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ACALA EVM + is about to launch: capture billions of TVL in Poka ecology

2021-08-25 23:22:17 Fun coin

#Acala EVM

Acala The development team has completed the original EVM The optimization of the , Launch customized Acala EVM+. Now we can not only for DeFi Users provide a similar Ethereum development environment , And it can bring 100% Compatible with Ethereum's functional experience ( Such as MetaMask etc. ). besides , be based on Acala EVM+ Built DApp Still have the modular development framework launched by Boca Substrate All the functions of , Including performance and customizability .

In other words ,Acala EVM+ Namely ownership 100% Ethereum compatibility , And have 100% Boca and Substrate The advantages of the framework .

When the future Acala After successfully accessing the Boca as a parallel chain , whatever DApp Our team can change itself with only minor modifications EVM Basic smart contracts are deployed to Acala EVM+, At the same time, it can also be used in the original Ethereum environment, such as MetaMask,Truffle,Waffle And other utilities . at present Acala The team has completed most of EVM+ Development of , Will go online after the audit test is completed .

therefore DeFi The development team will be able to Very smoothly integrate your own applications into Acala And fully enter the POCA Ecology , With get :

Billions of new assets TVL

Hundreds of thousands of new users

Compared with the new seamless user experience

Technical support from the top development team of Boca Ecology

We all know that Ethereum has done something that bitcoin cannot achieve , Many innovations have also been born . Again Substrate And Boca are different from Ethereum in many ways , such as Substrate And poca can be in EVM Enable outside the sandbox Many chain level innovations .

We are very optimistic about Substrate frame , So we're building Acala EVM+ I kept Substrate All the advantages and future potential of , Instead of simply deploying Ethereum on Boca , Continue to face relevant problems caused by Ethereum sandbox environment .

Acala EVM+  Soon to launch : Capture billions of Poka Ecology  TVL

adopt Acala EVM+ Expand your users and TVL

 Scale your user base and TVL with Acala EVM+

Capture billions of Poka ecology with minimal code changes TVL

about DeFi As a team , stay Acala EVM+ Upper Department , Can achieve Seamless access to Boca ecology , Capture Boca's native assets ( such as DOT、DOT Related derivatives and Acala Dollar-aUSD And native distribution USDC/USDT etc. ) Billions of liquidity .

Again ,Acala It will also take the existing bitcoin , Ethereum and other high-quality ecological assets are connected through bridge street . This allows EVM Compatible DApp Collateral and products can be extended to existing user groups , It can also have hundreds of thousands of new potential users of Boca Ecology .

Provide Ethereum users with a seamless access interface to new assets

utilize Acala EVM+,DApp Teams can now build on their original interface and experience , Provide existing users with access to new assets and markets . Users can use such as MetaMask Such Ethereum tools can easily switch to “ Acala market ”( Just like the current switching between Ethereum and other networks ).

what's more , This new “ Acala market ” Not only Acala All the ERC20、 The currency 、 Assets based on POCA Ecology , And the future will be connected to Acala Any other assets of .

adopt Substrate Continuously improve UX

Create customized and composable DeFi center

Acala EVM+ Completely reserved Substrate Advantages of frameworks , Not only for developers 100% Ethereum compatible development environment , It can also be realized based on Acala All of the DeFi Composability of application construction .EVM+ Can dig any Acala The core of the chain DeFi Basic product components , Include aUSD,LDOT And based on AMM Of DEX — Acala Swap.

EVM+ It also allows you to use Acala The team is... At the chain level DeFi Customized functions , For example, multi asset payment fees , Automatic clearing ( There is no need to Keepers), Block guarantee priority Oracle Feed channel (QoS) And automatic scheduling on the chain ( Similar to subscription ) And so on .

as time goes on , Developers can put themselves DApp Any chain level updates required are added to Substrate, enjoy Acala Upgrade on a Forkless chain .

stay Acala EVM+ Upper Department , Become a Multi Chain DApp 

stay Acala EVM+ It means your DApp Multiple chains can be supported in different ways

Any in Acala Upper DApp Can be parallel to other different chains or DApp Our assets are interoperable with smart contracts sex . Again , Any in the poca ecosystem DApp Can take advantage of your smart contracts or assets . This interoperability may involve spanning multiple domains DApp Complex cross chain transactions of the peace line chain , All of these are completely composable .

Acala External bridges such as bitcoin and Ethereum can also send Acala EVM+ Upper DApps Leverage cross chain liquidity .

Work with Boca's top development team to build

Acala yes Polkadot Top development teams in the ecosystem , Have five Web3 Foundation Grants, And is Substrate/Polkadot Top external technology development contributors to the code base .Acala Chief technical officer Bryan Chen Founded and led the first and only Substrate Development School .

and Acala Also coming soon Grants Plans and ecological funds to support development teams who want to build decentralized financial applications .

Be ready for Acala Has it been deployed on ?

Want to learn more about Grant Those who plan to contact us can fill out the following relevant forms :

About Acala

Acala By Substrate A one-stop shop built by the framework DeFi platform , Based on Boca and compatible with Ethereum development environment , It brings users a series of financial applications , For example, trading , Lending and liquidity release products, etc .Acala The network is a scalable , Interoperable , High security and customizable DeFi The Internet .

Acala Founded in  2019 year 10 month , At present, we have obtained 5 Time Web3 The foundation Grant, And obtained such as Coinbase Ventures,Pantera,Polychain,ParaFi,CoinFund as well as DCG And other top institutions .

Acala It has the largest ecological community in Poka , The cumulative number of community members worldwide exceeds 35 w, First network Karura The number of active addresses on the chain exceeds 6 w. also Acala First network Karura Won Kusama The first parallel chain auction on , Total gain 50.1w KSM Support for .

at present Karura There are about... On the Internet every day 1200 Left and right active users , Only supported in 3 Types of assets (KSM、kUSD And KAR) Under the circumstances DeFi dependent TVL Had been breached 6000w dollar . And in the next few days ,Karura The network will officially open KSM Liquidity release products LKSM, For details, please refer to Karura The chain proposal in the network shall prevail .

Acala EVM+  Soon to launch : Capture billions of Poka Ecology  TVL

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