beautiful SEC It will also decide whether to pass the bitcoin of overpass capital next Wednesday ETF apply .

NEAR Ecological liquidity pledge agreement Meta Pool The main network will be 8 month 23 Japan go online ,Meta Pool yes NEAR Ecological liquidity pledge agreement , Users can Meta Pool pledge NEAR get NEP141 Pledge token in the form of stNEAR, And will stNEAR Tokens are used for NEAR Ecological DeFi Project, but you can still get pledge rewards and voting rights .NEAR Indicates that after the main network goes online , Community rewards will be developed and evaluated DeFi Integration of and main network 1.1 Version development .

NEAR Ecological Multi Chain encryption network Octopus Network stay NEAR Ecological token issuing platform Skyward Finance Of Tokens, OCT Sales Opened today , This time IDO It's also Octopus Network The only time IDO.OCT The total amount of tokens is 1 Billion , Will release 2.5% namely 250 over OCT, Participants can only use NEAR Token to buy .

 Look ahead next week  | NEAR  Ecological actions are frequent ,Terra「Columbus-5  upgrade 」 The governance vote is over

Octopus founder Louis Liu Previously, it said , choice NEAR Because NEAR It has good capacity expansion and interoperability, high security and user-friendly design .Octopus Network The relay will be used as a smart contract in NEAR Up operation , For adoption Octopus The verification node market of the released application chain provides infrastructure . Verify that the node is valid OCT (Octopus Native token ) Verify an application chain to ensure that Octopus Application chain security . In return , The verification node can obtain the token of the application chain it is responsible for .

If you're interested , Click here to teach you how to Participate in NEAR Eco application chain protocol Octopus Of IDO Activities .

in addition ,NEAR Protocol It was also announced that it would 8 month 27 solstice 9 month 11 Day is held First MetaBUIDL Hacker song . The theme of this hacking song is not only focused on solving practical problems , At the same time, it combines new concepts such as metauniverse and blockchain , To show NEAR Ecological metauniverse NEARverse The possibility of . At present, it has been exported Open registration .

This activity will be synchronized online and offline , Users can apply to become Hack-Nodes, Hold offline hacking sessions in local cities . The winner will be eligible for OWC、NEAR The foundation 、NEAR Asia And other ecosystem funds and the financial support and investment of major venture capital companies participating as judges .NEAR Protocol Express 2021 Three events will be held in MetaBUIDL Hacker song , The total bonus is up to 100 Thousands of dollars .

DeFi Market aspect , Stable currency agreement Terra Sponsored 「Columbus-5 upgrade 」 Governance vote Will be in 8 month 25 Japan 14:16 end , It contains three key objectives : Burn all seigniorage 、 Upgrade to 「Stargate」 And integration 「Ozone」(Terra Ecological insurance agreement ) and 「Wormhole」( Cross chain bridge ). The current page displays , share 8 152,308,731.048712 gold LUNA Participate in the vote ,47.06% Vote for .

 Look ahead next week  | NEAR  Ecological actions are frequent ,Terra「Columbus-5  upgrade 」 The governance vote is over

「Columbus-5 upgrade 」 So far Terra An important upgrade in Ecology ,Terra Official push Express The block height will be 4,460,000 for 「Columbus-5 upgrade 」, And start the Bombay-10 Test the network to ensure Col-5 Code migrated successfully . in addition ,Terra There will also be... Next week Bombay Shuttle.

Besides , Part of the mortgage stabilization currency items that have nearly returned to zero due to a run on the management token Iron Finance Will be in 8 month 25 The stable currency was launched on the th IRON V2, Will also be in Cardano Test online deployment and consider Solana And Arbitrum Deploy . according to Iron Finance Previously announced IRON V2 Design , The new stable currency has excess collateral 、 Casting IRON Part of the collateral is the new governance token ICE ( At least 10%)、 The online supply will be determined by the governance 、 And IronLend ( To loan ) and IronSwap (Stableswap DEX) Integration and other features .

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8 month 23 Japan

  • Money security adjusts the withdrawal limit for the last batch of old users take effect
  • Currency security update API After service rules , Created before adjustment API Key take Stop working
  • Social token platform Rally Co founders initiated RLY Network decentralization proposal , and Turn on Community voting

8 month 24 Japan

  • Poca DeFi platform Acala Tokens, ACA Sales registration KYC verification end
  • Decentralized perpetual Option Agreement Shield Protocol take Integrate Fantom wallet

8 month 25 Japan

  • beautiful SEC plan Decide whether to pass the overpass capital bitcoin on the same day ETF apply
  • Social token platform Rally Initiated by the co founders RLY Network decentralization proposal community voting will end

8 month 26 Japan

  • NFT game Aavegotchi take issue The second batch 1.5 Ten thousand portals
  • 3D Blockchain game Idle Mystic take go online

8 month 27 Japan

  • Technology community platform Unitimes And Ethereum community ETHPlanet jointly sponsored by The 5th Ethereum community Developer Conference EDCON 2021

8 month 28 Japan

  • Italian high fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana Will be in the luxury market UNXD On Introduction Its first NFT series