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Master the necessary resources and analysis tools of NFT

2021-08-25 21:26:24 Fun coin

I believe many people expect this summer to be DeFi Summer of the year 2.0, It turned out to be NFT Summer of the year !

However , Now? NFT New projects emerge in an endless stream in the ecosystem , It's not easy for everyone to keep up with the pulse of its development !

however , Never mind . The way to overcome this challenge is , Borrow the right tools and services to quickly analyze what you want to know NFT Data and usage NFT project .

In this paper , I will introduce some of the practical NFT Resources and tools .

NFT Summer's selection tools

Analysis tools

CryptoSlam! — NFT Market analysis services , Traceable Ethereum 、Polygon、Ronin、Flow Equal chain NFT Trading activities — Prior to Metaversal I wrote an article about The article . The NFT Analysis services can help users easily search for information about CryptoPunks、Bored Apes Yacht Club、VeeFriends And other hot items . — A rising one NFT Market analysis platform , Can be used to track OpenSea Platform hourly NFT sales

Reserve price update — The website is “We’re Gonna Make It” This meme name , Help users easily track dozens of popular NFT Daily reserve price change of the project . — And similar , The website provides daily analysis NFT Resources with base price changes .

Zeneca_33 The reserve price is updated  — NFT The writer Zeneca_33 On twitter for some hot NFT The project provides daily base price update ; If users want to analyze the market trend over a period of time , This is a required reading !

 One article mastery  NFT  Essential resources and analysis tools

 One article mastery  NFT  Essential resources and analysis tools

 One article mastery  NFT  Essential resources and analysis tools

Shown here @Zeneca_33 Daily updates for . The data in the chart contains NFT Name of the project 、 Total supply 、 Casting price 、 Yesterday, / Today's reserve price 、24 Price change within hours 、 Quantity on sale .

New project tracking Upcoming NFT Sales — Mainly for those who want to analyze NFT The rarity of the collection provides services to collectors . But there's another great part of the site ( Coming online NFT sales ), So that users can track the coming online in time NFT Casting Events .

Gas management

NFT Gas Station — The website was created by tech0ptimist establish , It can help users compare the most popular on Ethereum NFT The platform is currently ETH gas Price

 One article mastery  NFT  Essential resources and analysis tools Live Gas dashboard — This resource can help users view Rarible Various activities on the platform are currently gas Cost of .

Wallet management + track — intelligence NFT Portfolio management services , Can help NFT Users analyze their NFT stock

Rainbow — Mobile Ethereum wallet , Allows users to work in a single App Easily track your DeFi and NFT Activities .

Zapper — Ethereum wallet dashboard, Used to manage users DeFi and NFT Position .


Sudoswap — For trading ”ERC20/721/1155 Token collection “ Point to point (P2P) agreement .

NFT Trader — For exchanging token combinations P2P NFT Deal agreement . — Another user-friendly NFT Exchange protocol

( translator's note :ECN The following popular platforms are added )

OpenSea — NFT Casting 、 trading platform

SuperRare — NFT trading platform

Mintable — NFT Casting 、 trading platform

Immutable X — One of the first Layer2 NFT platform


Discord Nitro — Because in Discord So many events were held at the NFT Community activities , It's worth considering Nitro Advantages offered , Because they improve the overall user experience of the application .

PartyBid — from PartyDAO establish , This is a new decentralized product , Used to deal with NFT Conduct group bidding .

 One article mastery  NFT  Essential resources and analysis tools

Metaverse ( Meta universe )

Awesome Metaverse — By metacosmic experts Jin Compiled a huge repository full of metacosmic resources .

The Open Metaverse OS — from Outlier Ventures Extensive research report on the contemporary possibilities of the meta universe prepared by the network .

Polygon NFTs NFT + Gaming section — stay Polygon Of PoS Running on the side chain NFT And game project library

NFT vault 101

NFT Vault is the metaphor of Ethereum address , The address is set to safely promote NFT Long term storage .

Create your own NFT There is no one size fits all solution for the vault , Because any vault depends on a combination of resources and defense strategies . however , Basic NFT The vault has some shared core elements . These elements include :

Multiple backups

Suppose something unspeakable happened , Your house was burned down , Take your NFT The most important paper backup of the vault private key . Make sure you have multiple backups elsewhere , To ensure that in the face of disaster or more dangerous situations , Yours NFT It can be found .


Your vault is secure only if the private key is secure . therefore , Build a NFT The vault system , The most important thing is that only you and someone you trust can access the stored private key backup .


Accessibility brings some privacy difficulties , Yes , But in NFT In the ecosystem ,5 A lot can happen in a day ,5 More than years, especially . In spite of your NFT The vault is carefully set up , High enough accessibility , You can trade and transfer money at any time , Provide very good flexibility , But you may not need to talk to your NFT Vault interaction .

 One article mastery  NFT  Essential resources and analysis tools

establish NFT Advice from the vault

If you store at home NFT Backup of vault private key , Please use fireproof and waterproof storage containers . This will protect your key backup from basic flooding 、 Impact of fire accident . These containers are also suitable for other backups , For example, your backup at a relative's house .

Only the vault key is backed up for offline storage , And placed in a place with very strong security . Minimum , Renting a safe is a minimal viable option .

Use something like Ledger and GridPlus These vendors' hardware wallets serve as secure terminals for your vault . These are special “ cold ” Wallet reduces a series of attack vectors used by hackers , From online “ heat ” Wallet theft NFT The risk of , It also makes it easier to safely interact with your vault .

Consider using a multi sign solution , for example Gnosis Safe, So any output NFT Transactions require confirmation of multiple addresses .

Consider using a ENS Domain name as your vault address , for example “yourvault.eth”. Then you can enter ENS App, Take yours. ENS Domain name and your email 、 Twitter, personal information, etc . This will make it easier for you to interact with others in your vault , Make you want to NFT The person who made the deal, Jing Rong, contacted you ( please remember , Only through P2P dapp Make a deal .

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