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Hard core observation 371 bitcoin BSV miners dig 2GB blocks on the blockchain

2021-08-26 10:39:32 Linux China

The currency BSV Miners dig up... On the blockchain 2GB Block of

The bitcoin Association confirmed this week , In the bitcoin fork chain BSV Dug out a 2GB Block size . This is the largest block dug up on the public chain so far .  The block is recorded on 2021 year 8 month 16 Japan , Contains 5,869 A deal . The miners who dug out this block got fixed 6.25 BSV Beyond reward , And got an appointment 10 BSV The handling charge , Pay an average of... Per transaction 0.28 The handling charge in US dollars . This year, 8 The first few days of the month ,BSV It's also dug out 5 More than 1GB Block of .BSV Officials say ,“ stay BTC On the Internet , After years of bitcoin expansion war , Still limited to processing per second 7 It's a deal 1MB On the block , No progress .”

Although I am cautious about block expansion , But it seems BSV These attempts are good .

Apple patents make W3C The open screen protocol is complicated

W3C I've been studying “” Is to make a Web standard , Enable the web page to drive the second screen to display the web page content . Through this Agreement , Can make web content / The website interacts with the second screen , Such as controlling TV connected to the Internet 、HDMI Encrypted dog 、 Smart speakers and other second devices connected to the Internet . Unfortunately , These efforts are now being thwarted by some of Apple's .W3C Will try to solve these problems , Or suggest in other ways that the working group consider redesigning the part affected by the patent claim , Even stop / Deregulation work .

I wonder if Apple will be happy to release these patents to support open standards .

A small town in the United States wants to give value to its residents 1000 Bitcoin for dollars

The population of the United States is only 1500 The mayor of the human town is raising money , towards 1500 Each resident provides value 1000 Dollars, bitcoin . But the bitcoin you get can't be used , It takes five years to use . He believes that these bitcoins can improve the lives of every resident , As long as it can be kept for a few years . since 2009 Since its first launch in , Bitcoin has grown 4500 times . And there is no real slowdown in the growth trajectory . According to the current forecast , These bitcoins for residents may rise to tens of thousands of dollars in a few years .

This is an interesting attempt , Maybe time can prove everything .

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