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How do I integrate cefi and defi with Solana?

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2020 「Defi summer」 Let people see the charm and potential of decentralized Finance , Also let DeFi、CeFi For a time, the dispute has become a hot topic .DeFi With high returns 、 No license 、 Unmanaged has captured many encrypted users , More enthusiastic supporters say 「DeFi Must replace CeFi」.

Although there is a conflict between the two , But in a short time, we will not face the binary problem of who wins and who loses , But how to take the advantages of the two to make up for the disadvantages of the two, so as to bring more inclusive finance to ordinary users . This article will start from DeFi/CeFi The concept and advantages and disadvantages of , Head centered trading platform FTX And efficient public chain Solana The way of cooperation , Talk about the future CeFi And DeFi How to integrate and win-win .

DeFi/CeFi The concept of

CeFi yes Centralized Finance Abbreviation , Chinese is “ Centralized finance ”. In the encryption industry ,CeFi It mainly refers to centralized exchange 、 Centralized lending platform 、 Centralized financial products, etc . But it is not limited to the encryption industry , People often use CeFi Refers to the traditional stock exchange 、 Banks and so on , They are all centralized financial platforms .

DeFi yes Decentralized Finance( Decentralized Finance ) Abbreviation , It's also called Open Finance( Open finance ).DeFi Due to the development of blockchain , Is with the CeFi Relative concept , Decentralized exchange Uniswap、 Decentralized lending applications Compound Are all DeFi The representative agreement of . Compare with CeFi,DeFi Is open 、 License free 、 Anti censorship 、 An open and transparent financial system , Users can 100% Take control of your assets —— The centralized platform cannot operate all the financial behaviors in a dark box .

contrast DeFi&CeFi

When we judge whether a financial system is good or bad , One sided view should not be used .DeFi and CeFi advantage 、 Disadvantages vary , Next, we will focus on the centralized exchange / Take the decentralized trading platform as an example to introduce DeFi/CeFi Advantages and disadvantages .


advantage : Take a centralized exchange as an example , The platform provides users with a smooth trading experience through market makers , In addition, intra platform transactions do not need to go up the chain and pay handling fees and Gas cost . In a centralized system , Low threshold for users , Good experience . what's more , Large centralized exchanges have stable OTC( OTC transaction ) entrance , Provide users with legal currency deposit .

shortcoming : User funds are essentially owned by the centralized platform , Users will face the risk of running on the centralized platform all the time . also , Hacker attacks are also constant , If the loss of hacker attack exceeds the limit borne by the centralized platform , Users can't find their own wealth . in addition , When using a centralized platform , Users often encounter data leakage , Swindlers will use detailed data to cheat users , Moreover, local regulatory policies have a great impact on the operation of the platform .

In essence , We can't solve the problem that the centralized platform does evil on its own initiative —— Darkbox operation . Whether it's market manipulation or trading control , We can never avoid the possibility of doing evil .


advantage : User assets can be centrally stored in decentralized wallets , The wallet is controlled by the user through the private key , All transaction licenses issued by the wallet need to be determined by the user . Users around the world can access it through the Internet DeFi front end , Not affected by Region , And in DeFi All interactions in the world do not require a centralized entity license , Strong resistance to censorship , Policy regulation has little impact on it .

Developers can combine and create new products at will , For example, aggregation transaction agreement .

shortcoming :DeFi The system has a high threshold for users in the non encryption industry , Very unfriendly . Users need to keep good habits and protect their private key from being obtained by others all the time . Because of decentralization , Most public chain fees and Gas Expensive , Slower , At the same time, due to the closure of each chain , User assets are difficult to DeFi Free circulation in the world .

Decentralized protocol developers do not give priority to the front end of the protocol UI Design and interactive experience , Comparison Web2.0 application , The protocol interface is more complex , Higher operating threshold . Many hackers will also exploit the protocol through the vulnerability of the protocol smart contract to make a profit . It just happened recently Poly Network event , It is the largest profit from hacker attacks in history , exceed 6 Billion dollars were transferred .

adopt Solana Integrate CeFi And DeFi

The above mentioned DeFi When it comes to shortcomings , The problem of handling fees and speed ,Solana The launch of is to hope to pass PoH Consensus mechanism to solve such problems , Truly realize the high-efficiency blockchain under the decentralized framework .

FTX ( Central exchange ) founder SBF He has praised many times in various public speeches 「Solana Blockchain's ability to handle a huge composable ecosystem , It is the most promising blockchain at present 」, meanwhile SBF And I'm doing it , be based on Solana Blockchain builds a Serum ecology .

Serum The first application in ecology is Serum DEX( Decentralized exchange ), Users can experience on it 1 Second transaction speed and extremely low handling fee cost . Because the bottom common chain Solana The scalability is high enough and the throughput is high enough , stay Serum DEX Users can enjoy the high-quality services provided by the centralized exchange —— Easily place orders in the order book 、 cancel the order .

 How to use Solana Integrate CeFi And DeFi?

Serum DEX Order book interface

besides ,Serum Ecological utilization Solana The advantages of gradually absorb the creativity of more developers , Launched more peripheral platforms . at present Serum Ecology mainly includes Serum DEX、AMM agreement Raydium、 Front end platform Bonfida、 Offline map application 2.0、 Master broker agreement Oxygen etc. . meanwhile , The ecology also provides... Endorsed by a basket of stable currencies Serum The primary stability of the ecosystem Serum USD, To help Solana Pricing of assets in the chain .

 How to use Solana Integrate CeFi And DeFi?

in addition , When in Solana Used in ecology Phantom In the wallet , We can easily move to FTX. If we are short of SOL(Solana Native token ) As a commission ,Phantom Can seamlessly connect us to FTX Trading on . For users , The threshold of multiple-choice questions is lower , More friendly .

 How to use Solana Integrate CeFi And DeFi?

FTX And Solana Our cooperation shows us DeFi and CeFi Another possibility for the future ——CeFi And DeFi The boundaries will become more blurred , The two complement each other and win-win .

In the process ,DeFi It needs to be built on a more efficient blockchain , Help traders use easily, such as CEX The listing mechanism , Reduce the handling fee required by users , Avoid slippage problems , Optimize the user's transaction experience .DeFi Need and CeFi linkage , from CeFi Import more encryption users with real needs , Improve the liquidity of assets in the chain , Reduce user exploration DeFi Threshold .

Believe in the future ,CeFi Must integrate 、 Integrate DeFi The advantages of , By borrowing 、 Mortgage assets and other ways to increase the utilization rate of users' funds , Help users better manage their assets and participate in all aspects of encrypted Finance .

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