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Encryption Unicorn: the number of encryption companies valued at $1 billion is increasing

2021-08-25 22:07:30 Fun coin

2021 The second half of the year has just begun , As years of resistance to cryptocurrency by mainstream investors began to subside , Unicorn companies in the field of encryption have increased .

Since the beginning of this year , existing 50 Several cryptocurrency and blockchain related projects have risen to coveted Unicorn status , Market analysts predict that there will be more such projects .

Unicorns are those that are valued by venture capitalists at more than 10 Billion dollar company . Examples of mainstream Unicorn companies include Airbnb、Uber And Elon · The musk Space X Companies such as , They are valued at tens of billions of dollars .

In the field of encryption , A large cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the United States Coinbase This is a good example , It shows how fast companies in the encryption industry can rise to prominence .

With Amber Group、 and OpenSea When companies join, the valuation exceeds 10 A billion dollar exclusive club , Analysts predict , With the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain increasing , The number will continue to grow .


First from BlockFi Begin to introduce . This year, 3 month , The New Jersey based cryptocurrency financial services company successfully completed its D Round of funding , To obtain the 3.5 Billions of dollars , Make its valuation reach 30 Billion dollars .

BlockFi from Zac Prince and Flori Marquez On 2017 Founded in 2000 , The company was in Beijing last year C In the round of financing, only 5000 Thousands of dollars , So its D The round of financing is impressive .

BlockFi Provide a variety of products for retail encryption investors , Including encrypted exchanges and interest bearing accounts , And encrypted loans issued at low interest rates . The startup claims to be one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that do not charge commissions and transaction fees .

With these benefits ,BlockFi Our user base ranges from 2019 At the end of the year, about 1 Ten thousand grew to more than 25 Million retail customers and 200 Institutional investors , And it's growing . Considering its latest round of financing ,BlockFi The share capital raised since its establishment is currently about 4.5 Billion dollars .


Next is Bitpanda.Bitpanda My original name is Coinmal, The Austrian based start-up and cryptocurrency brokerage service is based in B We got... In the round of financing 1.7 Billion dollars , Valuation reached 12 Billion dollars .

This round of financing is funded by Valar Ventures To take the lead ,Valar Ventures Is a venture capital company headquartered in New York , Founded on 2010 year , Got it DST Global Wait for the support of partners .Valar Ventures More and more involved in encryption startups , It is also a trading application Robinhood Investors .

With the increasing popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies , In particular, it usually increases Encryption market Cryptocurrency bull market in infrastructure provider revenue ,Bitpanda The latest round of financing is better than that nine months ago A The round of financing took another step forward , The company is in A The round of financing raised 5200 Thousands of dollars .

Bitpanda CEO Eric Demuth Express , The company has been profitable for the past four years , Therefore, it emphasizes the company's ambition to become a leading cryptocurrency payment and trading platform in Europe .

Demuth call :” We're making a profit , For four years , But we are 9 Month changed strategy , I hope to become a European ’ Investment platform ’.”

Bitpanda The CEO also pointed out that , The company is looking for more partners , To get more money and top talent . In terms of service quality ,Bitpanda Considered a reputable and fast service , Not to mention for cryptocurrency traders and investors , It is a low-cost alternative .


2021 First quarter , Cryptocurrency and blockchain infrastructure providers Fireblocks Also in its C The round of financing raised 1.33 Billion dollars .

This startup helps businesses by eliminating the complexity of using digital assets , stay 7 month 27 Japanese D After round financing , It further increases 3.1 Billion dollars in capital .

Fireblocks Recent financing has made its valuation in a short period of time 5 Within months, it soared to 22 Billion dollars . Considering the latest financing , The New York based start-up has successfully raised funds since its establishment 4.89 Billion dollars .

Since the beginning of this year ,Fireblocks Our user base has grown from about 150 Customers grow to 500 individual . Besides , stay 2021 In the past two quarters of the year , The company's annual recurring revenue has also increased 300% above .

CEO and co-founder of the company Michael Shaulov Express ,“ It is expected to grow by the end of this year 500%”.

Considering the company 2020 The annual recurring income in is the same as 2019 Year on year growth 450%, The company is valued at 2021 Got promoted in .

Shaulov When talking about the increase in valuation, he added :“ We're right 2021 The annual revenue forecast has been adjusted three times .”


Bakkt On 2021 year 1 Month and VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings After the merger and listing , Its valuation is 21 Billion dollars .

This is a Boston Consulting Firm (Boston Consulting Group) And Microsoft (Microsoft) The supported bitcoin futures exchange has won 2.07 $100 million in cash , And from other investors 3.25 Billion dollars , Not to mention from the Intercontinental Exchange (Intercontinental exchange) Of 5000 Thousands of dollars .

Bakkt The money raised is expected to fund the company's shift to consumer applications focused on digital assets . As report goes , because Bakkt Platform support 30 Multiple loyalty programs , There has been more than 40 Million users pre registered Bakkt Applications .

The company provides cryptocurrency transaction and payment functions , And has a fully regulated bitcoin derivatives futures and options market .


lately , The cryptocurrency exchange of India CoinDCX Announce on C In the round of financing 9000 Thousands of dollars .

The Mumbai based start-up will go down in history as India's first encryption enterprise to reach Unicorn status , Its C Round of financing by B Capital Ground To take the lead ,、Polychain、Jump Capital and Coinbase Ventures Take part in the voting .

up to now ,CoinDCX Has gathered more than 350 Million users , It plans to use the funds raised in the latest round of financing to speed up its user registration process , Owned in India 5000 Million users .

CoinDCX CEO Sumit Gupta He said in a statement. , The company “ Will work together or with key fintech companies , To expand the cryptocurrency investor base , Establish an R & D center (R&D) facilities , Strengthen policy dialogue through open discussion , Working with the government , Introduce favorable regulations 、 education , And increase recruitment efforts .”

CoinDCX The move was taken at a time of great regulatory uncertainty about the Indian government's position on cryptocurrency . Although several market participants have submitted proposals for a regulatory framework , But the Indian government has long condemned the use of cryptocurrency Original name, It is a popular encrypted wallet and encrypted exchange , since 2011 Since its establishment in, it has increased significantly .

up to now , The cryptocurrency transaction volume exceeds 8000 Billion dollars , Raised... In a round of financing 1.2 Billion dollars , Make the value of the platform exceed 10 Billion dollars . It was originally a blockchain browser , You can access bitcoin's blockchain and all its transaction data , From the fee to the confirmed quantity of each transaction , And the wallet address .

The platform currently has 3000 More than 10000 active users , The number of users has tripled in the past year . Apart from bitcoin , It has also developed exploration and transaction support for other blockchain based cryptocurrencies .

Financing 1.2 Soon after $100 million , And in the 3 Refinancing in January 3 Billion dollars , Make its valuation amazing 52 Billion dollars . This is the company C Part of the round of financing , The venture capital companies involved in this round of financing are DST Global、VY Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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