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NFT trading volume breaks record, quick view of potential projects and exploration Guide

2021-08-26 01:22:12 Cointegraph Chinese

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In cryptocurrency ecosystem NFT The field has set off waves , Even in 2021 In, it occupied the headlines of the mainstream news media . celebrity 、 musician 、 Sports team 、 Famous auction houses and even fast food restaurants have participated in the creation and development of unique digital products / Or sales .  With CryptoPunks and Pudgy Penguins The daily transaction volume of such projects reaches tens of millions of dollars ,OpenSea Wait for the top NFT The trading volume of the market also broke the record . However , Know which projects can be held or added value for a long time , Which projects may disappear after the hype , It could be a challenge .

Adapting to the growing crypto metauniverse NFT project , It provides a variety of ways to participate and earn income , Such as “ Play and earn ” and “ pledge ” function , Has received attention , It has attracted the attention of ordinary investors and institutional investors .  Here are some of the top metauniverses with potential long-term effects NFT agreement , And how to get in the increasingly crowded NFT Guidelines for finding these diamonds in the project area .

The game revenue generating platform attracts the public and generates revenue  

Axie Infinity It has become one of the breakthrough agreements in this bull market cycle , Because of its “ Play and earn ” Game style allows users to interact with their roles in the game Axies Have fun fighting , Get income at the same time .  Compared with the application of free game mode , These apps are full of in-game purchases designed to deplete users' bank accounts , And in the Axie Infinity The money spent on such a platform allows the opportunity to earn income or an objective return on investment , Because decentralized Finance (DeFi) And pledge 、 Economic principles such as inflation and scarcity are designed in game mode .

according to CryptoSlam The data of ,Axie Infinity Ecosystems have recently broken through 100 Ten thousand day active users , The total turnover reached 13.73 Billion dollars . Axie Infinity The adoption rate is the highest in Malaysia and Venezuela , The economic struggle of the people in these areas allows players to earn... Every day 150 To 200 individual “Smooth Love Potion”(SLP)—— At the time of writing this report, the value is 23.70 Dollar to 31.60 Between US dollars —— An attractive source of daily income .  The Venezuelan government stipulates that , According to the exchange rate estimated by the central bank , Venezuela's monthly income is equivalent to 2.4 dollar , Every day 23.70 A dollar income may be enough to support a family for up to 10 Months .  Because of these factors ,Axie Infinity In ecosystem NFT More than many just beautify jpeg NFT The project is more likely to maintain its value in the long term , And maintain high liquidity .

Generate NFT The token gives the collectible utility  

Another mix DeFi、 Games and NFT The project of is Aavegotchi, This is a building on Aave Platform on the protocol , Combine virtual characters in the game with other cryptocurrency assets , Then it can be used as DeFi Collateral and receive pledge incentives . Aavegotchi The avatar is called Gotchi, scarcity , Only a limited number of new avatars are cast every year , And issued by auction or lucky draw .HAUNT 2 Confirmed at AavegotchiDAO Vote successfully on , welcome 8 Monthly 1.5 Ten thousand new Aavegotchis To 0xPolygon On ! New and old FRENS There will be a chance to pass Bid2Earn Auctions and NFTRaffles Grab Haunt 2 Portal. Get excited !——Aavegotchi HAUNT 2 2021 year 8 month 26-29 Japan (@aavegotchi) 7 month 27 Japan Pledge on the agreement GHST Token users can get FRENS Form of reward ,FRENS Can be used to buy raffle tickets , Participate in the lucky draw for in-game items , Such as wearable equipment 、 Consumables or Gotchi Portal .

then , These items can be used with Gotchi Combination of items , To increase its rarity and value , Or sell in the market , As another source of income for token holders .

stay Gotchi The ability to lock in other tokens or assets adds another layer of value and scarcity to each role . To extract any additional assets ,Gotchis Will be destroyed in the process , This leads to an increase in scarcity .

according to Aavegotchi Statistics , At the time of writing , There has been a 7760 A door was opened ,432 individual Gotchi Be destroyed , The rest have different characteristics and rarity 7328 individual Gotchi circulation .

Cross asset pledge and gameplay have completed the construction of meta space

The last project is Illuvium, This is an open world fantasy battle game based on Ethereum blockchain . Although the scene is relatively new , But it still attracted people's attention .

Although the project is still under development , But because before it was launched , People are excited about it , It's original ILV The price of the token is 6 month 22 solstice 8 month 13 It soared between the dates 1765%.

One of the catalysts for its price rise is the introduction of ILV pledge , This enables token holders to obtain 43.44% to 86.88% Revenue , It depends on how long the token is locked .

Illuvium It also provides cross asset pledge through flash batteries , send Axie Infinity(AXS) and Synthetix(SNX) Holders have the opportunity to earn by pledging their tokens ILV.

Illuvium One way the team can draw attention to a project is to create a unique project that represents some of the top encryption influencers NFT, And the team also provides information about the characters and NFT Stable forecast and update .

That's all , We know that you are all eager for more information about the user interface , Here is the latest preview !——Illuvium(@illuviumio)2021 year 8 month 19 Japan

these years , Create... On Ethereum blockchain AAA Level games have always been the goal of the game community , But so far , Network constraints make it impossible to achieve .

If Illuvium Be able to achieve its goals , Create a highly interactive and visually attractive game that can attract users of the traditional game community , So the assets and in this ecosystem NFT It is possible to maintain or increase value over time .

Players spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year on some of the most popular free games , These games provide opportunities to buy rare items , Make them better than their competitors , But in the end, all this time and cost get little value .

NFT It provides a new mode for the game , That is, the time spent and the spoils obtained by players in the game can be transformed into practical value with long-term sustainability . Projects that adapt to and integrate the growing decentralized crypto metauniverse are in a good position in terms of adoption and value .

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