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Three times a month, what is the logic of avax's value growth?

2021-08-26 01:22:10 Deep tide techflow

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Past few days , We see Avalanche Upper TVL Also came to the inflection point , Value locking doubled overnight , And in 10 It turned over in days 3 times . When MATIC From... Overnight 2 Billion dollars Of TVL Rise to 4 Billion dollars When , yes 4 month 14, After a month MATIC Up 5 times .

In the past AVAX The main problem is the lack of cross chain bridges . However , stay 7 month 29 Japan ,Avax A new bridge is introduced , You can easily migrate assets , Only in the past 5 In the day ,TVL From 5000 Ten million dollars to 2.5 Billion dollars .

because Avalanche The foundation has launched a large number of liquidity programs (18 Billion dollars ) And announce CRV and SUSHI Will relocate …… Attracted the TVL A large part of . Besides , also Benqi Launch , This is a Avax The first loan agreement on , Thanks to generous incentives , It gained a lot of... In just a few days after its launch TVL.

From a technical point of view ,AVAX Already have equivalent EIP1559 policy , This makes it relevant to MATIC and BSC And other public chains , With the increase of activity, the flywheel effect is introduced ,AVAX There is a limit on Supply , This means that in the long run , It will become a deflationary asset .

A recent proposal (Apricot Phase 3) Will be in 4 Go online within days , In addition to cutting 50% In addition to the above expenses , It will also make it the first to adapt to the new 1559 EVM Standard public chain , These changes will also make it easier to start new cross chain projects .

Whereas AVAX Behind the infrastructure and strong technical talents , We expect it to last longer than the current EVM Achieve more reliable , And for habitual use based on EVM It's more convenient for people to use .

A key basic decision is to allow multiple sub chains , This should make AVAX You can easily integrate any virtual machine or smart contract language , This should be AVAX Competitive advantage of long-term sustainable development , You can easily catch different developers .

AVAX One of the remaining ecological problems is the lack of stability on the platform , But we expect that once Curve Introduction , This situation will change dramatically , Considering the incentives ,AVAX It may be the best place for stable coin mining , This may be TVL Provide a second wave of growth .

At present, some ecological projects are small , But it's growing fast .Pangolin It's the main thing DEX,TVL And trading volume has been growing significantly .Trader Joe yes AVAX On the auxiliary AMM, Be similar to UNI and SUSHI The dynamic relationship of ,Benqi It's a new loan agreement ……

To make a long story short , next MATIC / BSC A combination of fanatical temperament and strong long-term fundamentals , send AVAX Become the most attractive place to bet on the new public chain track .

Disclosure :BlockTower hold AVAX Position , And long-term optimistic about .

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