chip platform , Enabling Internet of things devices to easily realize trusted data chaining , And by the PSA Security authentication and blockchain consensus mechanism ensure the credibility of Internet of things data in the whole life cycle , So as to create a trusted digital base in the era of Internet of all things .

PSA-2.png chart Purple highlights V8811 The chip platform has passed PSA authentication

PSA It was carried out by Arm The company cooperates with several independent safety testing laboratories and consulting institutions around the world , oriented IoT Safe to launch ****“ Platform security architecture (PSA) ” Related certification , To ensure that IoT Product safety from design to practical application . This time PSA The certification test is carried out by Tel terminal laboratory , Whether in the field of cellular Internet of things chips , Or in blockchain application middleware , Have realized the first innovative practice in the industry .


Xian Miao, vice president of Ziguang zhanrui industrial Internet of things, said :“ Zhan Rui V8811 It is the first in the industry to pass PSA Safety certified NB-IoT Chip platform , It is based on... In anmou China Star processor Arm TrustZone Technology and a series of hardware security developed by zhanrui IP structure , Under guarantee NB-IoT Based on the ability of secure connection and transmission ,V8811 Integrated trusted execution environment (TEE)/ Safe start / Security upgrade / Secure storage / Identity Authentication / System level terminal security capabilities such as state secret encryption and decryption , It also provides security assurance for the whole life cycle from production line prefabrication to chip integration and testing , It can not only enable innovative ecological applications such as blockchain , In the future, we will continue to cooperate with our partners to broaden our business NB-IoT In energy / logistics / Digital and other industries .”

Molian Technology CEO Lin Yao said :“ The importance of blockchain to the Internet of things is , It turns safety from cost into investment , Make the investment in the security of the Internet of things , It can bring value realization based on trusted data and obtain sustainable benefits , This makes the security capability required by the Internet of things to realize the blockchain very important .PSA Certified The methodology and certification provided , Push the chip 、 Systems software 、 Devices and IOT blockchain applications have such security capabilities , Thus, it provides a guarantee for the realization of data value . Molian technology and Ziguang zhanrui 、 Looking for China 、 With the joint efforts of Tel terminal Laboratory ,BoAT The blockchain application framework deeply integrates the latest technologies of Ziguang zhanrui NB-IoT Chip platform V8811 Security capabilities , utilize Armv8-M TrustZone Hardware security mechanism and Trusted Firmware-M A secure processing environment built by firmware , Generate and maintain keys that are critical to blockchain security and perform cryptographic operations , And based on PSA Root of Trust Ensure the trusted association and authentication between the physical identity of the device and the digital identity on the device chain .BoAT pass with flying colors PSA Safety certification ,V8811+BoAT The combination has also become the world's first PSA Internet of things of cellular chip and system software under authentication + Blockchain trusted application solutions , It will enable massive IOT device manufacturers to quickly realize trusted data chaining and access to blockchain services , Become ‘ Trusted digital base of trillion level Internet of things data market ’.”

Guo Wei, deputy director of Information Security Department of Tel terminal laboratory, said :“ This time for purple light zhanrui V8811 Chip platform and Molian technology BoAT Authentication test conducted by blockchain application framework Middleware , It is the industrialization of the combination of end-to-end security testing and certification of Internet of things and end-to-end node data uplink access certificate service , We believe that products with security certification can effectively protect the integrity and confidentiality of uplink data processed on the end side , And data traceability of blockchain applications . Based on these existing safety testing and certification experience and industrial development status , Tel terminal laboratory is in the telecommunications terminal industry association (TAF) Took the lead in formulating 《 Technical requirements for trusted uplink of IOT terminals 》 , It is hoped that the subsequent release of the standard will better guide the development of blockchain trusted deposit industry in the future , We also hope that more partners will work with us to promote new technologies based on the Internet of things 、 The healthy development of new application industry .”

Wang Junchao, safety technology marketing director of anmou China, said :“ For Internet of things security PSA The architecture and PSA Certification is widely recognized all over the world , Anmou China supports PSA Architecturally ‘ Stars ’ The processor and ‘ Mountain and sea ’ Security solutions help customers build trusted Internet of things devices . Purple highlights V8811 The chip platform is based on anmou China ‘ Stars ’ The first pass of the processor PSA Certified chip products ,V8811+BoAT The combination is based on ‘ Stars ’ processor Armv8-M TrustZone The first to build through PSA Certified chip + Blockchain composition , Provide security guarantee for the trusted uplink of Internet of things data .”

*Arm and TrustZone yes Arm Limited( Or its subsidiaries ) In the United States and / Or registered trademarks in other regions .

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